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Bbq Beef Steak

Bbq Beef Steak #Juicy #Tender #Healthy

I cook bbq beaf steak in 2 ways, in the pan and out door barbeque. It is easy to cook, just marinate with salt and black pepper or other spices, and add gravy or other sauce when eating.

Bbq Beef Steak – 1/2 kilo
Onion String – a stalk
Ground pepper – 1 tsp
Garlic – 5 cloves
Onion – 1/2 cut
Cumin powder – 2 tbsp
Salt – 1/2 tsp
Soy sauce – 4 tbsp
Plain flour – 2 tbsp

-Prepare 2 pieces bbq beef steak, wash and marinate with black pepper, salt, soy sauce, cumin powder and plain flour.
-Prepare fry pan with oil to saute sliced garlic, and onion in 3 minutes.
-Saute the marinated bbq beef steak in 10 minutes on low heat.
-Place the sliced ​​onion string at the end before transferring it to the plate.
-Serve the steak with mash potatoes, salad, or coslow
-Cooking Time: 13 minutes

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