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Beef Ribs: My Texas Style Beef Ribs (Attempt) | Salty Tales

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Beef ribs Texas style has been for a long time my nemesis. I tried several times to make the perfect beef ribs and it beat me up every time, but this time I’m going strong and confident about it. I think this time these beef ribs are going to bite the dust… Or not! All I can promise is to give it my best try and you can see the results by yourself!


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Video Transcription

everybody welcome back to the Senatetoday guys I’m tackling my nightmare I’mtackling my nemesis the one that I neverever got it the way I want it to be beefribs is something that I really lovesomething that I really like but Ihaven’t been able to really see row intomaking an amazing beef ribs yet everytime I make it everybody like it but memyself right deep inside I know it’s notperfect and it has to be perfect becauseI love beef ribs I don’t know if youguys saw the last video that I made withbrief ribs and it was a comparisonbetween beef ribs and pork ribs if youhaven’t seen the video you can check itout in here but as you can see I mean Iknew the pork was better for it but thenI want to make this so bad and I want tomake it perfect I can make it he’s goodis all right people praise the peoplesay it’s great but I know inside that isnot a greatest thing ever and I’m usedto that you know every time I cooksomething I really really enjoy it and Ireally really like it but with a bigfree PC haven’t be like that so today wehave this beautiful piece of meat inhere yeah baby I like that sound thatwe’re gonna prepare tonight you’re gonnaleave it on the fridge on to tomorrowand tomorrow we’re gonna smoke this babystuff on the work but before doing thatif you haven’t subscribed to thischannel yet subscribe to the channel hitthe bell because we’re puttin two videosonline with a lot of fun a lot ofinformation a lot of smoking andgrilling so if you like any of thosethings subscribe to the channel hit thebell and let’s get into this babywe really want this rich to be doneTexas style Texas style is only salt andpepper which is 40% sold and 60% pepperthat’s all you needmix it well and let’s put it on top ofthe ribs as a binder we’re going to useour amazing monster that we already testand we know it’s amazing and what mostof do is that brings that little Bnigiri flavor into the meat that isamazing and it penetrates me it reallywell after that we just want to let itrest for about 12 hours right on withthis beautiful sharp ribs ready we’regonna put them on the fridge on thetomorrow it’s gonna be about I’ll say 12hours and then we’re gonna set it up onthe Weber and smoke the heck out of themmake them taste and look amazing becausethat’s the goal heresalt and pepper this is 100% Texanbecause there is nothing more Texan thatsmoked beef Texan style beautiful ribsif you are ready for this one I’m readywith you let’s put them in the fridgeand tomorrow we’re gonna continue withthis baby for you it’s gonna be rightaway but for me it’s gonna be do morelet’s go alright so we have everythingset up the ribs are there and theweather is light up and everything islooking good right now I know you guysknow the definition of craziness whichis doing the same thing over and overand over expecting this differentresults and I don’t know if I’m gettinginto that but I think we’re gonna bid ittoday guys we’re using the Sloan’s hereyou guys know that I don’t like to do alot of reviews about the gadgets andaccessories for the Weber becauseeverybody have a different opinion and Idon’t really like to get into thosethings but the Sloan’s here is somethingthat I’d try thousand times and youalways work and always produce exactlywhat I want so I have a lot of hope onthat we using some Applewood that we puton the knee of the charcoal I think thatgives a better result on the smokingbecause it burns from the top down andwe have a lot of hopelet’s see what happened let’s go for it[Music]hi boys and girlshe’s been two hours already and it’slooking really good and it’s now time todo something that I don’t do as much asI should but we’re gonna do it todaybecause I want these babies to beamazing so this is the squiggly squigglybottlewell what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonnaput some apple cider vinegar into it andwe want to be putting this thing on topof the ribs and see what happened thatwas easy enough we put the squeakercookie on the ribs and now we’re gonnaleave it about 10 minutes we’re going todo these quickly quickly every 30minutes so I’m gonna set my alarm for 30minutes come back do the same thing andI think this is gonna make a differenceI don’t know I’m trying everything herelet’s see what happened[Music]well I have a little update as you cansee we have a setup for 205 degreesright now the temperature the ambienttemperature in the grill a STONER and 42degrees which is more or less what wewant and right nowthe meat is hitting internal temperatureof 174 so I’m assuming we have about twomore hours to goall right guys here we have thisbeauty’s ready to go now all we haveleft to do is to wrap them in somealuminum foil let them dress for aboutan hour and then we’re going to cut intothese babies and see what happens verycarefully make sure it’s tight and makesure you don’t have any holes because wewant to retain that heat in there asmuch as we can let’s put them in thecooler less weigh an hour let’s give ita try[Music][Music][Applause][Music]aramis Nia it’s time to try this thingand see how you like itfirst of all the crustle is beautifulit’s beautifulthe smell is like oh my god smellamazing amazing it but you know this ismy nightmare my nemesis the one thatI’ve been fighting gaze on I don’t knowif I have it yet until I try it I won’tknow so I know I was gonna ask you doyou conquer your fear okaywell you look amazing but I’ve done somebefore they look as good as this one andthey haven’t been that good okay thereis only one what – no man just give it atry – try it yeah let’s give it a shotokay I mean first of all they look supersoft mania this is so tender marvellinglet’s go for it let’s go hmm I thinkfull of flavoryeah is use inside is real you see themarbling in the fact it’s really goodbut I don’t think is as tender as Iwould like it right it it’s not supertender geyser I don’t have it man heythere’s more opportunities to make itagain I mean this it’s good it’s reallygood it’s really good I mean this is asgood as any restaurant out there but Iknow I can make it better I know it canbe done better any suggestion guys ah Idon’t know what I’m missing here yet butagain we have more time to try the ribswhere Mason is looking great I’m the onethat is not a hundred percent tuned intothis yet and I have to change I have tochange I mean it’s good it’s very good Iwould eat at all yeah me too me too butI know what you’re saying you want amore like you give it a bite and itfalls apart right exactly that’s whatI’m looking for I’m looking for thosefibers to disintegrate you mouth mm-hmmand then you know the cross is reallygood well of course is I’m amazing thatis amazing but yeah you’re right it hasa bite to it buddynot that it falls apart in your mouthit’s not a big bite either but it has alittle bit of a bitemm-hmm but again guys we want to thankmeat the butcher for sending this to usit’s an amazing piece of meat we love itI’m it’s a pleasure for me to deal withthis beer for me even though it didn’tcome out exactly what I wanted to be butthat we had to 10-minute the butcher forsending this to us and if you don’t knowwe have a coupon code is called saltyten for a 10% discount on everythingamid the butchers so if you go there youwant to buy something they have reallygood prices use the coupon and you’regonna get a 10% on top of the goodprices they have they’re already takenit with a grain of saltit’s good but it’s not great gotchathat’s right it’s good but if I’m notgreat it can live there you know whatI’m tagging and trying to target hereyes the ones are you doing the soupthat’s what I try to get with smokingand I know it’s possible I know it’spossiblewell you know if you guys have anyrecommendation just put it down there inthe comments I know what it is like thefad when you cook it and then we makesoups out of this yeah and it’s amazingand when you bite is just like the fatwill fall apart you will fall apart yesthat’s what I asked you for in theresmoking I mean we are closer now thatwhat we used to be a few months agostill I need to keep track but let’sstop talking about the meat yeah let’stalk about this okayyes your time the winner is okay let’ssee who the winner isAnnie these are not the best ribs everbut it’s the best ribs that I’ve madetill today they are really good theyreally enjoy one they taste really goodstill have a little bite I wanted to beeven bettermrs. your you give me a break yes andbut you’re gonna have fun with this manso all you have to do is come here siton that chairI miss it you’re yes you can see hisneighbors you want them lick all overyour face so that’s all you have to dothat is right then you’re gonna get thiswith lots and lots of love I’ll be loveright yeah well guys that’s all fortoday I hope you liked if you liked itplease hit with a like lots and lots oflikesif you haven’t subscribed to our channelyet there is a button down there man hitthat thing and hit the little bell thatcome out after so you get notified everytime we upload the video which is everyTuesdays and Fridays and it’s all foryou guys and if you have any comment anyidea what I did wrong or any way to makeit even better I would love to try anyrecommendation you guys set in there soput it on the comments that’s all fortoday guysmister Georgie is really hungry so Itold my wife I love you mmmwe love you

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