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Video Transcription

hello everyone and welcome to my channelon the road travels and what we’re goingto be making today everyone isoven-baked BBQ beef ribs yes that’srightbeef ribs today guys and don’t getsticker shock I’m worried about all themyths you might have heard about makingbeef ribs thinking that they’re gonna betough and oh my god they’re just so hardto make well I’m just gonna share a fewtips and hints with you about how easyit is to make the beef ribs just as easyas any other type of ribs you may wantto make and the secret to the beef ribsis actually to have them parboil beforeyou put them on the grill if you’regonna do it that way or if you’re gonnacook them in the oven you don’t have topour about sorry power boil them becauseyou’re gonna have a lid on and thenthat’s gonna create that steam effectand then that’s what’s gonna make thoseribs nice and tender so that’s thesecret to the beef ribs is on the grillpower boil and then put them on thegrill power boil about I would say abouta good 45 minutes and then go to thegrill and then for in the oven you justmake sure you have a lid on there duringthe entire cooking process and thenthose ribs are gonna turn out justtender just the way you used to or theway you like them so we’re gonna goahead and get started with this videoguys and just make sure that your handsare very very clean before you getstartedalso do the that cooking process on theribs where you I do apologize I mean thecleaning process on the ribs were youyou can use the kosher salt for theabrasive effector you can go ahead and also use vinegarand you know double up on some papertowels and you know just get those twoingredients there to get those ribscleaned off very well so the the coursethought is gonna you know serve as agreat abrasive where your you knowscrubbing and scrubbing and rub rubbingeither you could use your hands with thesalt or you can grab double up on somepaper towel and just you know create arag and just really broke down on thoseribs and then you can also pour you somevinegar on there and just really justwash those down that’s gonna give off asmuch as the antibiotics that might comeout of the meat it’s gonna get a lot ofthat off as much as possible and cleanthem because you never know what wasgoing on with the animal you know so youhave to clean it up really good and alsoso what i’m doing here is removing whatthey would call the silver lining thereback there on the back okay so youdefinitely want to pull that off ofthere because all that is is like athick membrane that’s holding theanimal’s ribs in you know in the meatthat’s in the animal they’re in thatarea of the body it’s just holding thosebones and ribs in place so you that’svery you see how rough it was for me topull that off so you just want to makesure you get that off because you don’twant to try to chew through that so justpull that off and pull off any excessfat as it might be behind there on theback and so that you can go ahead andlet the seasonings go through the meatso what you’re doing is at this pointhere you just want to make sure you’reusing your favorite seasoningswell and I do highly recommend puttingyour green seasonings on there likeparsley and even if you want to put alittle bit of just a small amount ofbasil on there and maybe a little bit ofa little bit of oregano just you knowbecause those are the green seasoningsthat’s gonna give you meet the mostcarmelization and and if you don’t wantany flavor at all but you do want tocaramelize ation from the greenseasoning just go ahead and just use theparts because parsley is the one thatdoesn’tit’s very pretty it makes your cookinglooks pretty but it’s it doesn’t have alot of flavor at all so just go aheadand just use parsley if you don’t want alittle bit of basil case or a little bitof oregano but it’s all gonna be goodyou see there so that’s some little bitof combination of all of those greenseason is that I mentioned so once youget everything seasoned time to go inthe ovenand if went in the oven and so this isour first check here we’re checking andbe careful of the steam because youdon’t want to give yourself a hot steampatient well maybe you do if you do justbe carefulso here we go and make sure you get inthere and just keep flipping it overbecause no I’m saying you’re gonna becooking this for at least an hour guysso just get in there probably every 30minutes just to take a look make sureeverything’s going on good and keep thetemperature down I’m you know if you arebusy around the house just keep it atlike maybe 350 375 but if you’re hungrylike I am and you want to hurry up andget it done you can put it on 400okay watch that steam alright and comingalong very well coming along very wellso just keep getting in there andturning and flipping and checking and asyou can see those green seasonings andthe seasonings that we’re putting onthere is really caramelizing this meatvery well and making it look exactlylike we were cooking it outdoors that’sthe whole key now another very importantseasoning process item that you mightwant to add on cooking in the on theinside of a home there and maybe even ifyou don’t want to put it on there or youknow like if you’re cooking outside youcan even put that on there so thatparticular seasoning that I add on theresometimes it’s on liquid some liquidsmoke liquid smoke is is gonna be yourfriend when you’re cooking it whoa Igave my camera a steam facial so whenyou’re cooking on the inside the liquidsmoke you might want to just add that infor a little bit of extra smoke flavorin your meat there so this looks greatguys and you see that oil there you youjust want to dump that off before youput your barbecue sauce on there becauseyou don’t want your barbecue sauce inthe end process there to be super oilysuper fatty you know all that fat andoil it dripped off of the meat duringthat baking process so you could justpour that off what you’re doing is grabyourself oh like an old container or ifyou if you open up like say for instanceI made baked beans today so I have thatcan available I’m gonna pour the fatinto that pan and then you can discardit later that way because that oil thatfat is really really hot so you don’twant to pour it in anything plastic andrun the risk of melting your dishes okayso we’ve got that oil the fatthere now it’s time for the barbecuesauceokay so this is a sugar-free barbecuesauce that I found I was so happy tofind that because with these saucesthere be careful because this is whereyou can say some calories you definitelywant to save calories where you can guysand a lot of those barbecue sauces theyreally just have corn syrup in there tosweeten it so and corn syrup is likereally bad for you guys so you know thisI was so happy to find this sugar freebarbecue sauce I grabbed up a couple ofthem to make sure I have some as a newstaple and so you just make sure thatyou have at least a full bottle ofbarbecue sauce because these ribs andany ribs that is really gonna requireyou to totally saturate the meat withthe sauce so you only have a half abottle of barbecue sauce you’re gonnarun into a little bit of troubles butyou know what I’m gonna I have a videoI’m gonna be posting soon about how tomake your own barbecue sauce and thatthat’s gonna really come in handy wheneither you know you’re not able to getto the grocery store and buy barbecuesauce or you just decided you want tomake some type of barbecue dish and youonly have like maybe a half a bottlewhere I’m gonna I’m gonna make a videoand show you how to make your ownbarbecue sauce and it’s very verydelicious guys so but of course the sametime in my kitchen I just bought thisbecause it was sugar free I could notbelieve it I was gonna possibly make myown but I seen this one and decided toget glad I did so and with the barbecuesauce if you have time which I justtoday I just poured it straight out ofthe bottle which is fine or you can jazzyours up by pouring it into a sauce panadding all your favorite ceilings andthe secret ingredient when you’re makingyour own barbecue sauce is always gonnabe guys to make sure you squeeze somelemon in there that is going to makethat barbecue sauce really really popout at you on your taste buds make youfeel like you’re having a party in yourmouth so yeah go ahead and go ahead anddo as much as you can to make your ribstaste as best as you can so here we goand then now after I put the barbecuesauce on there I’d like to at least bakethem or for an additional 5 minutesmaybe 10 minutes depending on you knowyou decide to let that a barbecue saucebake right in there right and so it’s upto you if you want to put the lid backon yeah the ribs would be more moist ifyou put lid on the top on if you needthe top off they’re gonna be more crispyand here we go guysoh my goodness I wish you guys were hereto smell this this is so wonderful thissmells absolutely fantastic lookingthere it looked exactly like we cookedthem outside because we kept flippingthem and turning them and then weseasoned them with the proper spices andit’s just it just looks exactly likethey came and they taste just as goodand you can add that liquid smoke onthere to give it that smoke flavor ifyou like so I can’t wait any longer I’mgonna have to go ahead and cut into thisand I’ll watch your night try not toslice up your non-stick pans the best asyou can which I’ve been really carefuland you can if you have any extraleftover barbecue sauce so this is thepoint where you want to go ahead and puton a little bit more if you want to youmay not want to but this is absolutelyfantastic guysnow the thing that I did do off-camerais I definitely made me a veggie shapelook at that look at that yummycan’t wait so I made a veggie shakeoff-camera and I went in and I’vealready had my vegetables because therewas no way I was gonna have time to totake out to make like a vegetable side Ijust drank my vegetables I always doguys I’ll tell you all the timedrink your vegetables get it over withbecause you know I prefer to go aheadand just have my knees and the otherside I want so today just to be in ahurryI know these are vegetarian beans withno meat because that’s you know I don’tyou that’s where you can save somecalories but plus I prefer to havevegetarian beans because I that’s justwhat I prefer is you can get whicheverif you want baked beans keep whicheverones you want jazz them up the best wayyou can you can even put some of yourBBQ sauce down in the baked beans so andseason those beans up the best you canright and then I’m gonna put out a videoin the future guys about making yourbaked beans I have a really good recipefor you on that so here we goall right and thank you so much forliking and subscribing to my channel Ido hope you are enjoying the beef ribsand the baked beans and if you have anyquestions for me you can put those downin the comment section guys and enjoyand I thank you for watching my channeldon’t forget to Like and subscribe andenjoy your weekend and get out there andmake you some of these wonderful beefribs or whatever beef ribs I’m sorrywell whatever ribs you want doesn’t haveto be beef ribs but that’s what we’recooking today in my house so thank youso muchand you have yourself a wonderful day

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