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Beef Sausage | Chuds bbq

A simple yet delicious recipe for an all beef sausage as well as a few new techniques

5lbs (2268g) farce
45g salt
226g liquid beef stock
25g garlic
15g mustard
10g paprika
20g cayenne
25g pepper
7g turmeric

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►Sausage Stuffer
►Hog Casings
►Pink Salt
►Meat Grinder
►Food Processor
►Fire Blower
►Slicing knife
►Boning Knife
►Sodium Citrate
►Sheep casings
►Beef Tallow
►Black Pepper
►Cimeter Knife
►Rub Tub
►Burger Press
►Knife roll
►Butcher paper
►Paper stand
►Cutting Board
►Chef Knife
►Bone Saw
►Angle grinder
►Grinder Blades
►Chop Saw
►Pipe Level

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