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F4 Fusion Represents the Beep Tikka Recipe or Beef Barbeque Recipe or Beef BBQ recipe, its very easy to make Beef Tikka / Beef Barbeque / Beef BBQ at home in a restaurant style.
You can make soft and juicy beef Tikka at home just like restaurant style, Beef BBq make at home in restaurant style, Beef Barbeque in restaurant style.
F4 Fusion tell you the easiest recipe of Beef Tikka or Beef BBQ or Beef Tikka with the routine use home spices, Beef tikka make very soft and juicy.

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F4 Fusion is all about Cooking in Desi style, Everyone say cooking is ladies department, but we it very simple so everyone can cook different recipes in desi style anywhere.
F4 Fusion is an Cooking, educational & History Channel, In which F4 Fusion tell the history backgrounds, and sprinkle some entertainment and Desi style Kitchen, F4 Fusion work on education news & education administration, in entertainment F4 Fusion work on Prank call online just for fun to make you smile, F4 Fusion also work on technology in education, Technology advancement, link of Technology and education companies, F4 Fusion also work of Insurance & Insurance companies, Mortgage Finance & Running finance and type of loans, Car financing and Home Lease Financing. F4 Fusion is now also start their Cooking , in which F4 Fusion make different recipes in Desi Style on Wood Fire.
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