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Brisket Smoked on Weber Ranch Kettle | the BIGGEST Weber in the world!!!

Brisket Throwdown between the Weber Ranch Kettle vs Texas Smoked Brisket. I love smoking BBQ brisket on charcoal kettles so this Rancher Weber Kettle was big fun…no pun intended. I used the Slow ’N Sear XL & KosmoQ Cow cover and it turned out better than even I realized. lol (That will make sense if you watch till the end)

🔴🔴 Slow N Sear XL
✅✅Weber Ranch Kettle-
✅✅Thermoworks Smoke x4
✅✅Wooden handles
✅✅Slicing knife
✅✅Wooden handles

The video was filmed using:
Canon 90D
Rode Wireless Go mic (on my collar)
Sony (overhead camera)

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Original of the video here

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