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Carnivore Diet Recipe – Crispy Beef Brisket

Hey guys, thanks for coming to check out another carnivore recipe video by The Meaters.

This Crispy Beef Brisket recipe is hands down our favorite way to cook brisket. Not only is it delicious beyond words, this carnivore recipe is super easy and effortless. We use the Ninja Foodi for this recipe so if you own one or have a similar one that has the slow cooker and air fryer feature, you are good to go!

We’ll have plenty of leftovers with this brisket that we can enjoy for breakfast, and we can even throw some in our beef broth now that the weather is getting cooler. The crispy fat will leave you speechless and the tender meat will make you feel like an absolute chef.

Let’s enjoy another delicious carnivore diet recipe that is sure to fuel your body.

COMMENT below if you have any suggestions of what carnivore food ideas you would like to see us make next.

And as always, let’s keep it simple and eat real food again.

Let’s get into how to make Crispy Beef Brisket.

The Grass-fed and Grass Finished Beef Brisket was purchased from Wild Meadows Farm. You can create an account and use our code to get $20 off your first order.

Original of the video here

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