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Easy Delicious And Healthy Lunch for the Family [Grilled BeefSteak With Fried Rice And Veges Salad]

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Hello mga kapatid today Nagprelared ako ng lunch for my Family this is so good so healthy and so easy to prepare come in join us to our super yummy lunch☺️

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Video Transcription

[Music]okay so everyone it’s been spending alot Evie and here we are here we are inmy kitchen[Music]there are a vegan cuts a man in Johannabe prepared and aiming at Emily and memarinate Oh salad the piranha salad withfried rice and a la plancha de PerenaraConejo[Music]this is gonna be delicious[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]but the sign and pepper[Music]so[Music]and vinegar apple cider[Music]mix it mix itin wanna you have a peeper on a salad sosimple and so healthy and here’s thefried rice simply lankan shaft-driven anicon of a tomorrow details the so simpleso delicious phenomenal manLinda fried rice yummyvanhey from now I think mistakeopen up a banana in the heartour Sunday and celebration he’ll becoming home on the bus so yes wedeserved a man come on I’m a setupcussing at handy in a comical my friendsand a bus oh this is our main main dishsimply lack of the lotto Mulligan fornow three loaves of dice garlic a bombappointed judge opinion I mean it nahnothing yeah for what it fun beginningan olive oil so not our garlic[Music]at Wallin Nagaina I’m adding deep TOIand apparel here and a plancha littlenever[Music][Music]I mean lunchI hope the nagas anemia anemia turnip ora summer bag of hummus I began phenomenaPomodoro me Channel please subscribe ourchannel click the bell you know downbelow here in Napoleon para possum onthe NAP Nam engine part of a leggingevery day[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]what they thinkyeah but they think[Music][Music]come on living job[Music]

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