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Grill Memoirs: Beef Brisket, Made Easy. [15 Minutes Prep Time]

Try this BBQ favorite. In this video, I’ll teach you how beef brisket is made easy with this recipe.

I’ve always been a fan of pulled beef brisket (well, pulled anything really), because it’s really tasty and packed with protein, meaning you’ll hit your mark for the day, plus it’s full of flavor.

In this video, we’ll run through a few things…

First – If you don’t have a grill, that’s ok! This beef brisket recipe is suitable for any skill level and you only need a slow cooker and a saucepan to make it, so you can have it any time – not just summertime. It’s tasty, it’s easy, and packed with protein – everything you need to make the perfect turkey burger.

Kitchen items Needed – Like I said not a lot needed here, just 4 things max so don’t worry – this isn’t some Martha Stewart recipe.

Ingredients Needed – This is where all the flavor comes from. This beef brisket recipe is PACKED with easy to find ingredients you can pick up from your local grocery store – no complex or obscure ingredients.

Directions – Little more steps involved for this one outside of the usual 3-5, but that’s ok because in total it’s only about 8 in total! Because you’re using a slow cooker, it’s a real set it and forget it recipe – which is *exactly* why this beef brisket is made so easy.

Beef brisket is great as a cheat or refeed meal – it’s a known summer favorite, yet hardy enough for winter, which makes it such a versatile dish.

Most of all, it’s so easy to make anyone can do it and in my opinion, those are the best type of recipes so you can focus on what really matters – making progress in the gym and feeding your body effectively while doing it.

This beef brisket recipe, in particular, is so good I had to share it – so shoutout and credit goes to Creme De La Crumb (you can check out their website over on my blog, see the printable version link to this recipe below).

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Links mentioned in the video:

Grill Memoirs: Beef Brisket, Made Easy. (The printable version of this recipe and recipe credit)

Grill Memoirs: Beef Brisket, Made Easy.

Here’s something tasty and cool to go with your brisket, too:

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