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How to conquer beef ribs – Part 1 “the prep”

For my fourth installment I am breaking down how I prepare Beef Short Ribs for Low and slow BBQ using all my tips and techniques to smoke the best beef ribs. Below is how prepared this cook for reference. Over the next three videos I will break down all my tips and techniques I use the make the best beef ribs AKA Dino Bones. Abraham Lincoln said it best when discussing preparing in advance “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Preparing your beef ribs before they are smoked is critical part of having a successful cook. In this video I break this down step by step so you can have a successful beef rib smoke.

1. Trimmed fat off the top of the rack leaving just a little fat as I like my beef ribs lean however if you want to leave more fat you can.
2. Removed membrane from back of ribs and taking out the membrane between the bones to allow the smoked to penetrate the meat from both sides
4. Then I rubbed this rack down with Louisiana hot sauce which works excellent as a binder
5. Next, I seasoned with black river bbq “back in black” which helps create and awesome bark and provides serious flavor
6. Finally double wrapped in saran wrap and stored in the refrigerator overnight

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