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How to make a Juicy Ribeye Steak on the Grill

Ribeye steaks 🥩
Sea salt pepper onion powder sazon parsley Montreal steak seasoning
Garlic olive oil
God bless enjoy

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Video Transcription

hi everybody everybody I’m back andtoday today Gina young is gonna show youall how to make a mouthwatering juicygrilled rib eye steak yes we’re havingrib eye steaks at the Young’s house forlunchtime I’m gonna show you how quickand easy they are to make the last fewsteaks I made for you all I promised youall but the next ribeye that I madewould be on the grill and that’s justwhat we’re gonna do hey listen herewe’re gonna grill up some buttonmushrooms and onions to go right on topof that steak and we’re also gonna grillup some nice squash that’ll be perfectfor lunchtime here’s what you’ll need tomake Gina young style ribeye steaks onthe grill okay everybody so I have somenice thick look at these bad boysthey’re nice and thick ribeye steaks andthey have the nice marbling when youpurchase ribeye steaks you want to makesure that they do have that beautifulmarbling because when you have thatyou’re gonna have a nice juicy ribeyesteak absolutely you will and any fatthat’s on your rib eye steak don’t worryabout that because if you cook it on thegrillmost of that fat will render off okay sonot to worry first thing that we’regonna use let me show you theingredients that we have we haveMontreal steak seasoning onion powdercracked black pepper parsley flakes andthe parsley flakes is not going to giveany flavor it’s just gonna make it niceand beautiful I have sea salt as well asa1 sauce and right here I have coldpress garlic crushed olive oil okayso this is the first thing that we’regoing to do we’re going to take and wewant to rub this beautiful olive oil allover these steaks what’s gonna happenwhen we rub this olive oil on the steaksis we’re going to infuse our steaks withthat beautiful garlic flavor absolutelyand we’re also going to help for ourspices to a here to the steaksas well as get a nice char on to thesebad boys so we’re going to rub that oilon just like so one to both sides allright so then put some oil on this sideas well I hope that you all are having abeautiful day today I hope that you allare having a great work week as wellokay let’s get that on there I’m gonnawash my hands because anytime you’redealing with raw meats you want to washyour hands so that you don’t spread thebacteria to your spices let me wash myhands and I’ll be right backnow this recipe can be used for porkchops as well this recipe can be usedfor lamb as well then there’s oneingredient that I don’t want to forgetabout I have sazelin those of you thatare familiar with me you know that Iabsolutely love sazzle sazelin’s gonnagive you a nice beautiful flavor as wellas a really beautiful color it’s gonnagive you somewhat of an orangish colorto your meat okay we’re not gonna usetoo much but we are going to season bothsides okay just like this all rightwe’re gonna use some sea salt don’t getcrazy with the sea salt you always wantto be careful when you’re using any typeof salt and if you have issues with saltfeel free to use a salt substitute allright we’re gonna use some dried parsleyjust like so and then we’re going to usecracked black pepper onion powder andthis Montreal steak seasoning isabsolutely amazing and just because itsays steak doesn’t mean you have to useit only on steak you can use thisMontreal steak seasoning onfish you can use it on chicken on porkwhatever you choose it’s absolutelyamazing trust me when I tell you thishooey it’s got some good spices in theredon’t be afraid to season your meats youhave to be able to taste the seasoningyou want your family and friends totaste the seasoning you know if youdon’t season up things or if you’reafraid to season your meat it’ll have noflavor okayonly seasoning you really have to worryabout is the seasonings that have thesodium in it otherwise just go ahead andseason that meat up right there’s thatI’m gonna grab a fork so I don’t have towash my hands again we’re just gonnaflip it over just like this and we’regoing to season the other side sameexact way yeah we’re gonna chop up wellwe’re gonna slice up our squash and I’llshow you how I like to do that becausewhen I’m doing squash or zucchini on thegrill you want to slice it into slicesokay and I’m just gonna throw that rightonto the grill if you wanted to get agrilling mat you can or grilling pan orif you just wanted to take your squashyou can put it into that pan that panthat I have right here that’s what we’regoing to cook our onions and our buttonmushrooms on absolutely because if youdon’t use a pan your onions and yourmushrooms will fall right through youknow right through the grid of the grilland you can still achieve that charcoalflavor because all of that smoke andthat charcoal smell is gonna go allthroughout your vegetables as well evenif you use a pan all right so then let’sput these spices on in this manner nowone thing about the meat and I say it alot those of you that are familiar withmy channel make sure you do not takethis meat out of the refrigerator seasonit and throw it right on that grillbecause what’ll happen is you’ll havetough meat you want to let your meatsat on the counter for at least 12minutes it’s okay if you sit it on yourcounter for 15 to 20 minutes let thatchill come off so your meat doesn’t haveto go into shock when it goes onto thegrill or when it goes in the oven or onyour frying pan taking it right out ofthe refrigerator and cooking it is nevergood it’ll always turn out dry lettingit sit and rest and marinate what thespices let that chill come off andyou’re gonna have juicy meat all rightjust like this I’m putting onion powdercrackback pepper once again Montrealsteak seasoning you’ll see that I’mgoing to rub some a1 sauce on the steakswhile we’re grilling them but that’ll betowards the end of the cooking processyou never want to put it on too earlybecause what will happen is that a 1sauce will burn okay so that’s why youjust want to you know you want to paintit on during the last moments of itscooking now if you’re the person if youwant to put barbecue sauce on your meatsalways put your barbecue sauce on lastas well because otherwise the barbecuesauce will drip down into your charcoalalso it’ll burn as well all right sowe’re just gonna set these aside let’sget a good look at that nice andwell-seasoned beautiful all right nowwhat I’m gonna do I do want to put justa little that’s all you need a littlebit will go a long way trust me when Itell you this beautiful my goodness nocarbs with lunchtime because we don’tneed all thatwe’ll have carbs with dinner we don’thave to have it for breakfast and lunchand that’s how you can cut theon your weight by watching the carbsokay everybody let’s go ahead and sliceup our squash okay we’re just gonna chopthe ends off just like so and keep theyellow skin on the yellow skin isamazing okay if you’re that person thatwants it off then fineyou know but otherwise keep it on thereit’s absolutely amazingokay don’t chop them too too too thinkind of medium like that is just fineand these bad boys are gonna cook up andthey’re gonna be amazing we’re gonnaseason them with Montreal steakseasoning a little bit of sea salt andolive oil okay and that right there isgoing to be amazing flavor all right youwant to cut this just like so in thatpart right there it’s just funny allright now watch this and I’m gonna useregular olive oil okay this right hereis just regular olive oil okay it’s notinfused with anything it’s beautifulokay I’m gonna take my fingers and I’mjust gonna rub that olive oil all overmy beautiful squash just like so andthis is gonna help to keep it nice andjuicy as well as help for the spices toa hear okay let me dry my hands off andthen we’re gonna put Montreal steakseasoningjust like this both sides both sidesabsolutely you can do the same thingwith eggplant if you wanted to usezucchini same thing yes by all meansokay because that’s gonna make it niceand beautiful as well okay just one sidewill be just fine and then I’m gonna usea tiny bit just a little bit of sea saltokay if you don’t want to use it don’tuse it okay this part is done let’s headout we’re gonna start to put our steakson the grill but what I also want to doI’m gonna chop up these onions you allknow how to slice that in and I’m gonnaleave these I’ve washed two buttonmushrooms okay I’m gonna leave thebutton mushrooms hold okay it’s put someolive oil in our pan just enough to cookthe onions in the mushrooms okay andwe’ll chop up this and meet me outsideon that grill okay everybody we areoutside it’s a beautiful day todayexcited to be out of here all right wehave our grill my husband set mycharcoal all up let’s go ahead and getstarted with all of our cooking if youare on outside today get outside it’s abeautiful day my goodnessall right let’s go ahead and put oursteaks off Oh hear that sizzle that’swhat you’re wanting to hearbeautifuland I’m putting them all on one sidebecause we are going to be doingmushrooms and we’re gonna do our squashas well okayremember we boiled our squash with thebest what the olive oil you want to makesure that your oil your vegetablesbefore you put them offbeautiful see that that’s what your onejust like sookay everybody I went inside for asecond so I can wash my two cuttingboards and put them in a disinfectantsolution that I like to use see look atthat’s beautiful it is here’s the thingabout drilling it doesn’t take any timeeverything’s cooking up just beautifullyif you get a little bit of flame justtake a spray bottle and spray yourwhatever your cooking spray it down witha little bit of you can use vinegar andwater you can use 7up or you could justuse regular water and just spray it downto dye the flame down if your flame getstoo crazy that’s what I dosometimes I’ll use apple juiceespecially if I’m making ribs alwayskeep a spray bottle of apple juice andhoneyand this squash right here this thismisses squash right here was a lip cut alittle too thin so quite naturally it’sgonna tear apart and that’s fineturn them stapes over starting to seethat beautiful char underneath look atthem bad for us that’s what you wantedyou all never had this before you bettermake you so who are you gonna make yousomeoh look at this my goodness and thesquash is just about doneI’m gonna take them off here in just asecond and then we’ll put our mushroomsand our onions on mmm this right here isgonna be some good eating for lunch timeat the Youngs house boy oh boy all rightI’m gonna take some of our squash offeverybody I’m going to show you some ofour beautiful squash look at this cookjust to perfection and it’s never shouldbe mushy you only have to cook it just alittle bit on both sides once you startto see that char on both sides you’vegot perfect squashflame boil ribeye steak get in my bellyI am so excited my goodnesscaminar going get our mushrooms andonions and I’ll be right back okayeverybody all of the squash is done I’vemoved our steaks over to a part of theside of the grill that’s not so hot Ihad a lot of flare-ups on this side sowe move the steaks over because we knowthey’re not done yet okaymushrooms and onions they have olive oilin the pan I put Montreal steakseasoning I put a little bit of garlicpowder in just a tiny bit of sea salt IIparsley in there and we’re just gonnacook them and really it’s that simplelet me give you all a good view of thesesteaks here[Music]this is real cookin here listen andhere’s the thing it’s not hard you allcan do the same thing and it’s gonnaturn out the exact same way absolutelymake this for your family and friendsand loved ones I’m gonna chop up some ofthese mushrooms just so they can cook alittle faster I don’t know about you allbut I’m a fan of mushrooms if you don’tlike mushrooms then you don’t have toyou know you can skip this partbut these bad boys they are smellinggood look at that good love it you allnever had any good lovin before thisright here this right here is where yougoing funny better[Music]if you wanted to put you some green bellpeppers in here with this absolutely andtowards the end of the cooking processlike I said I’ll smear a little bit ofanyone salsa if you wanted to dobarbecue sauce you’d do it towards theend as well I’m gonna lower my charcoalsa little bit and let me show you how I’mdoing that you see thisthis makes them higher or lower andlower and that’s how we can control thetemperature the grill the temperaturethat our snakescook atI am bad for looking good my good a nicegirl you are something else in thatkitchen and then what I like to do withour steaks is I like to bring a man Ilike to let them sit on the counter fora while and then I slice them andeverybody can just have as many slicesas they’d like to have these areexcusing that beautiful golden browncolor that we all love and they’restarting to take on some of the smelland the fuse and the taste of thatcharcoal absolutely and by putting thatseasoning on these mushrooms and onionsyou’re gonna make you’re gonna bump themup even more you better make yourself ohyou better make yourself so later ontoday those of you that are familiarwith my channel get ready because I’mgonna be doing the bathroom challenge todeath stay tuned because the bathroomchallenge is on its waylook at that my goodness I’m gonna takemy camera in for a few minutesbring the camera out of the Sun and thenI’ll come back out okay everybody I hadto come in for a few minutes and closedown it’s so hot outside I have a freezepop this is gonna do the trick I’m gonnaget nice and cooled down my camera’sgonna get a chance to cool down for asecond by time we go out there arestakes are gonna be just about that whenour veggies are almost done as well okayeveryone so I’m back and lo and behold Icome back outside I wasn’t in the housebut three minutes I come back out andthere’s a nice cloud so it doesn’t feelas hot or maybe wasn’t the popsicle theycalled me down but I feel much better Itell you that these bad boys beautifulyou can always feel the texture of yoursteaks to know if they’re rare medium orwell done so rareif you feel here and you have your handloose that’s rare if you close your handa little bit tighter that’s medium rareif you close it tighter that’s mediummedium-well okay you close it real tightand you press right there and that’swell really it might sound silly butthat really works and guess what it’strue give it a try and let me know whatyou think next time you make a steak youcan fill them and you will know exactlyhow your steaks are cooked I’m gonnaraise the charcoals up for the last fiveminutes of the cooking process I’m happywith the color of the mushrooms andonions let’s go ahead and paint some a1sauce and I only do one side okay cuz wedon’t want too much a 1 sauce let’spaint some on this side and our steaksare just about done see that there ifyou want it to you put your some of usin here just a little s all you need cuzyou don’t want to change the flavor ofthe mushrooms and onions alright so Ihave my little basting brush base thaton there just like so get her at theYoung’s house or lunch if the Young’shouse couldn’t get any better a meal fitfor a king or queenwe’ll stir this around just like so I’mgonna take the camera in and we’re goingto be ready to dive in we’ll say ourprayer inside all of my neighbors arelooking at me like I’m crazy like I’mout here talking to myself but that’sokay I’m talking to three hundredthousand people here right beautifulsteaks are just about done I’m gonnagive them a flip over on the side wherethe a1 sauce is we’re going to go insidesay a prayer and cut these bad boys uptell me this isn’t how you like yoursteak make it for your loved one make itfor your grandmom make it for your momand your dad absolutely good right nownow remember we’re not gonna cut it downinto our steaks until we let our steaksrest for around about ten minuteswe’ll come out here tonight and sit atthe patio furnitureokay everybody what I’m gonna do I’mgonna go ahead and take this steak offthe smallest steak because this one hereis done to perfection I feel like theother ones need to cook a little bitlonger so we’re gonna leave alone alittle longer my husband likes awell-done steakme personally I could have took minesoff the grill in seven minutes butthat’s the thing about grilling everyonelikes there’s different and you can cookyours you notes however they like thisthat a1 sauce on here really makes adifferenceit looks amazing right it is amazingthis one here done to perfectionperfectlet’s go ahead and say our prayer overthis beautiful food Lord we thank youfor this food today we thank you foryour love time your mercy and yourunderstanding I thank you for feeding mein my family a meal today the roof overour head and loving us once again amenlet’s dig in okay everybody so you takethem look at that beautiful miss to aprevention you just put them right herewe’re gonna slice down into them andmake sure make sure you give them timeto rest they have to rest they don’trest all of your juices are gonna comeout look at that look at this beautifulI’m going to show you how I like toslice my steaks I’m going to cut theothers off camera and then we’ll makeour plate okay so here’s what I like todooh yeah and I feel like when you sliceit you get more for your money you knowyou get more look at this beautiful youlook at that juicy perfect give this atry and let me know what you all thinkabout this my word look at thatjuiciness mmm that will do the trickmy goodness perfect my goodness I didn’teven get to make my plate I’m just gonnadive right on in mushrooms and onions soflavorfulour beautiful squash squash couldn’tlook any better than this it’s sohealthy and yet it’s so flavorful lookat that I am so pleased I’m gonna grabmy family so we all can sit down andenjoy our lunch if you all enjoyed thisvideo give me a thumbs up and if youhaven’t subscribed make sure yousubscribe make sure you click on theirnotification bill so you can be notifiedevery time do you young up cut blows oneof these awesome videos and as alwaysgod bless you all thank you all forwatching good night[Music]

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