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How to Make BEEF JERKY! | Korean BBQ Beef Jerky Recipe Video.

Hey everyone! In today’s video I make some Beef Jerky for Nick! I gave some to my brother as well, the both absolutely love this homemade jerky recipe of mine, so I thought I’ll share it with you all! In the video I had to use a couple alternatives with some ingredients, and it did not effect the texture at all, and the flavour was just as good as they remembered the very first time I done the recipe and didn’t notice the changes/difference, woohoo!



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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome back to my channelso as you can tell by the title downbelow I’m going to be showing you guysmy Korean BBQ beef jerky recipe so thisrecipe I honestly don’t even know whereI got it from I posted it on myInstagram so the first time I’m a jerkythis is what I don’t I don’t know if Igot the recipe from somewhere or if Ijust done a bunch of different flavors Ireally do not remember but I posted iton my Instagram a Michael Klim page andyeah I’ve made Rosie a couple timessince then and Nick has always said thevery first time I’ve made a husband isbest so I’m going to shake you guys thatrecipe nobody oh format slightlydifferent to what I done on Instagramthis is how I found found it andremembered how done it the first timebecause I just went back on my Instagramand grabbed days in my story highlightsso yeah so if you don’t follow me onInstagram my stuff I don’t know linkwhatever will be in the descriptionbelow but without fail ready i’ll showyou guys ingredients come we’ll startmaking some jerky alright so what weneed is some beef I’m just using thisroast blade beef this is just over akilos worth yep so 1.06 2 kilos this isjust the excess part just pretty muchkept it just to show you guys how muchbeef I am using so this is that allsliced up alreadyI’ve got some soy sauce rice winevinegar this is about half the amount ofrice wine vinegar then what I’d done thelast time last time I done half a cupit’s probably even less than that to behonest I might do a couple of dashes ofChinese cooking wine but if I had a halfa cup of rice wine vinegar I would justdo that so that’s what I’m just showingin this video sesame oil sesame seedssome ginger powder brown sugar and somegarlicoh so last time I done garlic powder butI don’t currently have garlic powderthat so I’m using this type of garlic sothat’s just what I mean on how it’sgonna be slightly different to last timewell the first time I ever made this butyeah preferably got it powder but ohthat’s just what yeah I don’t last timethis time I’m doing this garlic evenswapping half of the amount of this andadding in some Chinese cooking wine Iwill let Nick judge her and I’ll let youknow at the end of this video on what hereferred if you did cook fire it thisway it will steal after the very firsttime I hadn’t made the jerky so this isall the ingredients you need and like Isaid I’ve already got the meat all niceand sliced up alright and sorry aboutthe shadowing in there bad lighting itis currently not time I wasn’t going tofilm it but last minute I decided tostop filming hence why this is a restartum but yeah it’s just I don’t want totouch it I’ll touch it soon but when Ido touch it I’ll show you guys how thinit isanyway in a bow empty bow I’m going tobe adding my brown sugar in the soysauce so for the brown sugar you want toget about half a cupso just roughly half a cup of brownsugar going into the bowl and with thatwe want half a cup of soy sauce you justwant to mix the brown sugar in the soysauce up together Andy I don’t even knowsomething in the soy sauce will dissolvethe sugar or even if it doesn’t dissolvecompletely you’ll definitely break upthe lungs but it should really get itall nice and dissolved all right so thesoy sauce brown sugar mixture I’m justgoing to be tipping straight into thebowl here Trini start it’s not a half acup of rice wine vinegar normally Iwould use a quarter of a cup so yeah alittle bit less than what I normallywould use but for one kilo worth of me aquarter of a cup of the rice winevinegar so because I am a little bitshort I’m just gonna be ash adding aspare tablespoon of Chinese cooking wineadding about a tablespoon of the sesameoil we want about three tablespoons ofginger and about three tablespoons ofgarlic powder if we had it in the garlicpowder in that and the floor I’m sorrybut with the means I’m just doing twoquite heaped tests which is pretty lowsystolic right three teaspoons so we’lldo a couple taste tablespoons of thoseas welland now just with my hands my hands onnice and fresh and wash it to clean I’mjust going to massage it all in and justget it really nicely combined all rightso you’re dumping it all into me andthen all of the marinade dip look itshut and try and get as much of the airout as possible and isn’t it just goingto ensure that every slow piece of me iscompletely covered with the matter so ifthere’s a little bit of a left likebecause there’s not gonna be no fatconcealed or anything that’s fine but Iam trying my hardest to get every singlebit of the air out as possible so nowwhen I’m like flat I can just kind of doit I’ll go back here but so cheesy ringand turning it aroundand yeah it’s going to be completelycovered with the marinade sauce I sayI’m just going to now lay it flat in myfridge like this overnight and we stopdehydrating this bad boy up tomorrow allright so now it’s the next morning thisis my dehydrator I go from Cogan andneither does the trace here this is therain out of three[Music]yesterdayokayyesterday[Music]all right samantha is going seventydegrees CelsiusI honestly I hate Jackie I’m not a hugebeef personbut it is so cool to make and just watchit change and everything like that sothat’s going on there for five hoursthis is some leftovers say as thingswill be dried in here journey the bottomshelves get done before at the top chefstoo because obviously the heat systemswere on the bottom here and small piecesand dinner pieces are done before avictor of the larger pieces so everyI’ve already check in about three orfour hours I just for the Sun for fivehours because we are hoping that todayit’s digitized right behind the holidaybut at least this way at five hours if Ididn’t have time to check it anywaya bit and I can come back and ask ourstop on againbut anyway so yeah I’ll check it in fivehours and I’ll show you guys the trophythat we hand upright so it’s nice to the for our partso there’s I only got four minutes leftso sure probably check these earlier asyou can see steel squishy on the topthere[Music]Wow this piece is nice and thin lookabout well in the middle literally rightso now I want to do is go it around onthe bottom pieces and I say this theyare quite warm they will they will holdthem up a little bit more as it pulldown as well but this piece I can tellis done so that is perfectly done sayingit now I’m just going to go through eachindividual piece and take other onesthat I believe are done and here is agood example one as well the actual meaton this is done I don’t want it to belike rock hard it still has a bit ofsquished or little focus see I stillhave a little bit of a squished or alike I said it will harden up as itcools more but you can see there’s alittle piece of fat here the differentcolor right at the top here is adifferent type like a bit of fat thenmate that’s very squishy but that wouldbe fineso yeah just keep on going through mostof this bottom stuff is done and I sayare extra thick like this one I thinkthat one can stay for a bit longertoday I’m just going to be going throughall of these trays and put one foranother our library take the ones thatwere originally wrought on the top on anapple on the bottom and just write alittle bit but otherwise that’s prettymuch it and that is the recipe so I hopeyou guys enjoyed if you did please giveit a thumbs up for me make sure tosubscribe so I’ll see you guys in myfuture videos which by the way there isa little lot coming a lot a lot a lotand yeah thank you so much for watchingand I’ll see you guys in my next videobye

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