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Foodisthebestshitever episode 6 – bbq beef ribs and nanas potato salad

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Video Transcription

[Music]all right creeps so when you don’t alongthe Colt keep you’re doing a beef ribsor brisket maybe a pork shoulder pop butany of that sort of stuff maybe you wantto get yourself a nice rocking chair I’mgetting like a cup of tea or you knowthe cold frothy tea the the other teaand yeah so I’ve got a little bulletsmoker here and that’s up to temp nowit’s running it about the stairs it’srunning it’s just over 250 F which Idrew 25 C but I don’t really believethis one anyway I think it’s a bit of aliar so I’m gonna I’m gonna say thatit’s about 250 I have a little um forTerry wood in there as well just for alittle bit of smoke flavor yum yum and Ihave beef ribs a couple of wraps – thoselittle beauties lovely so we’re gonnamake a really simple little B from greatfor brisket or burgers or easy to flavorI don’t know your savoury mince lamb andyou know sort of stuff bread mate lovesit absolutely best friends and it’sreally it’s really stoked to get to knowyouit wants to be your good friend as wellso what we have here is we have cookingsalt just that that ya honky-dorycooking salt there’s garlic granules soyou can see their little granularlythings you don’t want garlic powder orgarlic flakes for this it justwith the whole thing ruins the feng shuiand news phone is cracked black pepperso that’s no ground black pepper it’scracked black pepper that’s not finesalt or sea salt it’s cooking salt andthat is not garlic powder or garlicflakes it’s garlic granules and when wemix all these things together that’sgoing to form our little thief Rob andlike I said he it’s good for steak it’sgood for burger patties it’s good forwhatever you may like to put on and ifyou just use this as a base and then youcan play around with it and you canadjust it and make it to whatever youlike you know if you like more pepperput more pepper in like I’m not going tobe there to tell you you’re a dickheadjust do it have a go if you want somethyme or some rosemary or something inuse that’s like how you like to roll putit in there have a goI’m not here to judge I promiseso beef ribs stay from there’s no waythis is gonna look any good so I’m justgoing to do it you canyou can use a little splash of oil or[Music]something like use mustard or soy sauceor any of these sorts of things withcesta sheer sauce was s to share withsister sister sisterso any of those want to work if youwanted to stick make a little stickything for it but I don’t think it’s sucha huge issue you just do like thisthat’s pretty good startyum-yum so we’re gonna light that allrightthen have a little a little fog to stockup a little bit of salty goodness makeit a little sticky and good cover it upand let’s face it we’re probably goingto forget about it but hopefully wedon’t we’ll give it a few hours untiladds a little bit of kala and then we’regonna wrap it[Music]sounds like a bad boxing movie okay so Isaid it’s going to very Connelly showyou how to make potato salad this one’smy Nana my Nana’s potatoes oh yeah it’ssomething all babies it solves a smallchild for it up and it’s pretty easyand since we’re trying to make itso yeah pretty good we got some dicedonions Mayo chopped parsley dicedpickles diced eggs boileddiced boiled potatoes and some choppedbacon which has been fried friedchocolate bacon sorry it’s that simplemixing mixing yep naturalized like to dothis while it was warm just also in thatpeople’s is a little bit of the peoplevinegar the pickle brine and that alwayswaiting while the swarm just so wouldsort of soak into the potatoes a littlebit that did a bacon fat she would easepolish sausage we didn’t have that todayso we have did a bacon you’ll be able tofind some nice bacon from someone inyour area who makes noise like I’m sureand that little bit of bacon fat justsort of soaks into the potato as welland forms part of the dressing nanawouldn’t have put my alien but sometimeswe like a little man just to my o it upa littleit doesn’t size better or worse it justtastes different sometimes you feel likemy eyes sometimes you don’t and today itfeels like my whole side of you need alittle bit of salt and pepper in thereI think suspended Isaac so now that’sgonna get into the fridge and it’s goingto light up very muchOh rowdy looks pretty goodnice – the color we’re gonna wrap thesethis is being what’s the time so it’sbeen two and a half hours so now we’regonna wrap them and leave them untilthey’re soft and delicious and ready togo all right coolall right now on I I predict it I’ve gota skewer here this is the budget way ofdoing it now it’s going in really easilylike I don’t know if you can make thatout but I’m not gonna keep freaking thisbecause it’s gonna end up looking like abuddy pin pushing okay let’s wrap thisthing upnothing biblically[Music]and thanksyou

19 Replies to “Foodisthebestshitever episode 6 – bbq beef ribs and nanas potato salad

  1. They looked like pork ribs at the beginning, but after you pulled them they looked all beef. And what ribs they were! Thanks for the great cook Joe

  2. Thank you for showing the new app features on the YS640s. Pretty darn cool! I ordered my ys640s today and will have it this Wednesday. I have been somewhat disappointed with my Traeger cooks so I have high hopes for this. I ate at Chris’s (Kettle Cookers) house the day after you filmed there lol. Keep up the good videos!

  3. Good review on the rubs Joe! Yeah tasting ahead of time really gives you an idea of the salt content. Some seasonings are just not meant to be put on heavy. Besides BBQ I do a lot of crawfish, crab and shrimp boils, and I have ran into some really salty seasonings that have to be used differently from others. I’ve got to where I taste the seasoned water before I ever add in anything into the pot, so I can adjust. Those ribs looks good brother!

  4. Good video Joe… I’ve bn meaning to get sum of that PLOWBOYS BOVINE BOLD SEASONING … I’ll get sum on my next trip to ACADEMY SPORTS

  5. Lovin it. We blend USS a little strong. It’s not a rub to put on really thick. Thanks so much for the tester and the thumbs up. You do a GREAT job on all of your videos.

  6. Looking good joe those ribs look good I need to give that victory lane a try and all around a great cook and nice cutting board no mas la t-shirt no lol jk great vid

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