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How to make oven grilled beef Mshikaki

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Marinade ingredients
ginger garlic paste
1/2 lemon juice
mixed herbs
black pepper
garlic powder
cooking oil salt

Mix all the ingredients in your beef and store in an airtight container in your fridge overnight

Assembling ingredients
Bamboo skewers
bell peppers (Red yellow and green)
apple cut into cubes
marinated beef

Assemble your ingredients in whichever way that works for you.

using a kitchen brush/kitchen towel/serviette apply oil on your grill then gently place your mshikaki and grill in your oven for 20 mins at 200 degrees celcius.
After they are over, grill them for another 10 minutes by turning them over and cover upper part with aluminium foil (if you want your meat well done)

Your mshikaki are ready and absolutely tasty!
Serve hot with baked sweet potatoes!

The dip recipe
Mix vanilla yogurt, corriander, black pepper and lemon juice and voila!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everyone welcome back to mychannel today’s video I’m going to showyou how to make beef or turkey or beefskewers ikiki whatever name you callthem this is a snack or dish verypopular the coastal region and today I’mgoing to show you how to prepare veryvery easy just follow the steps to thewater guys so first of all I marinatedmy beef with ginger garlic paste 1/2lemon turmeric mixed herbs black peppercoriander and garlic powder now ifyou’re not a spice person you can decideto omit this process and just go aheadwith the meat but it’s very very verymonitoring to to marinate your beef sojust to mix everything together squeezea lemon and cover you in an airtightcontainer and stay in the fridgeovernight next morning guys oh my god Idiscover that I forgot to put oil andsalt but all is not lostthey just put in the oil and salt and hestudied 12 and yeah next thing was toadjust assemble everything so and thenput together all my assemblyreadings that is my bell pepper thegreen red and yellow bell pepperstogether with some apples I decided toprepare some apples also you needskewers for the assembly in veryimportant and also remember to stop yourskills in water so that they may not manwhy Yosh Mishka key is getting grilledand then at this point we just need toassemble everything together now thereis no recommended or or specific way toassemble your sakewhichever way that you wish or you knowit just depends with your preference soany way that you would like to assembleyour sakewhile I’m good some people omit thepeppers but because I love calendar I’ma little bit extraI decided ah why not and also somepeople add in some fruits likepineapples I had a very testy of navarrejust that but you know what young onesdies once[Music]gets together now I am just playing yourgirl here does it have a kitchen brushso it just improvise with some Sovietsand then placed my shiitake and the gridready to get grilled in my oven drillthem at 200 degree socials for 20minutes I did mine for 20 minutes afterthe 20 minutes I I turned them over thencovered with off with aluminium foil andput them back in the oven for 10 minutesand after the 10 minutesvoila this is this what the results Iloved them very crispy the peppers cameout very crispy and Omega the Apple tooso you can serve with whatever you wantI chose to eat with my back to eatpotatoes and it was very yummy thank youguys for watching this video if youloved it remember to give it a thumbs upand also remember to click on thesubscribe button thank you guys[Music]

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