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Video Transcription

sherry Castro hmm cherry Castro Iremember cherry Castro yeah I think wewent to school together okay yeah cherryCastro yeah and you even had thecircumcision together right Jerry yeahcherry Castro used to be either Marvoloand welcome to another be jaw bomb videobecause today is Friday yeah wait I’vebeen waiting all daymm-hmm looking at this lunch salad saladlong talaga good to know good um kind ofday Ferro Bhagwan Macumba say my bestfriend before we start this deliciousmukbang we would like to say thank youto rib blind rib line and my my handsomefriend BryanI bet – Bryan is watching right now seesee lot of our shirtsoh if reporting yeah we’re supportingthe law exactly I don’t know what thatlook at that even the bull is wearing amask so it’s that that see even the bullis wearing a mask so wear a mask becauseit’s a mustokay obese animal data okay okay so okayso red line is known for their bestbarbecues mmm yeah poor barbecue beefbarbecue oh my goodness name of theabbot all right so this is our firstitem that we are going to do that we’regonna eat oh my lordOhWow beef ribs we’ll take it out there sothere’s the ribs okay that’s just theribs we also I really got a lot for youMeritus and we have some fried tips sometri-tips I know it’s it smells so goodthere is the Tri take my best friend soit’s already sliced[Music]it’s not gonna be complete without someappetizers so I got this steak friesthere you go steak price high so we getsome sauce there mmm let’s put it herelet’s put it here also so guys for myCalifornia people okay if you guys arevisiting the Central Coastplease visit rib blind because if youguys ever watched the man vs. foodbefore man vs. food with the AdamRichman you know the guy with the bigbig appetite and he eats a lot he wasthere he was there yeah he did theBrahma bull Brahma bull challenge ohyeah hey so let’s get started yes guysnot this and we also have some salad orbrie salsa Y salsa over here you usethis with the tri-tipyou’re not gonna eat rice no okay sohere’s the tri-tip with a little bit ofsalsa so tender it’s so tender it’s sojuicy its moist it’s not dry this iswhat your hot barbecue guys but Maliktiger by the way I was telling themearlier you know if you guys myCalifornia friends if they ever wannavisit the Central Coast stop by a blindtheir address we’ll put it on the bottomof a litter our this is the descriptionbox it will be their their address theyhave I believe they have three locationshere in the Central Coast we have Ibelieve is most and Louis and I thinkthe other one is Los Osos yeah but theaddress that’s Ababa okay so check itout and if you guys ever stopped bythere dr. handsome guy his name is Brianyeah very handsome guy oh yeah sure orhe’s just Oh Brian he dresses like achef from the videos look who’s our meatcooks also so I guess is also a sure mmmthis time tried to burn fresh fresh isso good it’s so tasty also hmm hmm ohthere’s some pulled pork in it not justright tip my pulled pork mmm it was soworth the wait time yeah yeahyeah because my Atisha just got backfrom from the work oh by the way guyswe’re not just gonna eat here okay whileI’m while we are doing the mukbang weare going to be doing shout outs alsoand if you are wondering why we arespeaking in the dollar sign is becauseBrian my parent is jamak is America andso I can’t speak Tagalog or Aloha no Ihave to speak a dollar sign right yeahso if you guys don’t want don’t want tohear me speak a dollar sign yeah go toanother channel but so when you wentthere just pick up just pick up ordelivery but it depends where they’regonna deliver it they have their ownroute you know if you live far so yeahyou have to go pick it up that’s like 20minutesmm-hmm there’s the ribs mm-hmm this isketchup manually do it Marcus they saidyou are hungry mmm you said you onlyit’s a lab today[Music]this salsa is so good also and they madethey make their own salsa I kept sayingsalad my goodness salsa and also if youguys want to check it out on YouTubealso what I’m talking about the Brahmabull Brahma B are a H n space B ullchallenge Brahma bull challenge you guyscan see Adam Richman and also a redblind in and you can see Brian also yeahyeah he was still uh he was still a babythere baby like I mean he’s he is stillyoung there so that’s a long time agoyeah I believe two to three years ago ifI’m not mistakenmmm the tri-tip is so good is soannoying so tender why do we start doingthis out out while we’re eating whydon’t you go do a shot of the first onefirst one is AE top global Oh actuallyit’s a e top one global so I believethat’s a YouTube channelyeah you know what it called a e top oneglobal and South annuaif if that’s a YouTube channel guyspleaselet’s support that channel also sothere’s another extra salsa over here ohthis is a barbecue sauceand I’m gonna open this an old uh nolittle ranch yeah I believe this is forthe right price now I’m gonna fly ourBarbie I guess this barbecue sauce righthere it’s their own recipe let’s dip itin the barbecue sauce like that oh thenlet subbu hmm oh you know what theirbarbecue sauce is so good you should tryitI’m sorry I abused my hands with theFrench fries I now love dunno thebarbecue sauce it’s so good this is notour first time to eat to eat read theline yeah but we’ve been there so manytimes but star we never we never werecraving for a good barbecue we always goto rib Blaine[Music]like smoke nothing what okay so our nextI’m shout out for today will be he saidyou wake mukbang yeaha way Eric mukbang I wonder what kind ofvideo feed us hmmand a week mukbang so I believe thatanother that’s another YouTube talent[Music]next one is Erica Pinello hmm hi Ericahmm benched fries would bore[Music]okay next nicer shoutout not then I’mPaola Colorado hi Paola Paolalet’s see no I’m gonna trade their salsa[Music]you really love dunno hot right it’sreally good yeah if you guys can hearour dough his crying over there everytime I do a more bunnies always cryingbecause I give him a couple yeah becauseevery time I do a mukbang I think heknows Aussie mmm just a barbecue sauceah next nothing gonna stop motor DanielaTero naam Danielle material from BacoorCavite mmm Danielle oh but they’re in abe there I hope you guys are safe overthere hmmthat is fun you know did you try that nobarbecue sauce yes so good mmm some openspacemobis complete spiceshut up dragon on the Titanic so good iswhat we’re going to do we dip it likethis and then just bite into it manshout out goes to teófilo next shout-outgoes to teófilo madrazo hmm TofinoMadrazo what’s up manFaraheven your when tastes also die a smokysmoky barbecue[Music]hmm okay so while I’m dipping this uh tothis very good good barbecue saucemy next person to shout out is TKcravings yeahKK cravings I bet you that’s alsoYouTube channel and it looks like shealso does smoke bombsbarbecue sauce is so good yeah thesweetness of a barbecue sauce oh mymother’s next next next is rolling orand materials mm-hmm rolling greenmaterials I don’t know if that’s just aname or this YouTube channel[Music]what Marcus she really loves the tri-tipI’m gonna one more of this one yeah howabout you okay so next text is burn thebodyOh burn the barn I’m bug biatchburn the barnhi burnokay next necessary then I see Paulineour Delos mmm-hmm no because I told themI told them my last smoke bomb so thatyou know yeah I have two hands the leftand the righthold them up I so clean no it’s notleaving no because I told them that fromnow on I’m gonna let you know also everytime we do a move on beat Joe we’regonna do shoutouts while we’re doing themove on because a lot of you guys I knowa lot of you guys are want us to doshout out so I think that’s the only waywe can do it you know yeah becausesometimes when you’re eating it’s hardto have a conversation so maybe you knowwhen we’re doing the shout outs at leastwe’re saying something and you know whatguys beef it’s it’s it’s good for youbecause it’s pure protein okay who’s ournext person Geneva sir Beto hmm theneighbors are betterbefore a little bit okay who’s our nextarm no sherry Castro hmmJerry Castro I remember Jerry Castroyeah I think we went to school togetherokay yeah Jerry Castro yeah and to evenhave the circumcision together rightJerryyeah Jerry Castro used to be a man hiCarrie so good so okay my best friendthank you very much for watching thismove Bank B Joe this rib blind mukbangbe Joe and we’ll see you guys againsummer on a shop up and I’m in my ravinemarami said I’m a senior ladonce again we’re blind thank you verymuch Brian thank you very much so onceagain Marlo I still next beat Joe[Music]


  1. Wondrin’ why PK’s accent has been an issue? He and his fam has been entertaining us from day 1. PK’s contents never deal with language tutorial. Entertainment yung linya nya, nasa comedy. Forte nya ang ganyang “pa-barok” na english sa vlogs but you’d still notice the “twang” kaya malalaman mo na he intentionally do that “spokenindollah” nya. It’d be boring to watch if he’s not creative enough to pour silliness sa mga entries nya. 😑


  3. Idol try nio din mag MUKBANG ni Mam marites ng PLAIN RICE LANG AT SOY SAUCE AT MANTIKA 😊😊

  4. Love you guys so much Keeps me smiling. Hilarious 😂 thank you. I love when you talk English, I laugh even when you don’t talk English.

  5. Pa shout out naman po… advance happy 1st birthday to my daughter Amierah Madieline…on April 22, 2020… to Lapena family and Bergonia family…thank you po.

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