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How To Make The Best Grilled Steak Kebabs/Kabobs In The World. {The Original 3 Way Skewer}

This recipe is for the steak kebab lover. This recipe is one for the ages and will be one of your favorites instantly after you make it.

Using the Original 3 Way Skewer, I was able to make a perfect medium cook on these little cubes of meat perfection.

Can’t wait to hear how you enjoy them.

If you wanna grab your own Original 3 Way Skewer…

Just click the link below and snatch you some.

Your recipes and pics of your creations…

Will only help make the Original 3 Way skewer the best grilling tool of 2020…

And hopefully 21, 22…you get my drift. lol.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

and then everybody Kevan Maddison herefor the grilling salon in today’s recipewill not disappoint by a long shotthese steak kebabs are absolutely bombednow as you can see the ingredients arealong the bottom written out so positiveyou need to reference what ingredientsare being used and it’s about atablespoon of each ingredient except forthe Oregon oh it’s about fourtablespoons of that I just love the wayit cooks and just adds and enhances theflavor when grilling this recipe usingthis kind of steaks bomb anyway so whatyou see here is I have a green pepper Ihave a white onion and then I have acouple of cloves close of garlic andsome extra virgin olive oil and someWorcestershire sauce I take my mortarand I dump all the ingredients into itand I even the garlic cloves a couple ofgarlic cloves that you see there thepeeled of course and then I give it agood crush to make a paste that oliveoil just binds everything togetherbeautifully and it makes and it givesyou that paste consistency that you needwhen you use a mortar or vessel so thenI take my onion I cut it into quartersinto nice inch sized pieces do the samewith the green pepper and then I takethe star of the show which is the NewYork strip steak as you can see thatit’s nicely trimmed I took the fat capoff the back because when I make kebabsare like for every single piece to beenjoyed where you’re not taking fat outof your mouth and you know I just wantevery piece to have flavor and no fatthat it hasn’t rendered in this wholekebab to be the bomb now as you see onceI trim it into cube size pieces I takethe Worcestershire sauce and I give it acouple of dashes you know whatever toyour liking I just gave it a couple ofdashes as you see and then I took themarinade paste and I’ll tell you whatthe flavor the flavor of this robustmixture of herbs and spices it’s just ona road just marries with this steak itmeans the onions and peppers and anywaygive it a good toss and the bowl mixeverything together now toss lightly youdon’t want to snap your onions and thenum it’s on the skewered as you see I’mloading up the skewer the onions go onfirst it’s it’s like a plate or like acup for the steak to sit on top of andthere you have it three way loaded upand if this never gets old love it loveit love it love it it’s cooking downnice medium listen there we go I justpulled a piece I had two off the grilldidn’t make this recipe please make thisrecipe stagey and these onions nicecrunch to them charred nicely make thisrecipe folks

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