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How to make Unforgettable Corned Beef Brisket

Corned beef brisket
Seasoning packet that comes with the meat
Chicken broth
Garlic powder
Salt pepper Montreal steak seasoning garlic powder parsley flakes
2 caps full white or red wine
Chicken bullion better than bullion paste
God bless enjoy 😊

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Video Transcription

hi everybody everybody I’m backeverybody Tina young is back and I’mback with yet another amazing recipe youall asked for it you said Gina pleasecan you show us how you make your cornedbeef that’s what I’m gonna do today Ihave an amazing recipe for you all it’sso easy you make it Gina young styleit’s gonna be so tastyhere are the lovely ingredients you willneed you all never had my corned beefbefore you better make you some here’swhat you’re gonna need right here I havesome beautiful corned beef brisket youwill need some fresh garlic and thelemon is just to show you that I’vecleaned my corned beef with lemon saltand water right here we have some prechopped up butternut squash you want touse some fresh carrots and fresh celerywe’re gonna have some potatoes you willneed onion and bell pepper we have alittle bit of rosemary that we’re goingto use and right here you can see that Ihave some chicken broth as wellfeel free to use vegetable broth or beefbroth if you’d like right here we havesome beautiful cabbage and I have thisyear this is my secret to amazing cornedbeef brisket it gives amazing flavory’all never had this before give it atry and right here is the little packetthat comes in with your corned beefbrisket you want to use this this is thesomewhat I believe it’s pickling seasonbut it really gives this corned beef agreat flavor as well now you will needsome chicken base Boyan which is thebetter than anything if you don’t havethis so you don’t want to get it becauseit’s too expensive you can always usethe Maggi poyowhich is the chicken Boyan powder or youcan use the beefBoyan powder you will need some winefeel free to use red wineI’m using a white cooking wine today youcan also use any wine that you drink aswell okay so right here I have someHimalayan pink salt we have some garlicpowder of course we’re gonna put someparsley in there cuz it makes everythingnice and beautiful and believe it or notwe’re gonna use some of that Montrealsteak seasoning let’s make sure yourhands are impeccably clean let’s getstarted with this amazing quick as wellit’s not quick it does take a while andif you don’t have patience for thisrecipe then you know you may want tomake sure when you make this that youhave a lot of time on your hands becausethis here is gonna cook for severalhours but I tell you one thing it’sdefinitely definitely worth it I almostcaught myself because I was gonna see aquick and simple recipe but I tell youone thing it’s worth the wait so nowlet’s go ahead and get started firstthing that I want to do is season mylovely meat but before we do that let’sgo ahead and trim off some of this fatokay you see the fat cap that we havehereyou don’t need to trim it all off but wedo want to trim some off I’ve sharpenedmy knife and the only thing that I’mgonna do is I’m just gonna go in justlike so and get some of it off once Ican get a nice hold on to it I’ll takethe unwanted fat off and we’ll leavesomeone leaving some on will assure thatyour meat will stay nice and tenderbecause a lot of this meat during thecooking process will render off and whatrendering means is it’ll kind of meltdown into meat into the meat to keep itnice and juicyokay so just cut off a little bit youdon’t need to cut it all off keep inmind that some of this fat will melt allright I’m gonna try my best not to getto the meat part just like so I’m gonnashow you how I trim the whole thing nowthe bottom in the sides does not havefat so you don’t have to worry aboutthat there’s only one side with this fatcap just like so pretty simpleI’m telling you all one thing everythingthe Gina Young doesn’tkitchen you better believe you can do aswell and you’re just gonna turn outexactly like mine’s would absolutely allrightcorned beef is not hard to make and likeI said earlier if you have the time youwill have a beautiful meal to make youknow like maybe for a special occasionmaybe for the weekend or the holiday orjust because you know it’s your day offand you want something nice and heartythat’s gonna stick to your bones allright this is that meal for you now thisis because I’m putting the cabbage in itI’m not making corned beef and cabbageokay I’m just putting some cabbage in itI make corned beef and cabbage a littledifferent okay and one day I’ll actuallyshow you all how I make my fresh cornedbeef and cabbage you all do have a videoof mine where I make the canned cornedbeef and cabbage and it’s absolutely outof sight you better believe it is I lovemaking the canned corned beef as wellokay so you can see I have a nice amountI’m just gonna trim a little bit moreoff leaving some on beautiful that rightthere that will do the trick I’m gonnadiscard this I want to wash my hands andI’ll be right back everyone let’s talkabout a few things so when you’re makingthe corned beef brisket I highly suggestthat you use one of these here this is aDutch oven but clearly you can see thatmy Dutch oven is too small to make thisokay like we could cut it up and do thatbut it just wouldn’t work out okay so ifyou don’t have a big enough one just usea pan that can safely go in your ovennow this recipe does not have to becooked in the oven you can cook it ontop of the stove as well so instead ofme using my Dutch oven today I’m gonnause my handy dandy wok that’s gonna fiteverything perfectly in here okay sothat’s definitely if you have one ofthese use this first but if not funny anicethat you can put in your oven if youwanted to cook yours in the oven now allof those spices I have mixed them alltogether just like so we’re gonna go inand we’re gonna season this meat andwe’re going to let the seasoning soakinto this beautiful corned beef brisketfor around about 20 minutes actuallyokay so let’s go ahead and seasonedheavily not too much seasoning don’t getcrazy with it but on the other hand donot be afraid to season those of youthat are afraid to season listen hereyour food will have no flavor don’t bethat person these spices smellabsolutely amazing my goodness mooo youbetter make yourself hmm you better makeyou some all right so we’re just gonnaturn this over that’s just my ovenbeeping letting me know that my oven isnice and preheated to 375 degrees that’sthe temperature we’re gonna use to cookthis amazing piece of meat right herelook at thisget the sides I’ll let that sit for ahalf an hour before 20 minutes to a halfan hour before we start to cook it allright just like that remember I’m usinga nice amount because this is a nicepiece of meat you want to make surewhere it has flavordon’t make flavorless don’t makeflavorless corned beef guys don’t do itdon’t do it all right so now that wehave that nice and seasoned I’m gonnawash my hands I’m going to come back andshow you how to make the broth thatwe’re gonna put our meat in let’s havesome fun so the first thing we want todo is get your veggies chopped up now ifyou can look back here behind me youwill see that I have some veggies thenI’m gonna wait to put into our cornedbeef and our broth that’s going to go inand bigger pieces it’s gonna go intowards the end of the cooking processso I can still stay intact now as far asthese veggies right here we’re gonnachop these up it doesn’t matter how youchop them you want big pieces littlepieces medium however is just fine we’regonna chop theseand these are gonna cook so long they’regonna just disintegrate down into flavorland okay so don’t worry about thesedon’t worry about how you chop them upokay these ones we want to chop up niceand pretty and big pieces because like Isaid towards the end of the cookingprocess I’ll show you what we’re gonnado with those now let’s go ahead andtake some of this onion just like so andsave some of this all right make sureyou wash off all your veggies you wantto wash off the pesticides and you neverknow whose handle your veggies beforeyou’ve purchased them so always takethat step to wash your veggies off sowe’re gonna give this angry onion a nicecut in hopes that it doesn’t make me cryyou all that are familiar with me youknow me and onions really don’t getalong all right let me get the onionpieces off all right we’re just gonna goin and give it a nice rough chop like Isaid don’t worry about how you chop themthese are gonna disintegrate we’re gonnacook them so long the other ones aregonna stay intact they’re gonna havesome nice bite to them put it in yourpan here just like so all right we’regonna chop up some of these bell peppersthis is all flavor that we’re putting inhere flavor on top of flavor on top offlavor on top of flavormy goodness there it goes my eyes arewateringof course my eyes are watering you allbetter familiar with me you know thatI’m really not a fan of carrots butsometimes even if I don’t like it I andI feel like and I know that a recipeneeds something I’m gonna put it inthere you know this recipe definitelyneeds carrots it needs that flavor andjust because I don’t care for carrotsI’m not gonna be selfish and not putthem in there because my family andfriends and loved ones would love tohave the carrots in there so we’re gonnaput them in there okaythat’s simpleall right we’re going to go in and cutup some of the celery I’m just doing arough chop just like so keep your digitsin you don’t want to chop any digits offjust like so all right beautiful I’mgoing to grab a different knife and I’mgonna give this garlic a nice chop butbefore that let’s go ahead and put someof our beautiful rosemary Rosemary’sgonna give an amazing fragrance and agreat taste to go along with this cornedbeef rosemary is definite with thisrecipe get you some in there let’s sayand you don’t need a lot because alittle bit goes a long way trust me thatright there it’s gonna do the trickbelieve me so now I’m not even gonnagrab a different knife we’re just gonnago in and slice some of this garlic justlike so in this manner cuz this is gonnacook so long it’s just gonna get niceand soft beautiful all right I got somepeel on there did I want to take offamazingget that in there get that in there nowthat pickling spice that comes with yourpacket you need this throw it on inthere get it all out of that packet it’sbeautiful this right heregive it a try y’all never had thisbefore give it a try it’s beautiful it’sgonna give these great great flavor withthis recipe and you only need one packetall rightso then we’re gonna put our chickenbroth in you want to use beef broth youwant to use vegetable broth that’s fineokay just like so and I’m gonna see ifwe’re gonna use two whole boxes this isa 48 ounce of chicken broth it’s okay touse the low-sodium absolutely it is butthe key is to cover the meat you wantyour meat submerged in your water yourliquid your broth whatever you’re goingto use because that helps to tenderizeand keep this corned beefand tender just like so keep in mindthat a lot of your water your liquidwill definitely evaporate during thecooking process look at that like it’sbeautiful and it smells so good I wishyou over here to smell this goodness allright so then as far as our wine we’renot gonna put our wine in just yetthat’ll be towards the end of thecooking process but I am gonna grab aspoon and we’re gonna put a teaspoon youcan put a teaspoon to a tablespoon ofyour chicken Boyan base it’s amazingeveryone now let’s go ahead I decided toput a tablespoon of it in just becauseit’s so good and I cannot resist theamount of chicken Boyan base that I putin because it’s so so so tasty mygoodness just give it a nice stir justlike this and I’m just stirring all ofthe spices and flavors around kind ofbreaking up that chicken Boyan but youreally don’t have to worry about itbecause during the cooking process trustme it’ll melt all right and get thatrest off just like so and here’s whatwe’re going to do you’re going to takethis beautiful piece of meat right hereand we’re gonna put it in look and youcan see how the spices had time to kindof soak in see how they’re not dryanymore they’ve really soaked into thisbeautiful protein I’m gonna take a fatcap side up and put that on the top youalways put the fat cap on the top okayso it can render down into the meat justput it in there nice and gently justlike so and what I’m gonna do I’m gonnawash my hands I’m gonna come back andwe’re gonna start to chop up our veggiesthat are go in to our corned beef whenthe corned beef is almost cooked I’ll beright back come on we’re gonna get thisin the oven but we want to cover this uptight I do haveif it goes with us which that lid is aglass and I don’t want to put that lidin so you take your handy-dandyyou all have aluminum foil we’re gonnaput it on here nice and tight okayreally take your time to roll that foilaround the rim so no steam escapes okaybecause that’s how it would be in yourDutch oven that lid would be nice andtight so we’re gonna make the foil dothe same thing and actually I’m gonnagrab looks like I want to grab one morepiece just to come across this way I’mgonna do just that and I’ll be rightback when I’ve used that third piece offoil just to make this nice and securein tight come on this way let’s put thisin the oven in the oven we go 375degrees middle rack not the bottom rackand not the top rack and you can seeright here that I’ve put my top rack onthe floor because I’m not going to useit all right375 degrees let’s start chopping ourbeautiful veggies all right so now weare here make sure you wash your veggiesdon’t forget all rightI’m gonna chop the ends off just like soin this manner and I’m gonna go insomewhat of an angle just like this Iwant those huge pieces like that in withmy corned beef put as much veggies asyou like or honestly as little bit asyou would like these veggies are gonnacook probably the last half an hour ofthat corned beef cooking all right justlike so I’m just going in and okaz itmakes everything nice and beautiful I’mgonna be honest with you guys you cancut it how you want okay this is justhow Gina young likes to do it I don’tsuggest putting two too manycarrots and with your recipe becausecarrots will tend to make things alittle bit sweeter and we’re not wedon’t want this to be sweet okay I thinkthat might be all I use with the carrotsquick handsokay so now let’s chop up our celery aswell nice big chunks just like so andnow I am NOT a fan of stooped potatoeslet’s talk about the potatoes there’s alot of people that like to put potatoesin you know like with their roast beefand corned beef and stuff like that I’mnot a fan of it so what we’re gonna dowe are gonna use potatoes but we’regonna make them on the side I want toshare with you all how my grandma usedto make boiled potatoes they areabsolutely amazing and they go perfectright alongside of these of this cornedbeef all right I love when I make thesespecific potatoes these potatoes and I’mgoing to share with you all how I maketoday is probably my favorite potato tomake absolutely because it’s a childhoodmemory of mine and that’s how I like mypotatoes and it’s really simple and onceyou find out how to make these potatoesyou’re never turned back to otherpotatoes alright so you can see we haveour celery done let’s get it in herenice big pieces and even though theseare big they don’t take any longer thanyou know let’s just say 20 minutes 20-30minutes it doesn’t take too long I’mgonna chop that one down a little bitall right I’m gonna cut some onion inhopes that I don’t go crying becauseit’s just horriblethese onions they fight against me andyou know they plot against me and thenI’m rubbing my eyes for the next half anhour all right let’s see we’re trying toget my eyes to stop watering let’s justsay thatall right let’s do away with this andand same thing same thing with the onionwe’re gonna chop up big pieces all rightjust like so in this manner got a nicebig piece of that right there will dothe trickyou better believe it will cut this onedown just a little bit if you wanted toput maybe two or three cloves in herecloves gives amazing flavor with yourcorned beef all right here’s this righthere here in a second I’ll be right backlet’s go ahead and chop up the rest ofour veggies so I have the other half forthe bell pepper we’re just gonna give ita rough chop just like so all of this isflavor you hear meif you wanted to use a different bellpepper each bell pepper gives adifferent flavor then by all means youcan okay now I’ve taken off some of theouter leaves of the cabbage and I’vewashed my cabbagenow here’s what we’re going to do wewant to chop this cabbage just like so Ineed to use a little bit of elbow greasecome on Ginayou got some strength girl all right andwe’re going to cut our cabbage just likeso we’re gonna keep it intact becausethat’s how it’s gonna go in and cookwith our corned beef just like this it’spretty interesting right absolutely it’sinteresting I just let you know andhonestly if you wanted to chop it adifferent way then you can okay but Ilike to leave mines chop them big piecesand if it falls apart it’s okay – allright you can go in and do thisif you like or you can keep it like thisalright I’m gonna cut the half of thisone as well because I like a lot ofcabbage and mines alright those will goin towards the end of the process aswell with the other veggies let’s chopthis one up I could not be more excitedI am so excited for this recipe I cannotwait to dive in to this amazing cornedbeefwe love corned beef here at the Young’shouse we cannot get enough of itespecially when I make corned beef hashhash have you all ever seen my video forhow I make corned beef and hash you allnever seen it before check it out it’samazing it’s a lot of fun it reallyquick and simple to make alright so I’mgonna use less than 1/2 on this onebecause I feel like I don’t need toomuch that right there is gonna do thetrickbeautiful we can set all of thesebeautiful veggies aside and now whatwe’re gonna doyes we are going to start to chop up ourpotatoes our potatoes so we can makeboiled potatoes alright I’ve washed mypotatoes off and now we’re gonna startto peel them I know I knowI know you all get on me every singletime I don’t use a peeler I don’t wantto use a tiller guys I don’t want to usea pillar I’m not a fan of a vegetablepeeler so I’ll use my knife well Ginahow come you can’t use a paring knifewell just cuz I want to guys like heyjust like so and then I’m gonna show youhow I like to cut these potatoes for theboiled potatoes everyone now that wehave our potatoes nice and peeledhere’s what we’re gonna do this is how Ilike to cut my potatoes for boiledpotatoes just like so in half and thenthis way pretty simple right that’sbecause it is simple alright and we’regonna rinse these potatoes off we’regonna rinse them off because we want torinse off all of that unwanted starchwe’re gonna rinse these potatoes untilthe water turns nice and clear when youfirst put your potatoes in the water ofcourse it’s gonna be nice and cloudyrinse all that cloudiness off and yourwater will become nice and clear youwant to use cold water when you’reboiling your potatoes of course alwaysstart off with cold water at leastthat’s how I do I never start mypotatoes with hot or warm water alrightthese potatoes are so easy to make youcan cook them with the lid or withoutthe lid it’s up to you up to yourdiscretion alright I’m gonna make a lotof these because these are my favoriteI’m gonna go in for like 5 of thesepotatoes absolutely I am with a nicehunk of that beef let’s get started onour potatoes I’ve rinsed our potatoesuntil the water turned nice and clearget all that starch off okay so here’swhat they look like we’re gonna put theminto our cold water any time you makepotatoes or noodles you always want tosalt your water so we’re gonna salt thiswater we’re gonna put a nice amount innot too much we’re gonna stick with thepink Himalayan salt theme ok so we’regonna use that to salt or water and turnthis on a medium-high heat and we’regonna cook them until they’re nice andfork and tender fork tenderand what fork-tender is is where you goin with your fork and you put your forkdown in that potato if you put it downin the slides right back out in thatpotato slides down the fork easily yourpotatoes or Forks in are they’reperfectly done but if you take that forkand you push it in that bad boy you’rehaving a hard time the potato doesn’tslide off the fork you want to keepcooking them for a little bit longer allright so let’s go in with some saltdon’t be afraid to season guys those areyou afraid to season your food will beflavorless all right you can cover theseor you can leave them uncovered I’mgonna leave mines uncover medium-highheat is the way to go let’s talk abouthow long are we gonna cook our cornedbeef well it all depends on the sizethat you purchase okay so you want tostart looking at it at two hours andthat’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna openit up after two hours I’m gonna go inwith my fork and see just how tender itis and take a look at it all right butthe size that I got I don’t remember thesize and I think I’ll have to go backand see if I can find the size on mypackage I’m gonna plan to cook it foraround about three hours but at that twohour mark we’re gonna go in open thatbad boy up and see how tender it is ifit needs to cook a little bit longerthen we’ll cover it up let it cook alittle bit longer but that last half anhour like I said earlier we’re gonna goin with these beautiful fresh veggieswe’re not gonna cook them so long towear these ones turn into mush the onesthat are already in there they’re gonnamush they’re gonna turn into flavor landand that’s what you want now as far asour potatoes this is how we’re going toseason our potatoes once we pour thewater off after they’re done cookingwe’re gonna put pepper we’re gonna putgarlic powder parsley for flavor somebutter and some salt that’s all you needfor these potatoes these potatoes areoutrageous take a look at our potatoesour potatoes are fork tender and let meshow you what that looks likesee that just perfect okayperfect it should slide off slide offlike you’re supposed to don’t make aliar out of me the potatoes are donealright here’s what we’re gonna do let’sgo ahead and season these bad boys upI’ve turned my heat down to lowI’ve poured up all of the water allright things like that just happenedwhen you’re recording you know all rightso let’s put some garlic powder we’renot gonna stir them around because if westir up around right now what’s gonnahappen is your potatoes are so tenderthey’re gonna fall apart and we’re notmaking mashed potatoes okay we’re makingboiled potatoes okay so get you somegarlic powder on there just like so inthis manner don’t be afraid to seizethem get you some black pepper on therejust like so these are my favorite ohthese are my favorite I’m so excitedsome parsley all right nice and nowthat’s gonna make it nice and beautifuljust like so we’re gonna put some saltin okay I’m gonna put the salt in myhand that way I can put it onto thepotatoes like I want just like thisdistribute that salt nice and evenly youcan use any kind of salt that you wouldlike to use just don’t be afraid toseason all right just like so now we’regonna grab some of this lovely butterget you some one there now what do youdo since we’re not gonna stir it we’rejust gonna put some nice dollops on andthen we’re gonna put a lid on thiseveryone I’ll let that butter just meltdown into those potatoes melt over topof these potatoes and you have some ofthe most amazing potatoes you want tohave right alongside with your cornedbeef all right that’s a lot of butterGina you put as much butter as you wantto put in yours okay all right there wego now watch this put the lid on justlet that butter melt potatoes aren’tdone and out the way and by the way myhouse smells so good from upstairs todownstairs if you come to that frontdoor you’re gonna smell the beautifulfragrance of that corned beef that’scookingwe’re gonna let it cook we still havesome while to go here shortly I’ll becoming back and we’re going to check onthe beef and then we’ll add our veggieseveryone let’s take a peek down in thesebeautiful potatoes look at this oh lookat this beautiful miss these particularwhat I can’t I can’t I just I have totaste it right now these are my favoriteoh my goodness these are like the bestpotatoes my goodness take a bite take abite oh they’re hot but I don’t care mmmso it looks like let me wipe my mouthguys it looks like we have a snowstormcome out this way I’m going to show youall come on guys let’s take a peek outhere let’s see I think I’m gonna openthe door a little bit so we can see lookat that so the color already doesn’thave school on Friday so he’ll be offFriday Saturday and Sunday in he doesn’thave school on Monday but from the looksof what’s going on right now he mightnot have school tomorrow eitherthis right here it looks like we’re in asnow storm can you all see that let meknow in the comment section if you cansee all of this snow that’s coming downwhat are we gonna do guys no everywherebut I’m prepared we’ve got a snow blowerwe got the salt to put on the porch sowe don’t go slipping and sliding beready for that weather guys it’s comingokay everyone principle all those herethey are here in the kitchen with methey are enjoying the smell soaking upall of his beautiful goodness they lovecoming in the kitchen with me when I’mcookingsay hi principal oh all of you acts on adaily basiswhere’s Prince and polo we miss Princeand polo so anytime Ia chance I bring them right in thekitchen with me here they are it’s alittle snack boo-boo there you go andhere’s your snack sweetie piegood boy there you go look at themthey’re so sweetlook look sweetie here sweetie pie suchgood boy sit good babies hey everyoneI’m gonna wash my hands up really goodand then we’re gonna take a peek in atour beautiful corn beef the corned beefhas been cooking for two hours it’s timeto go in and check it we’re gonna use afork we’re gonna check it and hopefullyit’s nice and tender if it’s not tenderthen what we’re gonna do yes we’re goingto throw it back in the oven for aroundabout maybe another hour we’re not gonnaput the veggies in until that meat isfully nice and tender let’s make our wayover this way check on the meat okay I’mso excited I’m gonna be very carefulwhen I open this cuz this bad boy righthere it’s gonna have so much Steve okayoh yeah and I tell you what it smellsabsolutely amazing you see that steamwhoo-whee you better make yourselfyou’ll never have this before honeylisten here but I’ll let that steamrelease for a few more minutes and I’llbe right back let’s take a peek allright I’m gonna fan away some of thissteam just like so now what I’m lookingfor is a nice fork tender this shit ohlook at that my knife goes in there withabsolutely and see how easy it came outthis it just feels juicy my goodness nowit’s time to put these lovely veggies inlet’s go I’m high now guys I am soexcitedyes can’t wait for this like my mouthI’m drooling right now not literally butman I’m so excited these beautifulveggies just get them in there itdoesn’t matter where you put themthey’re gonna get cooked and they’reonly gonna take around aboutan hour for all of the veggies okay justlike so beautiful we’ll just put them inhere just like this I’m gonna go in withsome of that beautiful butternut squashyou better believe itwhoo it’s gonna give an amazing flavornow some of this broth I do need to takeout the reason why is because as I addthe veggies what’s gonna happen is thatbroth is gonna come up and we don’t wantit to overflow into the oven okay so I’mgonna pour some of that out and I’ll beright backlet’s give this broth a taste I want totaste it and see where my seasoning isthat if I feel like it any time thatthis needs a little bit more seasoningyou better believe I’m gonna put somemore seasoning in there okay and what Ihave in mind is that Meggie poyoall right that chicken boyand powder orthe chicken Boyan better than anythinglet’s see they don’t need anything manthat tastes so good now watch this getyou some cabbage in there it does nothave to be submerged because once againwe are going to cover this andeverything’s gonna get nice and cookedall right just like so get your cabbagein there I cannot wait guys like I neverbeen this excited before haha who isjust a figure of speech but I am veryexcited about this look at this put yousome cabbage in there if you like a lotthrow it in there like I am whoo youbetter make you something you bettermake you some Jeanie on style oh justthrow that extra right there I’m gonnaput this in there we’re gonna cover thisback up throw it in the oven for aroundabout 35 minutesI’m gonna check what I’m gonna do cuzI’m gonna check one of those big carrotsand once once the big carrot is donethat means all the other veggies areperfectlyyou don’t want them to cook down thesmush I know I’ve said that severaltimes but I totally mean that don’t makeyour veggies mushy we already have someveggies that have really cooked down andhas let off flavor those ones are mushyand they kind of disintegrate it theseones you want them to still have somebite cover them up once again but threepieces of foil or a nice tight lid throwthem back in the oven and I’ll be backone this took three hours to cook thisis gonna be nice and tender I cannotwait to slice down into this so you allcan see it okay so here’s what we haveyou can see that there’s lots of steamand our veggies are perfectly cookedthey’re not mushy they’re still gonnahave some nice bite to them and they’regonna remain nice and vibrant because wedidn’t overcook them now right here takeone more peek down into these potatoeshere’s what we need to do I do want tolet my meat rest with any meat that youcook you want to let your meat rest letit rest for a while so when you slicedown into it all of those beautifuljuices that you work so hard for doesn’tcome running out onto your platter solet’s take our meat out okay just likeso and we’re gonna put our meat right onto let’s see let’s put it on to ourcutting board because we’re gonna needto cut that but what I do want to do isI’m gonna grab some foil we’re gonnatint this and we’re gonna let it sit fora half an hour let me grab my money soless tenth of me so it can’t rest andall of the juices can kind ofredistribute back into the protein itdoesn’t come running out when you sliceit just set that aside just like so andnow what we’re gonna do we’re going toarrange our beautiful veggies onto anice platter and then we’re going toarrange our corned beef on the platteras well let’s take some of these look atthis look at this this is like sobeautiful st. Patrick’s Day is aroundthe corner and you all have asked me yousaid Gina can you please show us how youmake your corned beef here it is righthere enjoy I amglad that I was able to make this recipefor you because so many of you asked mefor this recipe I had so much fun makingthis recipe and truly I cannot wait todive into this look at this and look howbeautiful my goodness wait is healthyit’s gonna be so delectable it’s a it’sa hearty stick to your bone meal look atthisstick stick to your ribs you’ve got allthese lovely veggies that has justcooked and this beautifully seasonedbroth now there’s one thing that Iforgot to show you all I did go in and Iput two capfuls of the white wine inright before I put this back in the ovenwith the veggies okay so don’t forgetthe wine the wine really makes adifference gives an amazing taste so I’mjust gonna align my beautiful veggieslook at this like I’m ready I’m ready togo ham in on this cabbage look at thisoh let’s get some of these beautifulveggies at the bottom look at that thoseof you that love carrots this is thedish for you make it for your family andfriends and all of your loved ones theywill love you for this and don’t forgetthat butternut squash it’s really gonnagive you an amazing flavor okay now whatwe’re going to do we’re going to takesome of our lovely potatoes put some onthe plate as welllook at this they are beautiful oh ohyou better believe they’re beautifulwhat I want to do is I want to put thosepotatoes right here and we’re gonna putthe meat right there in the middle mymouth is wateringwhoo-whee we’re eating good tonight atthe Young’s house oh my goodnessit is Wednesday perfect meal for aWednesday perfect meal for any nightdoesn’t have to be a fancy day to makethis can this be made in the crock-potyou better believe it can and it’s gonnaturn out exactly like this one here in afew minutes we’re gonna continue to letour corned beef rest under the tent whenI come back we’re gonna slice down intoit we’re gonna plate it I’m gonna giveyou all that first good one let’s cutdown into our beef watch this you wantto cut against the grain if the grain isgoing one way you cut the other way sothat it slices up right otherwise if youcut with the grain it’ll just shred upand we’re not looking for shredded beefokay I’m not looking for shredded cornedbeef guys I had to take a couple ofswallows right now because my mouth issalivating look how beautiful this beefis whoo-whee let’s see let me put itthis way so y’all can get a really goodlook down into the beef cut it thin cutit thick how do you like it make thisfor st. Patrick’s Dayso many of you are looking for a greatrecipe this is the recipe and I’m gonnabe honest with you guys it does takesome time to cook but like I saidearlier it’s well worth the wait look atthis look how gorgeous look can you seetell me you don’t see the juice tell meyou can’t see the beautiful juiciness ofthis amazing corned beef brisket I can’twait I can’t wait I can’t wait everybodytake a look at this here take a look atthis corned beefnow this part right here I’m going toput right back into our liquid becausewe’re not gonna eat this what we’regonna eat right now is the part that Isliced so this part put it back intothat liquid so it stays nice and juicyif you all enjoyed this video today giveme a thumbs up and if you haven’tsubscribed make sure you subscribe makesure you click on their notificationbell so you can be notified every timeGina gyung uploads one of these awesomerecipes tell your family and friends andeverybody you know tell the whole worldabout Gina young and what I’m doing inthis kitchen on a daily basis let’s saya quick prayer a quick prayer so you allcan get that first biteHeavenly Father heavenly father LordJesus we thank you for today and forevery day Lord we thank you for yourlove time your mercy and yourunderstanding please forgive us for oursins come into our hearts we make youour Lord and Savior send your angelsdown to surround us day at night in yourHoly Spirit to help us make thedecisions give us peace of our mind inthe name of Jesus devil you have noauthority over this family in Jesus namedevil we bind you in the name of JesusHeavenly Father we thank you for theroof over our head the food that I lovethe peace and the joy that you bring usevery day Lord we thank you for thatamen let’s dive in now but first what wewant to do is go ahead my hands areimpeccably clean let’s put thatbeautiful meat right here just like soso we can enjoy corned beefGina Young’s Dale you all never had thisbefore babylisten here you better make yourself youbetter make yourself look take a look Ohguys you are in for a treat when youtaste this my goodness you con themmm-hmm make you want to smack somebodyafter you taste this we’re gonna taketwo nice pieces look at that look howjuicy Oh mommy mommybitch oh man give me some of thatbutternut squash oh I know some of youwant the carrots so I’m gonna taste thecarrots for you all all right let’s divein thank you once again Jesus for thisbeautiful meal first I’m gonna give youall a bite of these amazing potatoes andthen we’re going for that meat I knowthat meat is I’m so hot right now Idon’t want to burn the daylights out ofmy mouth mmm look at that mmm actuallymmm not being a fan of carrots thatcarrot is so good it’s so good it isflavored so well look at that cabbageperfectly done never a mushy mmmbutternut squash some bell peppers andonions so good dad going that squaremm-hmmnow we’re gonna go in for this amazingbeef look at this mm-hmm take a biteright there corned beef Ginny on stylewe’re gonna have a little bit of potatoto go with that corned beef mmmthis right here definitely a winner forsure I’m gonna go in for a little bitmore of that cabbage mmm and as alwaysgod bless you all thank you all forwatching good night man that’s good

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  1. AWESOME PRAYER. I eat everything that’s on that plate, I’m a veggie guy. I know something about corn beef, if you don’t cook it right it will be tough, whether you bake it or smoke it. It does take some time. It look YUMMY. One question, was that flat cut or point? Thanks and GOD BLESS!!!

  2. My goodness that is one beautiful meal dear Gina The snow so pretty , here 70 one town 78 Excellent , food you have prepared

  3. Omg my mom just called me earlier asking me to make her corned beef. And here you go, Mrs. Gina, making a video!!! You are anointed by God!! I’m so thankful for you sharing your recipes. Don’t ever go anywhere!!

  4. Beautiful job, Gina! That corned beef looks so tender! I don’t usually think of any sort of brisket as tender, but it sure looks both tender and delicious! Thank you for your show!

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