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Smoked Brisket

This was our first attempt at brisket and it turned out amazing! The recipe is easy to follow, the ingredients are below.
For this recipe I used an 18-pound USDA Prime Brisket. We cooked this on a Z Grills Pellet Smoker and it worked amazing.

1/3 Cup of course salt
1/3 Cup of Ground Black Pepper
1/3 Cup of Cow Cover by Kosmos Q (or your favorite seasoning)
4 Cups of Beef Broth
1 – 15 to 18 LB Whole Brisket

I trimmed this brisket free of any fat on the top side. You want to do this by not gouging the meat, this could cause the meat to cook uneven. Being my first brisket, I was very careful not to over trim the meat.

For the fat side I wanted to keep ¼ to ½ inch of fat as a protection layer from the heat, we cooked this brisket fat side down.

After trimming we used an injection tool (syringe) to add the broth to the meat. We did this in one-inch increments throughput the brisket.

Once we completed the injection process thoroughly, I poured the remainder of the broth over the brisket. We wrapped it and placed in the refrigerator for 5 hours.

I pulled this brisket out an hour prior to rubbing with our seasoning.

After an hour we rubbed the brisket with the dry ingredients above, covering completely. We had our smoker set at 225 and once the optimal temperature was reached, we placed the brisket on the smoker fat side down. We inserted a probe in the largest section of meat.

Once the internal temperature reached 165 degrees; we pulled the brisket off the smoker. We then wrapped it in butcher paper placed
it back on the smoker and inserted the probe back into the brisket.

When the internal temperature hit 202 degrees, we pulled the brisket off, placed it in an aluminum pan, covered it in towels and topped it with foil for 4 hours to rest.

After the 4-5-hour rest we uncovered the brisket and sliced it up against the grain of the meat.


For being our first attempt at brisket it was amazing! Give it a try and always remember make it you own and make it fun!

Get you some!

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