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Juicy Beef Steak | Easy Steak Recipe

#jamhuriashomemadefoodusa How_to_make_juicy_steak
Beef, one lemon, steak seasoning rosemary leaves and soy sauce. Marinade the beef with all these ingredients for an hour or two hours keep in the refrigerate. Follow the easy_recipe on the video. Then heat the grill and cook the steak. This is a very #easy_recipej for making #juicy_delicious_steak. You could cook this steak using a frying pan on the stove too:)

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Video Transcription

hello everyone today I’m going to showyou how to make juicy steak[Music][Music]the ingredients for this recipe are beeflemon juice rosemary leaf soy sauce andsteak seasoning any kind you like to usefirst I’m gonna rinse the beef and letit sit on the drainer then I’m gonna putall the spices on it first I’m gonna putabout one tablespoon of lemon juicelemon juice makes the sake very juicyand then I’m gonna add about 1/2tablespoon of soy sauce on top of thatjust rub it all over the state then I’mgonna sprinkle my seasoningafter that I’m gonna sprinkle theirrosemary leaves and then do the samething on the other side of the steak[Music]you the same thing first lemon juicethen soy sauce on top of that sprinklethe steak seasoning and then Rose myrelief[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]put the lid on and marinate it for anhour in the refrigerator when you grillmake sure the grill is nice and hot andthen I’m gonna grill it for about 10minutes each side I like my steakwell-donebut if you want me the every year youcould cook it for five to six minutesminutes each sidenow we flip the steaks and cook theother side for another eight to tenminutes[Music]I’m gonna serve the steak with a littlebit brown rice so I put a little bitbrown rice on the bottom of the platethen I put the steak on top of that asmall piece of batter goes on top offthe steak I’m gonna garnish my platewith two slice of lime[Music][Music]for a little bit steak sauce on top ofitthis steak is ready I hope you enjoythis video and try to make it at homethank you for watching[Music]you

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  1. Steak is our favorite! Very delicious and healthy recipe. Thanks for sharing.🤗🤗🤗

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