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Make Great Beef Jerky #5 Most important part

Adding a layer of sauce to the jerky:
-Mix with a couple tablespoons of brown and white sugar.
-Apply a thin layer to each piece of jerky

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Video Transcription

all right YouTube so the meats been inthere for an hour – you can see it’sstarting to dry just a hair and it’s notall drippy and wet from the brine likeit was earlier and this I would say it’sprobably the most important step thatkind of separates good jerky from greatjerky and take your sauce whatever sauceyou like barbecue sauce and what we’regonna do is kind of apply this to themeat while it’s in the smoker and put alittle sugar in there a little brownsugar picking up this sauce I don’treally want to make it too super sugaryand then I’ll go through kind of applythis to the meat I like to get like athin layer on it all you don’t want itto be too thick just want a thin layeron the meat and I would say to do thisthree times or so over the course of the12 to 24 hours that you’re smoking itand what kind of does is a it reducesdown but it kind of soaks into the meattooand I would say this is the single bestthing you can do for adding that nicesugary sweet spicy flavor to your jerkyis right here it’s just kind of paintingthis on a nice thorough coating withoutjust pouring it on to every piece ofyour jerkyso I’ll end the video here and I’m gonnahead paint the rest of this up and thenI stick it back in the smoker for acouple hours

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