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Skills-Test Challenge: The Top 4 chefs were told for the first time in MasterChef Canada history, the finale will consist of three chefs and only one chef would be eliminated tonight. The chefs were told that the first challenge featured three skill-testing rounds and that the winner would be given an advantage in the elimination challenge. Each of judge demonstrates a skill, such as a mirepoix of aromatics uniformly diced by Claudio, Alvin unveiling how to break down a coconut, and Michael laying out a trussed trio of chicken, roast beef, and trout. The chefs had to replicate all three judges’ demo displays to move on to the next part of the challenge. Christopher finished the first skill-test first, followed by Thea and Andy, who move onto the next round. In the next round, Christopher maintained his lead and finisheed first, followed by Andy, leaving the two of them in the final skill-test challenge. In the final round, in addition to trussing all three proteins, the two chefs had to also gut and stuff their trout within ten minutes. Neither chef finished his trout on time, but unlike the previous rounds, technique was key and Andy won the skill-test challenge.

Elimination Test 4: In the elimination challenge, the chefs had 75 minutes to demonstrate their culinary range by showcasing one of four ordinary ingredients: onions, carrots, cabbages, and beets, in a three-course meal. Andy, the winner of the skill-test challenge, got to decide each of the chefs’ feature ingredient. He chose carrots for himself, onions for Thea, and cabbages for Andrew, leaving Christopher with beets. Andy was up first and was praised for his presentation skills, receiving good feedback on his dishes, aside from the carrots getting lost in the sauce for his duck dish, leaving Andy successful. Thea was up next, and presentation-wise, her dishes also looked delightful. Although her charred onions required a touch more seasoning, Michael felt that her strip loin, sauce soubise, and sautéed onions were all spot on. Alvin praised her perfectly executed French onion soup and dumplings, but Claudio was less impressed by the lack of creativity in her onion ring-wrapped onion and apple slaw. Christopher was third, and unlike Thea and Andy, his final product was significantly less well-composed than his usual offerings. Fortunately for Christopher, after Michael digs into his duck, he determined that it tasted much better than it looked. The cook was on point and the beet shined through in every bite. Alvin said his beet au gratin looked beautiful and that he was impressed by the technique on display. Claudio marveled at the ambitiousness of the beet sorbet. However, despite being generally pleased with the overall flavour profile, he was confused by the concept and he was not fond of the texture of the charred corn. Andrew was the last chef to present his meal. Michael also seemed excited to taste Andrew’s creations, but after he sampled his cabbage rolls, he looked a little let down. He complimented the cook but said he was expecting more boldness from his seasoning and aromatics. Claudio cut into his cabbage pakoras and unlike Michael’s response to the cabbage rolls, Claudio was blown away by both the flavour and the texture he’s developed. Alvin was less enthused about the presentation of his choucroute garnie, mentioning it looked too rustic and that the dish should have been more elevated. Alvin went on to tell Andrew that he didn’t mind his use of canned luncheon meat, but it overpowered the cabbage sauerkraut, which was also undercooked and under-seasoned. In the end, Andy, Thea, and Christopher earned the three spots in the finale, and Andrew was sent home.


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MasterChef Canada Show Summary

MasterChef Canada is a Canadian competitive cooking reality show, part of the MasterChef franchise, open to amateur home cooks. It premiered on CTV on January 20, 2014, and has aired its sixth season. The show stars three judges: Claudio Aprile, Michael Bonacini and Alvin Leung. The show is produced by Endemol Shine International and Proper Television.

MasterChef Canada airs Tuesday nights on CTV and the Cooking Channel in the United States.The current season airs starting in September of each year in the U.S. It airs also in Sweden, Italy and Spain.

On August 8, 2018, CTV renewed MasterChef Canada for another season, announcing that audition casting for the all new sixth season was greenlit. Filming began in October 2018 and concluded in January 2019. Season 6 premiered on CTV on April 8, 2019, and ended on June 10.

The series was renewed for a seventh season, which is a Back to Win season. It aired its premiere on February 14, 2021.

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