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Ok guys on today’s video we are smoking some beef ribs from Walmart on the Pit Boss Platinum Lockhart. They are super tender, moist juicy and smoke to perfection with the classic wood blend flavor from pit boss. Check the video recipe out to see how we smoked these beautiful beef ribs. Please consider subscribing for more awesome content and dont forget to share and like this video. Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your support!!!

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Video Transcription

what’s up guys welcome back to anotherepisode of smoking jazz barbeque todaywe could be cooking some beautiful beefribs on this bad boy right herethe pitfalls platinum lock yes sir ohman I can’t wait for the taste thoseguys these beautiful pieces gonna be sogood it’s gonna be juicy gonna be tenderit’s gonna be packed with flavor andmost of all it’s gonna be smoked toperfection yes sir so guys we got somebeautiful ribs that we got from Walmartbeef rib rack small man I got threepacks of those that was less than 12bucks for each pack and man some of themare not as me guys but some of them areso we’re just gonna smoke them toperfection that’s what we’re gonna do ohI’m excited for the pieces so just lookaround let me show you how to do this[Music]all right there there’s guys we got ourbeef was ready to go to whether it betrim that you can see got a nice littlechunk of fat that we’re gonna trim offwe’re gonna leave the membrane that youon the back of my ribs or because wewant to make sure these are gonna beintact by the time we finish cooking upwe’re gonna break these fibers down andthat’s what gonna do it nice and slow onthat pit false Lockhart and I can’t waitto taste some of these beautiful Reds atthe end all right there those guys we’vegot some beautiful beautiful herbs thatI trimmed up to the best of my abilityI’m not a butcher factory so if you seepieces that I’m missing please don’tkill me so I trimmed off all the excessheart fat that came to this particularnice big chunk of all of that right herewhat you can do with these fat righthere guys you can definitely use thatfor some burgers I’m just gonna discardit because I have no use for him andwhat I did I try to square them up asmuch as I could just to make sure theycook evenly and I took off any excesspieces that might burn off so now it’stime for the seasoning partner alrightguys so time to season our beautifulbeef ribs up I’m gonna use this as apound of grapeseed oil this is orderless and tasteless this is gonna be abeautiful enhancer and it’s gonna helpour rub stick to our ribs and I’m todayI’m using the Montreal steak seasoningalways and additional flavors going tobe competition smoked gas this is somebeautiful beautiful blend right herebeautiful flavors right there goes[Music][Music]ok ladies and gentlemen could just gonnapress the problem as you can see we justgot the power and we’re just gonna openour lidyes sir and which is gonna wait for thesmoke to come on through alright guyswhile we’re waiting for the Holy Smoketo come through today’s what flavor isgonna be the classic blend which ispecan hickory and mesquite all man it’sgonna be so good on these beef ribs allright guys we’ve got a nice little boywho’s moving through right now so let’sgo[Music]pull the lid and that of rock’n’rollguys okay guys we’ve been running about215 or 220 at this point as you can seewe are at 219 now to back to 218 and wehad hit our target temperatures butlet’s take a look at our beautiful beefribs oh manso we’re gonna place these beautifulribs and here[Music]okay guys so let’s add – step by steppassing what we did so far we took upbeef ribs and straight out of thepackaging we rinsed them off in our sinkjust to make sure we get off any excessdebris that was on the packaging itselfso to make sure we don’t contaminate ourbodies whatsoever then we took our beefribs and we trimmed all that hard fatthat was on there and just to make surethat we got a nice smooth silky thatthat it can render down because thatheart rate is not gonna run them downwhatsoever no matter what you do with itit’s not going to be good eatswhatsoever so that we seasoned with alittle bit of McCormick stay seasoningand that pit ball smoke competition andfor just the bond yourself we just usesome grapeseed oil as simple as thatguys we’re gonna treat these ribs justlike a brisket we’re gonna cook them toa perfect color that we’re looking forthat brown mahogany color then we’regonna take it man wrap them and givethem a little bit more extra gloss onPark a piece is a little bit just alittle bit more and then we’re gonnacook it to perfection we’re gonna makesure they are nice and tender moistjuicy[Music][Music][Music]and then it’s coming along fine aboutnot as dark as the other ones but comeon justice from God and let it keepgoing and check back in a little bitthey’re gonna put our beautiful ribs andthat you ever see I took the one thatwas right here from the smoke cabinetdown here and they’re looking justpretty look at that guy’s oh man you seethat nice mahogany brown color guysthat’s a big color that we are afterso now it’s time to take these beautifulribs off and then we’re just gonna wrapentirely oh man[Music]alright guys now that we got the ribswrapped up nice and tightly so that waywe avoid any type of steam going on andwe don’t lose that work we’re gonna moveour temperatures up from 225 to to SanEva and we’re gonna keep it right thereand we’re gonna let this cook foranother good hour – yes so we cantenderize these beautiful ribs oh man Ican’t wait guys alright now it’s time tocheck for tenderness the antennas hasbeen hot a good hour and I don’t know ifyou can hear that guysthere are bubbling away guys so let’stake a look at some of these beautifulribs all right so let’s check that becareful you always open the pouch upbecause you can see the same the steamis coming right through oh man a littlebit stings[Music]I’m gonna take my trusty poll and see ohyeah just like guys oh yeah this is themost stressful part of the entire videowhich is what we gotta let the beautifulreally the rest for about a good hour soI just gotta made my oven just sittingthere chilling relaxing and let all thejuices run back to it over to the placethat is it this is the most stressfulhardest part of being patient for thesebeautiful ways to get done but staytuned it’s coming right upalright guys time for the big revealtake a look at this beautiful beef ribsthat we got from Walmart oh manso let’s slice it right down the centerand you can see this is ready to go lookat that jiggle oh yeah oh man come onguys this is what I’m talking aboutyou see the moisture guys you see thesmoke brain oh man this is how you’redoing beef ribs on the pit boss playa dela Carque yes sir we got some beautifulribs from Walmart smoked to perfectioneupbs with some beautiful flavors thatMcCormick’s macho steak season alonewith the pit-bosssmoke competition you can’t beat thatguys take a look at that wow manso it’s time for the best part of theentire rig would you want to tastetesting so what about further ado let’sget to eating oh man a big win all dayfor this mmm Wowlet’s just a 2-pack with flavordefinitely definitely work for everybodyoh man oh man that’s another bike ohyeah yeah that’s some beautifuldelicious words Wowsimple infused smoke flavor we use theclassic blend the Hickory at the time ohman let me ski is definitely shiny tooguys throw my hand of it it’s notoverpowering it’s definitely just theright hand smoke smoke to perfectionbeautiful flavors oh man there’s noother easy way to do this guy’s we didthe total time of this from start tofinish was less than I say five hours Imean that’s including the rest in townbuilt for is down on the bit ballsplaying them knock car you can’t beatthat guy so homieI gotta go back for another bite theirbite wow what good night guys Wowcleaning up the bone Wow one fight Ican’t I got just getting so good mmmsorry pitmasters blue bitch manguys they be like barb unit anger andthis is your channel right here makesure you subscribe to this channel ifyou haven’t subscribed yet share thisvideo with all your family and friendsand on to next week guys I’m gonnadevour those wow this is morphine jazzybarking peace[Music][Music]

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