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Smoked Beef Ribs On A Pit Boss Pellet Smoker

In today’s video we are talking smoked beef ribs on the Pit Boss Pellet Smoker, specifically on the Pit Boss Austin XL. If you’ve never smoked beef ribs, you are TRULY missing out! They are juicy, tender, and succulent when you do them properly! The Pit Boss Pellet Smoker does an amazing job cooking these beef ribs, and I opted to do them hot and fast! I stuck to a very basic beefy rub, Tailgater BBQ Party Rub, and we rocked these beefers at 300ºF until they probed like buttah! If you liked this video, please considering liking, and subscribing. It really helps my channel! If you have questions, or feedback, drop me a comment below!

The Prep:
-I trimmed the hard fat on top as best I could, the goal here is to expose the meat, and NOT ruin the integrity of the top of the ribs. I also left the membrane on for this cook.

-After trimming the fat, I used a binder of worchestire sauce to the bottom of the ribs, and seasoned with my go to beef rub.
-After the bottom was seasoned, I flipped them over, and repeated the process to the top. Worchestire sauce binder, and then a heavy does of rub.

The Cook:
-After letting the ribs sweat while I got the Pit Boss fired up to 300º, I transferred the beef ribs to the Austin XL using a wire rack this just makes transporting and rotation easy.
-I checked the ribs every hour to see how the color was, and that the bark was setting. I spritzed once the rub was set, and if they were looking dry. I just spritzed with water.
-Once I had the color, and the bark where I wanted it, I took an internal temperature reading, and the beef ribs were at 180º.
-At this point, I wrapped them in my Pit Boss butcher paper, and stuck my MEATER+ thermometer in them, and set an alarm with the app on my phone for 203º.
-Once the MEATER+ app on my phone notified me the ribs were at 203º, I double checked the internal temperature with my Thermoworks MK4. My main focus here was checking for tenderness. I was looking for the ribs to probe like warm butter.
-I then brought the beef ribs in the house, and let them rest for a half hour on the counter. After a half hour I wrapped them in aluminum foil, and let them rest for another hour.
-I then sliced the beef rubs up, and ate. They were delicious, as were the chopped beef rib tacos I had the next day!

The stuff I used:

-Tailgaters BBQ Party Rub-use code ASHKICKIN, and save 10%:

-The knife-use code: ASHKICKINBBQ15, and save 15%:

-Bear Mountain Gourmet Blend Pellets:

-Cooking Rack:

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