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Smoked Corned Beef Brisket | BBQ Cabbage | Pit Boss Pellet | KC Combo

Lets learn HOW TO do a 12 Hr Smoked Corned Beef. BBQ Cabbage with Potatoes and Carrots.
Its a Saint Patty’s Day Special from my pit to yours.
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Video Transcription

[Music]all right everybody my name is Tommyfrom the gallery backyard barbecuinglet’s go along that one day year we allturn green for st. Patrick’s Day welltoday at the gallery backyard barbecuethat day has comewe’re gonna take a corned beef the samequality that you would get in your localsupermarket it’s the flat it’s fourpounds we’re gonna smoke it at 250 wealso got some untraditional cabbagewe’re gonna barbecue it stay tuned forthat along with some potatoes and carrotit’s a happy st. Patrick’s Day barbecuefrom my pit onto your pit this is gonnabe good all right you listen before weget started let me remind you to pleasehit that subscribe button ring thatbells you get all my future uploadrights you get all the notifications formy future uploads right so again hitthat subscribe button that Bell thumbsup comment down below it’s veryimportant to the channel right so listenwe got a store purchased grocery storepurchased corned beef right you want towash it you want to get that solutionoff it for this clip then you can seasonit any way you likebe careful of your salt because theytend to uhon the assault inside right I got somepickling spice a little salt some blackpepper some garlic powder some long andyou know the deal is no big deal youjust want to make sure rough – what washit and Pat it down right wash it Pat itdown get your rub on and and that’s thatright and then just uh just kind of letit sit while you attend it to be a grillwe are going to smoke this bad boy outof 250 and we are gonna take it up andthrough to store we will wrap it andtake it right up into the 200 range weare looking at about 11 to 12 the powercook no big deal easy peasy a lot of funand the flavor is just out of this worldall right of course we got a three-hourcouple of juice sprintsI’m just checking underneath I have alittle bottom there and just making surethat we are staying on Burton she iscooking nice and easily she is cookingmighty fine right she’s cooking good youalways want to inspect you want to makesure your rub is setting up nice rightyou don’t want it to come off from yourfinger so you want to make sureeverything is looking good with the meatmake sure there’s no hot spots right ofcourse we’re at the four hour marknow that’s it were to doing anotherspritz but at this time we were gonnacheck the temperature right we’re gonnacheck the temperature we want to take itup into the stall right which is usuallya 160-170 range you’ll pretty much knowyou’re in a stall because thetemperature won’t move for about a dayor two right[Music]and as you could see we are only in thef-150 so right now what we’re going todo is close it up let it run and let’sgo to our rub BBQ cabbage now listendon’t take this side dish lightly thisis really really good stuff you want toaccord your cabbage right be careful youdon’t want to pierce the of bottom rightso you want to go about three quartersin get those outer leaves off and justkind of keep coring it right again justbe careful your rug get it started youcan use a spoon to just get some of thatflush out right just get some of thatcabbage out and basically what you wantto do here after you get it nice andcored a nice and circled like thatwithout piercing at the bottom you wantto get yourself a fork and just kind ofthe pokes in the holes let it kind ofright up the bottom just kind of loosenit up right and you want to save thoseouter shells and I’ll show you why andthey uh in about 15-20 seconds now youwant to flip it over opposite of thecore get a nice a flat piece of off so Ican stand up again just make sure youdon’t pierce at the bottom get yourfavorite ebq sauce I’m using sweet babyRay’s and fill it up about a half wayright this is really good stuff I’mgoing with someonesome honey also then I got a littlegarlic spice in there right you coulduse any spice or a no spice you couldput a little butter you could putanything in there that you feel tastesgood right next up you want to do is getyour rod your outer shells flip themupside down so they fit in there nicelyand we got our have potatoes and carrotsno need to show you that it’s basicstuff I’m gonna get all this and tinmake a little a center a spot for mystar of the show oh yeah barbecuecabbage and I’ll stick down the centerthere right I’m gonna cover this with atin foil nice and tightly right for thatI’m gonna put a little seasoning inthere again and be careful of your salta little salt we gotta love black pepperwe’ve got a little garlic powder andagain as some pickling a spice that isyour classic st. patties at the de Spiceclassic corned beef a slice right thereyou goand now we’ll head back to the cornedbeef and we’ll get a tab check to seewhere we’re at and we should be prettyclose to the stall I would guess andyeah we’re in this stall and from therewhat you want to do is have someparchment not parchment paper somebutcher papers and peg butcher paperready I used two sheets because we’regonna wrap up this puppy right what I’mgonna do is just take a little of youknow maybe a quarter cup of some onebeef stock right I’ll put some the beefstock I don’t think it really adds theflavor what it does do is it kind ofsteams to me inside the paper right getsthat gets that temperature go right sowe’ll uh wrap that up nice and tight I’mgonna do two sheetsand we’ll get that back on the growright and also what we want to do now iswe want to temperature probe it rightbecause we want to take it right up toapproximately 200 degrees and that’llget us to butter right or it probes likebutter we put that probe in and it justmoves freely right we’re at the eleventhhour mark we know we’re close so what wewant to do here is we want to get ourpotatoes cabbage carrots in we knowthat’s gonna take about an hour rightright so one hour out we are just aclose to the 12 hour mark and we arelooking good we are right about theircourse and we’ll also bump via grill upbeer the smoker up the gap it up willbump it up to three three and a quarterjust to get us over that last kick rightget us into that 200 mark and uh as youcould see no resistance on that we aregolden we are ready to rock and roll[Music]now listen we’re gonna get that wrappedin a towel we’ll get that in the ovenand we’ll put it in there to rest aboutan hour or two on a full packer brisketyou know you arrested for maybe threefour hours if you have the time on thisflat on this corned beef an hour to tworight and now settle all your juicesright it’ll still be nice and toastynice and warm when you pull it in let’suh let’s get our starter show that uhthat barbecue cabbage this stuff is offthe hook this stuff is really reallygood even if you decide to oil your rawcorned beef this year this st. Patty’sDay I would suggest sticking this in theUH in the oven or on the grill this isreally really good stuff big head alwaysbeenyou still got that classic a cabbagetaste that you got that a sweetness ofthat baby cue sauce of that funny enoughthis is a certified hit and I carrot ateit[Music]we can do better than the same-oldsame-old right out of here every yearand this a sermon will do that everybodywill love it[Music]and if you do decide to do this a12-hour cook with your grocery storebought corned beef you will love it youwill definitely love it it is betterthan the boiling even though the boilingis quick this is a little bit more workbut well worth it this stuff will meltin your mouth this is a good stuff trustme and of course I’m just looking atdata bottom to make sure there’s no burnmark for that mater I did on thepit-boss I’ll have more on that nextvideo and you could see this sucker justslices like I mean it’s just noresistance at all look at the juices onthe bottom this is bonafide good stuffnow that fat layer up there but you’lljust trim that down right like you wouldany corned beef but look at how moistthis is trust me when I tell you this ismoney you will love this[Music][Applause][Music]I mean look at the juice on the bottomso we’re gonna close out this video Iwant to thank my subscribers forchecking in please leave a thumbs up andcomment down below if you’re new hereplease consider subscribing to mychannel and ringing that Bell so you getall my future uploads alright listen I’mgonna stick a link here for anotherpit-boss cook and another link righthere you check those out and I’ll seeyou soon

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