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Smoked Pumpkin soup, bbq beef ribs and fan questions – THE SHACK REPORT EPISODE 8

We’re back! Unbelievably our marriage has survived eight episodes of the weekly roundup which is the chaos of the week here at Jack’s Meat Shack. Join us as we talk about:

-“Pudding Time”, this week’s Sizzling Saturdays Hijinks

-Beef Ribs

-The mess Jack made whilst making Pumpkin soup

-Questions from our dear followers

-Food News where we discuss the weird and wonderful news stories related to food

-And we briefly share our excitement for Goat-Tober

Now remember, we’re also a Podcast so if you just don’t have the time to spend watching our ugly mugs on You Tube you can always listen to us on the way to work! Catch us at:

Original of the video here

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