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Steak and chimichurri burger | How to make chimichurri sauce recipe | Open fire cooking | Homemade

Steak and chimichurri burger. Fresh parsley, garlic, and coriander mixed with olive oil, dried oregano, chilli flakes for a little kick, and a dash of red wine vinegar make up this perfect companion sauce for flame-grilled beef RIB-EYE steaks. Sandwiched between a freshly baked bread roll. Delicious!

∙ 1 Kg Beef ribeye steaks
∙ Salt and pepper

Bread roll:
∙ 3 cups white bread flour
∙ 1 cup lukewarm milk
∙ 10 grams instant dry yeast
∙ 2 tablespoons sugar
∙ 4 tablespoons butter
∙ 1 teaspoon salt

∙ 1 head of garlic(about 12 cloves)
∙ 1½ cup Fresh parsley
∙ 1½ cup Fresh coriander
∙ 1½ cup Olive oil
∙ 1 cup red wine vinegar
∙ 1 tablespoon dried chilli flakes
∙ 2 tablespoons dried oregano
∙ Salt and pepper to taste


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