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TacHeauxZee Style Korean BBQ Beef

Yummy 😋

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

good morning Falco’s well good afternoonnow so I apologize for not doing myKorean beef yesterday but I startedwatching the show hunters on HBO and Ionly left the couch to peepeeso I do apologize that was really rudeand I thought about y’all gonna becooking but hmm that was a good show soanywho I am making it for you now I’mgonna show you the ingredients like Ialways do so here is the chopped onionswith butterI’ve got minced garlic ground cardamomground ginger garlic powder fenugreekcurry powder tumeric in Lebanese sumacalso I’m going to add beef stock in theKorean barbecue so I’ve got string beansinstead of broccoli I know yesterday Isaid broccoli however I actually doprefer string beans with this recipethey’re really really really good whenyou mix them with the onions so I wasexcited that harris-teeter actually hadthe green beans to-day and then ofcourse the meat which I still have toclean but I’ve got some mixed mincedgarlic and butter in the pan already I’mgonna heat that up and then I’m going toclean the meat and then I will come backfor you so guys now that the butter ismelting I’ve got about a teaspoon ofminced garlic in there with it I amgoing to add the greenI’m going to add my butter and then I’mgoing to season it up and add onionsalright guys so I season to tastealright I don’t know how much this isbut this is fenugreek which I love lovelove I love the smell of fenugreek itsmells so super easy sweetie is I lovefenugreek so yep that’s how much of thatup it on there fenugreek is very verygood for breast health ladies so if youwant to try some natural remedies forbreast health and for milk productionfor the green tends to help with that aswell if you are nursing I’m gonna throwa little garlic powder in here samething I know I have minced garlic butyes I already so John you’ve alreadyseen in my videos I’d like the lots ofseasoning also notice that I never everhad at it so I don’t cook with salt Imean some of my recipes of course it’slike it’s Cajun or something like thatit’s going to have salt in it becausesome of there’s gonna be salt in some ofthe seasonings like the Cajun seasoningbut I’m not adding salt at all to thisand this is the part of our yep this isthe cardamom that I just add it in aCroma fell in there and then I’m tryingto do this with one hand because I stilldon’t have any executive producers I’mgonna go ahead and finish the season andi’ma show you what it look like okayalright so I’m showing you the Lebanesesumac this is one of the ingredientsthat I picked up at the Mediterraneanbelly Leila’s in Virginia Beach it wassuper random and I picked it up and Idecided to try itSumairais a dried berry so it has a verydistinct flavor but I really reallyreally like it and then I use the currylast just because they’re so aromaticI love the smell of curry and I put lessginger in here that I did anything elsethat ginger can be overpowering but thisis how I make my green beans yes supersavory now I’m throwing the onions inthere I’m gonna start say it and thenI’ll add the meat okay guys so I justuse my beef in the panand now I’m as the most evening cuzwe’ve got three flavors ooh mmmall right so here my beef is seasonedI’m just gonna stir it up moving to dothis with one hand hey my executiveproducers the Maurya will be back withme later today so tomorrow’s video willbe better I think tomorrow I’m gonna dosome spaghetti I saw a picture of somespaghetti online is they actually have arecipe but it looks so so good so I’mgoing to make it the way I think that itwas prepared based upon the picture soyeah I think we’ll do that tomorrow aslong as my little executive producerwants to eat spaghetti spaghetti now Iam going to addso now I’m going to add the Koreanbarbecue sauce yes it took me a minuteso to get it to openusually I add more than that Kajal seeI’m excessive with all my seasonings andwhatnot but I’m also going to add somebeef stock to it and that’s mine toojust add a little more flavorsmell this professionally all right I’mgonna let this cook that Sammy says I Iballed it or I smell it once the wholehouse smells like this smelly but oncethe whole house smells really reallyreally really good and your belly startsgrowling that’s when you know it’s readyand it’s time for it to come out the panalright y’all I know I have the stovetop1-7 so I’m gonna put the top on the panand kind of let it cook and we’ll seewhat happened Samir hey guys lookiewho’s the weight Richard Parker[Music]get a good shot of him Richard where areyou trying to go mm-hmm he escaped fromto think about a month ago and we can’tfind him for like two weeks and you seehe’s peeling he’s supposed to peel likeall one giant shed um one of his lightswere outso he’ll continue this shedding but yeahhe’s getting bighe’s almost two years old now baby Amyyou um that’s not why I startedrecording again so it is neat thoughI’ve got some garlic bread in the ovenI’m gonna show you the finished productin just a secondall right guys here is the finishedproduct and I’ve got my garlic bread Ipoured it over some quinoa I like it tobe really juicy because it’s kind ofsweetit’s definitely savory but it’s a littlebit sweet too because of the fin ofGreek and of course that Korean barbecuesauce so it’s super good when you wouldzip your garlic bread into the Jews heyI’m Richard Parker again I know you guysare like why is she so in the snakebecause I love himhi Ritchie Manny who he’s gonna eattomorrow he starts getting restless likethis it means that he’s hungry so bytomorrow he’ll be kind of moving aroundin front of thinking really like beingaggressive all right thank you all fortuning in I am up here the update on therice water I’m still not gonna do myhair until tomorrow so I’m gonnait’s it for another day oh and I forgotto tell you guys the reason why I addedthe orange peel don’t look at my nailsI’ve been biting them like way down tothe white meat just because I’m kind ofbored so yeah but anyway um the reasonwhy I added the orange peel is becausethe ferments a raised stinks its banksso yeah the orange peel will keep itfrom smelling so bad and then later oncea day I am going to do another face maskso I’ll show you what it looks like whenI add the lemons to it that’s why I havethe limits over there all right luckilyout later

18 Replies to “TacHeauxZee Style Korean BBQ Beef

  1. Your nailed this cook Mike! Tender, juicy, great color and smoke ring! I know that taste was spot on as well!

  2. You must have got your stimulus check to afforded that. $75 for a three pound rack. It sure did look great and bet it tasted great. Just checked and they’re sold out.

  3. Geez that slice you tried really did look perfect! What do you look for when deciding to wrap or not? You posted this just on time for a nice lesson we picked up beef ribs this morning and I’ve only done them twice but thinking of heavy basting and not wrapping.

  4. I guess I have to thank and blame you for my new hobby. I watched your unboxing of the vertical smoker and now own two pit boss pellet smokers….with more to come. Thank you for the videos!

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