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The Kitchen S29E05 Watch Free Online

The Kitchen S29E05 Available after release date 25.09.2021

The Kitchen S29E05 Description

The Kitchen hosts recreate the best local dishes from football tailgates across America. Geoffrey Zakarian kicks things off with his Upstate-Style Roast Beef Sandwich, and Alex Guarnaschelli toasts her co-hosts with her Apple Hot Toddy. Katie Lee Biegel recalls her college waitressing days with her Cincinnati-Style Chili, and Sunny Anderson makes Grilled Corn with Cajun Trinity Butter. Jeff Mauro scores the final touchdown with his Giant Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Buckeyes.

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The Kitchen Show Summary

The Kitchen is an American cooking-themed talk show that airs on Food Network. The series is presented by Food Network chefs Sunny Anderson (Cooking for Real) and Jeff Mauro (Sandwich King) as well as chef Katie Lee, Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian and Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli. The series premiered on January 4, 2014.

The Kitchen FAQ

Does the kitchen have a real audience?

There were five rows of chairs, about six seats across, so the audience for each taping is minimal. The chairs are fairly close together, and there isn’t really optimal viewing from every seat, so you may find yourself watching the large tv screen in the room more than you’re watching the actual people.

Where do the hosts of the kitchen live?

Where does Sunny Anderson live? According to Food Network, the 45-year-old lives in Sunset Park, Brooklyn outside of Manhattan. Back in 2013, she showed off her stunning home kitchen there to Food Network Magazine.

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