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Adult Cooking Class | Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken

Ms. Michelle is a regular cooking facilitator at the Center. She loves our families so much she is going to teach us cooking skills from her home kitchen! We’re all facing the task of cooking and preparing dinner more now than ever! This delicious dinner uses staples you probably have in your pantry and refrigerator. Learn how to make homemade BBQ sauce and use your slow cooker to make dinner prep easy! No worries, if you don’t have a crock pot, this dish can be prepared conventionally as well.

You will need:
4 Chicken Breasts, thighs, drumsticks, whatever you can get your hands on
1 c. hot brewed coffee
1 c. ketchup
2 TBSP Worcestershire Sauce
2 TBSP White, Red or Apple Cider Vinegar
2 TBSP Maple Syrup
1 TBSP melted butter

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Video Transcription

hi everybody my name is Michelle CarnesI run a business called Michelle’shealthy cooking and I generally teachclasses to kids on how to eat healthierhow to cook healthier how to make abalanced plate but every now and again Ido some adult classes and I’m reallyexcited to be with you today to have alittle bit of adult time and give youguys an idea how to make a healthierversion of barbecue chicken I know thatall of us are now struggling to figureout how we’re gonna put more dinners onthe table since we are stuck in ourhouses and I know chicken is a lot ofpeople’s go-to staple and after a whileit gets pretty tough to figure out howam I gonna do is this chicken now whatam I gonna do with this chicken again itgets pretty boring barbeque chicken issomething that we all enjoygenerally it’s something that we thinkof is having in the summer done out onthe grill which is awesome but youactually can do this any time of theyear right in your crock pot which Ihave slow cooker back here so not onlyis this going to be something you mightnot think of doing all the time butyou’re going to be able to use yourcrock-pot so you can put it in andforget about it it’s gonna take youabout five minutes ten minutes max maybefifteen if you’re having to skin thechicken which we’ll talk about and inthe crock-pot it goes and then you’redone until dinnertime so what’s gonnamake this a little bit healthier iswe’re gonna make our own homemadeversion of barbecue sauce and that’swhere a lot of barbecue chicken runsinto its problem is that you buy some ofthese barbecue sauces in the store andthey’re loaded with sugar and or theyhave high fructose corn syrup which isprobably one of the top two or threeingredients you should be avoiding inyour foods that you’re buying highfructose corn syrup is highly processedit’s not a natural ingredient really itdoes come from corn but it is chemicallychanged to make the high-fructose cornsyrup and the corn that they’regenerally making the corn syrup frombecause sometimes not always the bestquality so I’m always looking for eitherorganic or non-gmo corn sources to get areally good healthy ingredient when I’mcooking so barbecue sauce is one ofthose things it’s really easy to makeand that’s where we’re gonna start soour sauce is ready for us when we’reready to go so I have my bowl andthere’s not really that many ingredientsin this barbecue sauce and this ispretty cool because this barbecue sauceis almost like a red-eye gravy riff it’sgoing to start with coffee so I’ve gotone cup here of strawberry coffeeI’m just scant of a cup I have a littlemore coffee I might pour a little morein um I use decaf because that’s what Idrink but you can use regular coffeethat’s totally fine any coffee you haveon hand the coffee should be at leastwarm it can be your leftover pot sittinghere that’s great the only reason we saythat is because when you make the sauceand then it’s going to go into the crockpot if it’s starting warm it just won’ttake as long to get it all cookingtogether only reason why so in goes mineone cup of coffee alright the next thingwe’re going to use is ketchupnow ketchup is another one of thoseingredients that can be loaded withsugar high fructose corn syrup lots ofthings so I know right now it’s prettytough to always get what you’re lookingfor at the store sometimes have to takewhat you can get so if all you have isjust the regular oldHeinz ketchup by all means please use itif you get a chance to find one likethis is Hunt’s it is non-gmo whichit’s not genetically modifiedingredients in here and it has nofructose no high fructose corn syrup itjust does use regular sugar buteverything in here is non-gmo it’s verylittle in here there’s no no ingredientsthat would be more or less questionableorganic ketchup is fine too thatgenerally will have no high fructosecorn syrup in it if you get organic sowhatever ketchup you have on handthat’s fine we’re gonna put in 1 cup ofketchup so it’s quite a bit but barbecuesauce steps generally the basis for mostbarbecue sauces is tomato tomato basedyeah ok you know I want to see if I canjust take the whole top off of here andhave it come out a bit quicker thatmight work better use it up carefullybecause you don’t want ketchup all overyou and all over your kitchen but as Isaid most barbecue sauces are tomatobase so you’ll have some sort of tomatoproduct a lot of times ketchup I make afew different types of barbecue saucessome spicy some not this is awesome withthe coffee it’s just a little bitdifferent in flavor and it’s this one’sa little sweeter but I do like thatyou’ll see why in a second all right soI’ve got my ketchup I’ve got 1 cup ofketchup and that’s going to go into mybowl I’m going to scoop it all out rightinto my coffee a lot of the times you’llfind barbecue sauces that actually haveto cook on the stove for a little whilewhich is still it doesn’t take much timebut this one doesn’t you need to do thatso that’s what makes this one eveneasier so it goes right into your crockpot no cookie necessary and you couldcertainly use this for a number ofdifferent things I feel like it’s almostlike a Carolina style as it does havesomein it it’s kind of more a little thinnerit’s not quite as thick but still reallydelicious okay we’re gonna put twotablespoons each of the next fewingredients and the first thing is goingto be wish the sheer sauce if you don’thave Worcestershire sauce and you havesoy sauce you could substitute that thisjust lends a really rich flavor towhatever you’re picking okay so twotablespoons of that very good after wasthe sheer sauce we’re gonna go with somevinegar you can use whatever vinegar youhave on hand I love apple cider vinegarand I use that kind of as my go-to butred wine vinegar would be great whitewine vinegar is fine while sine vinegarif that’s all you had you could use itbut if it’s one of the thicker sort ofjust finishing vinegars you might notwant that white distilled white vinegarif that’s all you’ve got no problem butapple cider vinegar is actually veryinexpensive at the store and this bigthing is like a dollar and I think it’sgreat for a bunch of different stuff andit gives it just enough tang but stillhas a the Apple willingness to it whichI really like in a lot of things I’vekind of gone from red wine vinegar to anapple cider vinegar person so this is myname’s day and I love the way it tasteslemon juice could also work if that’sall you have anything acidic that’s whatwe’re looking for here it’s the acidicpart to the sauce that the vinegar thevinegar please the last thing is thatwe’re going to put in here is maplesyrup you do not want to use pancakesyrup okay we want this to be pure maplesyrup if you don’t have maple syrup youcould substitute honey okay if you don’thave either of those a little bit ofbrown sugar preferable over using pinkzero pancake sarah has a lot of stuff init that you don’t want all right twotablespoons of my maple syrup it goesall right we have one last thing we needto put in theresorry about that people I’m gonna grabit out of my refrigeratorthat’s a tablespoon of melted butter andI’m going to grab a knifeI’m just going to melt this down on mystovetop you could do it in themicrowave either way all right I’ve gotmine I’m gonna switch burners here asmall burner this won’t take more than asecond to actually melt that butter downin the meantime I’m gonna whisk up allmy ingredientsokay and that’s all she wrote to thiswith the ketchup in there you haveenough salt but you don’t really need tosolve this especially at this point okayand you’re with the sheer sauce has alot of flavor components in it so it’svery well-seasoned I love who mebarbecue sauce much more thanstore-bought complete Congress and Istarted making my own barbecue saucemany many years ago so if you can getthe make the homemade all the betterall right let’s check this butterall right matter if it’s a little warmit would still be warm coming out ofyour mind you can pre melt it and let itcool down just lately either way this isactually my little barbecue sauce pot ohyou should make all my barbecue sauce inthis little pot so that’s why we have itand in that good the butter gives itthat little richness and Sheen that’s atiny little bit of fat to it we don’twant to add a lot because the chickensgonna add something back to our oursauce as well okay so now I can just setthis aside and get the chicken readybefore I get chicken ready I’m gonna rewash my hands because I’m going from onething to the other if I were not oncamera I would go to the sink andthoroughly wash and scrub but since Idon’t want to leave you for that amountof time I’m just going to give it asanitized just in case where we starttouching the chicken and then again whenI’m done touching the chicken obviouslywe don’t want to have raw meat on ourhands and then start touching otherstuff and especially now everybody’sreally in tune with washing hands andkeeping germ-free so it’s reallyimportant that especially when you’recooking that you do keep your handsclean at all times I mean I probablywash my hands at least 25 times alreadytoday so there you go all right Eddienow we’re gonna start with this chickenI have a plate and generally like to doall my work with meats chicken fishwhatever either on the in the packagingthat it comes with or on a plate I don’tgenerally use a cutting board because Idon’t want to get those germs onto mycutting boards if you have a dedicatedboard for me and you want to continue todo that that’s fine I recommend justusing a plate just makes a little easierso the recipe that you’re going toreceive calls for chicken breasts youcan use boneyou could use boneless however again intoday’s reality you can probably onlyget one package of chicken and it maynot be chicken breast it may be chickenthighs or chicken legsplease use whatever you have this willwork just as well with whatever meattoday I have chicken thighs and chickenlegs I recommend that you do useskinless because most of the fat is inthe skin and if you keep that skin onit’s going to make your barbecue saucevery fatty so we want to get as much outas possible now that does equal flavorbut your chicken is going to have enoughleft on it after you skinned it thatyou’ll still get plenty of flavor so I’mjust going to go through this realquickly with you the first thing I’mgoing to do is show you how to take theskin off like one chicken thigh here ifyou can see it still has its skin okayand this comes off very very easilyyou’re just gonna use your knife to helpyou generally one end is gonna be kindof already kind of cut cut up there soI’m just gonna take my finger kind ofslide it in there and get my knifehopefully my big knife is gonna worksmaller knife tends to maybe make it alittle bit easier there we gowhoops I can pull that combination I’mkind of just giving it little cuts andpulling it back but I definitely like toget as much of the skin and the fat offas possible before I start cooking allthe time whatever way I’m making chickensame thing only if I’m roasting a wholechicken and of course I leave the skinon you do not want to be skinned yourhorse chicken all right so I’m kind ofdoing a combination of cutting andpulling almost doneand you see how easy that just comes offto very cheesy all right couple morecups and I’m gonna have this completelydone I can just slice slice this throughhere on the edgethereit is sometimes if you get a paper towelwill hold the skin as you’re pulling itit makes it a little easier as well thisis my skin I don’t want I could leave itto the side my trash is right here soI’m going to throw that away so that itis gone thankfully I have a non chickenhand with my name now I’m just going tolook at my chicken thigh it’s prettyclean I’ve got if you can see but I’vegot one little area of fat here on theend which is pretty big so I’m justgonna cut that off it kind of goesaround to this side and then after thatI’m just gonna let it go there’s gonnabe little bits of fat throughout thispiece of chicken I see a little bit hereand now there’s a little bit here alittle bit here but that’s okay becauseit will give some flavor the bones alsogive lots of flavor but if you haveboneless that’s fine too but the boneswill impart a lot of good flavor intothe sauce and to the finished product soI’m just gonna pull out the rest of mychicken pieces here I’ve got a couplelegs legs are a little bit harder totake the skin off but again if you usethe paper towel and help you pull asyou’re cutting you get a better gripbecause they are very slippery you canwash and dry them before you start aswell so I thought what pieces of chickento thighs to legs this amount of saucecan generally and should have no problemaccommodating at least two pieces ofchicken so if you want to do more by allmeans please do I’ve got one chickenhand so I’m going to actuallyunfortunately use my sink because I donot want this hand to get on anything soI’m gonna run over and wash it offokay sorry about that but must becareful when we are using raw meat I’mjust going to dry off okay the onlything we need to do to our chickenbefore we put it into the crock pot andthat’s why I also love this kind ofrecipe because sometimes you do need tobrown your meat before you put it intothe crock pot not in this case not whenyou’re doing like a barbecue chicken bigthing we’re just going to take a littlebit of salt and season up our chickenpieces yeah I’m just gonna do the topsbecause that’s gonna give us a nice youwant to season the whole thing flip itand season it totally fine but as I saidyour barbecue sauce is gonna have plentyof flavor in it so I’m going to get mybowl and I’m just going to let’s see mytongs here and I’m going to use that toput my chicken right in the crock pot soin it goes very simple it just sits inthere alright next thing we do give thisanother stir and I’m going to pour allof my sauce it’s beautiful to see thatis going right in the crock pot going tomake sure the chicken is coated in thatcover in my crock pot so I have itwalked in and ready to gookay that’s on high it should cook for 4to 5 hours on high if you want to do iton lowyou’re gonna go 6 to 8 depending on yourcrock-pot at the end of that time youare going to have let’s see where I canchicken earlier totally cooked through Ipulled it out of the sauce okay it’sstill smoking hot I think chicken tacostonight which means I’m going to shredthis I’m going to show you that what I’mgonna do is I’m gonna take my sauce if Itook it out of my crock pot so I couldput the new one in I’m gonna strain itjust to get out some of the littlepieces of bone or anything that’sleftovermaybe a couple pieces of chicken stillstuck in there because it’s so tenderit’s falling off the bone this is afterI cooked it about 5 and 3/4 hour so 4and 3/4 hours so 4 hours and 45 minutesI’ll just rip throughthat would finish dripping throughthere’s a lot of chronic chicken inthere that’s holding that up but I’mgonna put this in here for a moment thisI’m gonna cook this down a little bitand try to reduce it and make it alittle bit richer I’m gonna put it rightinto my pot that I know that my butterthat off whatever butter residues inthere we’ll give it some good tasteso that’s filled basically to the top Ithink you can see that this is gonnamake enough sauce for us to have on theside for a while you can even save someof this and what I would do for thisnormally is I would put the sauce backinto the crock pot that’s hot and thendump the chicken into the sauce in thecrock pot I let it sit in there and justserve it from the crock pot but since Itook it out I’m gonna go this routeinstead if you prefer to have yourchicken just plain not shredded you canboil it off a little bit of sauce andgive it that crunchiness that you mightbe looking for so I’m just going to takeone of my thighs right here I’m going toput it on a tray I got my oven set tobroil I’m gonna grab a brush I’ve got mysilicone brush you might have one ofthese tight and then a minute you mighthave the regular like paint brush takewhatever you have works I’m just gonnatake some of this barbecue sauce and I’mgonna coat it just to give it a nicecoating this makes a lot of sauce you’lldefinitely be using this barbecue saucefor some other things no yeahfive or so minutes by the time we’redone shredding I think we’ll be good togo okay I like chicken let’s see if Ican do this so everybody can say I’mgonna shred it right on my plategenerally the way you do any kind ofshredding is the two forks okay and alsoI have some it’s falling off the boneI’ve got some bones here that just wantto come right off okayso this is one of my legs I’m just gonnatake my chicken and pull it apart withtwo forks hopefully you can see that andit makes just shreds of chicken I’mgonna come around and let you see howthat just made these shreds just byusing my two forks like this I can keepshredding it and making it as small as Iwant so let me come around and show youguys what we’ve got as far as that goessee if you can see this you see howthat’s like really shredded reallyshredded all right perfectI’m just going to continue with this whymy other piece is broiling that couldstill be shredded but that can also justbe eaten as like barbecue chicken youknow get rid of that bone all rightthere’s a piece that fell off of one ofthe thighs so what I got here is alldark meat dark meat tends to be thefattier part of the chicken if you havea little bit of skin or any little pieceof tough part of chicken just pull itright out as you’re shredding so I’veall dark meat because I didn’t have anybreasts so you’ll see that so it’s verymoist very delicious sometimes they darkneed the thighs and the legs can take alonger cooking the breast tends to dryout a little but when you cook it in thebarbecue sauce it tends to stay nice andmoist here we go with the thighbeautiful these were very meaty thighsvery needyif you like organic buy organic chickenif all you can gets regular that’s greatthis is a great sauce too if you want todo a pulled pork you get a pork loin nota tenderloin but the big pork loin youcan do that right in the crock pot withthe sauce same technique same sauce seeneverything you can add a little bit ofsautéed onions with the pork I thinkthat goes really well alright we’realmost there with this piece I’m gonnagive my I’m gonna put a little moresauce on my my chicken in here you cankeep basting it and let it cook for justa little it’s not really cooking thechicken it’s just going to be giving ita nice crunch on top okay back it goesalright now I’ve got my last piece ofchicken here which is my humongous Idon’t know if you guys can see how bigthis is pick it up that is one humongouschicken leg it’s got an awesome browncolor that coffee just gets into thechicken it is absolutely wonderfulbeautiful you wouldn’t even really needto wear this if you didn’t want to butit’s the chicken is so moist inside andyou’ll see that it’s just so moist andbeautifuland I mean honestly you saw how this iscooking in real time I don’t have youknow lots of different cameras andediting out parts I am cooking in realtime everything’s in the crock potcooking as soon as it comes out this iswhat you get you’re ready to eat I meanit is super fast okay boom and you go soI’ve got a nice this is at least enoughfor four I said I think we’re gonna dotacos tonight I’m gonna be making upsome tortillas on my own if you’reinterested in a recipe for some awesomehomemade tortillas shoot me an email letme know you can reach me through thecenter and I would be happy to sharethat with you a little piece of backthere we don’t want that everything’sshredded nicely alright now I’m gonnaneed to get this side over no one toldme alright let’s turn that barbecuesauce off alright so we’ve reheated thatup we’re gonna put it back into the bowlwe just want this to get nice and hotand reconstituted back to the bowl youcould boil it down if you wanted to makeit a lot thicker but this kind of stufftends to get a little bit thicker as itsits and we’re gonna put the chickenright into that and let it sit in thereand that nice hot sauce and it’s gonnabe ready to serve I got my chicken inand that’s it this was in the crock-potyou can keep it on warm keep it on lowyou don’t have to dump in that muchsauce I’m just gonna put that much saucein because that’s what I’ve got and if Iwant it to serve this I grab my servingsI use a little slotted spoon so I cancontrol some of that sauceand extra sauce on top there we have itbarbeque chicken let’s check our one inthere in the oven okay so here we haveour barbecue chicken from the oven itone of my quirks this is so tender Imean it’s falling off the bone too I’mgoing to put that on my plateI mean if you had your own plate at homeyou would fix this up really nice putwhatever you’re eating with it but youcan see how that chicken got just alittle bit browned on top with some ofthat sauce smoking hot let’s just seehow this tastesdying to get a piece of myreally good really good there you haveit barbecue chicken homemade in about10-15 minutes you’re good to go fordinner if you have any questions or youwould like any more recipes please letme know hopefully I’ll see you again ormaybe some of your kids at a class andeveryone please stay healthy and enjoyyour time in the kitchen thank you

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