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ASMOKE Recipe | How to Make Chicken Wings with 100% Pure Food-grade Applewood Cooking Pellets

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Video Transcription

there’s an art to making some killerchicken wings and on game day you’ll beloved for bringing the party this recipefor applewood smoked chicken wings isgreat for parties and get-togethersyou’ll need the following ingredients toget started let’s start by preheatingthe a smoke grill to 275 to 300 degreesFahrenheit next lightly coat the wingswith cooking oil and season it with porkrub this will help give us a dry surfacefor a nice crispy crust refrigerateuncovered for about an hour in themeantime let’s mix in some mustard appleseed vinegar brown sugar honey chilipowder salt pepper cayenne and somegranulated garlic into a small saucepanover medium to low heat this will giveit that flavorful golden mustard saucethat’s all the rave whisk for about 3 to5 minutes let it cool down the sauce canbe refrigerated for up to a week Grillfor about 45 minutes and spray water onthe grill every 10 to 15 minutes flipthe wings and repeat the process foranother 45 minutes or until the internaltemperature reaches a 175 degreesFahrenheit lightly dab the wings withabout a quarter cup of the goldenmustard sauceand let it sit for another 10 to 15minutes in the smokerit’s my must-have for gameday a smokewe put flavors first

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