BBQ Chicken Recipes

BBQ Chicken Breast Topped with Slaw! Ninja Foodi Grill-Ninja Foodi-Air Fryer

Delicious BBQ chicken Breast topped with coleslaw! Canyon say YUM! My brother said this was one of my best sandwiches! Can be made intake Ninja Foodi Grill, Ninja Foodi or any air fryer!

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Dry Rub in Progress

1 Tbsp. kosher salt
1-2 Tbsp fresh ground black pepper
1/4 cup paprika
1/2. Tbsp onion powder
1 Tbsp granulated garlic
2-3 Tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp ground coriander
1-2 Tbsp dark brown sugar
1/2-1 tsp cayenne pepper
It’s still a work in progress.
I like the rub to add another layer of flavor and with sweet baby rays being sweet I wanted a little spice-not to much but a bit of spice.

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Video Transcription

welcome everyone my name is Lisa andtoday on pressure Chris we’re going tobe making a chicken breastcoleslaw sandwich trust me you’re gonnalove it it’s gonna be a barbecuedchicken breast top with coleslaw all ona bun you’re gonna have to lean over toeat it and it’s spectacularso without further ado come on over andlet’s get started I have hungry peoplewaiting[Music]what I’m gonna do to start this we’regonna choose grill we’re not gonnachoose hi we’re gonna choose medium it’s450 degrees and we’re gonna hit startwe’re gonna let that preheat that takesa bit it gives us time to prepare thechicken breast I’m gonna show you realfast what you’re going to need I’m notmaking a lot of these you can make upthis you can fit up to three inside hereif you cut the tail off well it’s notreally a tail but we’re gonna call thata tail if you cut the tail off on thischicken breast you possibly could getfour chicken breasts in there you’regonna need some oil of some kind thesegive you a toccata oil I’m using ahomemade rub that I made for thischicken you’re gonna need barbecue sauceof your liking I’m using sweet babyRay’s today you’re also going to beneeding some brioche buns or a bun ofyour choicewe’re also going to be making some ofthese bacon-wrapped onions and I havecole slaw that I already made that’s inthe refrigerator once again use yourfavorite coleslaw recipe so let’s getright to the chicken we are actuallygonna cut we’re just gonna call it atail I’m gonna cut it like right theredon’t throw this out pop this in thefreezer and once you get enough of themyou can make it like a stir-fry or theseare actually big enough for skewers orjust toss it in there for a snack nowI’m gonna show you how we’re going tocut this in half you’re going to cleanthis up as best you canjust remove some of the fat put thatover thereand then this is I mean if we want tocook this is this would take foreverjust probably take a half out 45 minutesto cook this chicken bust and we don’twant to do that once again like I saidbefore I got to say so I got a stopsaying once again I have hungry peoplewaiting so we’re just gonna guess themate right down the center here and tryto cut this evenly in half it’ssometimes hard but you can do it therewe go so now we have two perfect sizedpieces of chicken for the buns so to getthese chicken breasts ready what I’mgonna do is take a little bit of thatoil and I’m just gonna spray lightlyjust like thatsome take some of that rub we’re gonnasprinkle it right on now I like to goheavy on the rubs that’s why I up tomake my own rubs at home because if Iadd too much of the purchased onesthere’s too much saltbeautiful I can flip that over now myhands then paprikawait for hands off take a bit more ofthat oiltake more of that rub and just put itright on that chickenbeautiful I like to go heavy on the rubI think it adds more flavor when you’recooking when winds of fruity grill isnot preheated yet so we have to wait forthat to preheat the ninja foodie ispreheated so we’re gonna open the topwhat I like to do I’m just gonna spraythis quick and a little oil I don’t wantit to stick and listen that’s what wewant to hear it’s going to put this oneoff to the side do you want to put insome of thesewell yeah like fit to go ahead and shutthe lid about seven minutes is going byjust look at these lovelies in here I’mgonna take that chicken and we’re gonnaflip it now I do want to do a quick tipon this excuse me I do want to do just aquick temp see we’re at or if the 135remove these onions around put one overthere you all have to get along herethey’re beautiful go ahead and close thelid there’s eight minutes left on thetimer so let’s raise the lidthey are looking beautiful the onionsare looking great we’re gonna do a quicktemp on this chicken oh yeah we are donedone so you’re a total cook time forthese chicken breasts we’re 14 minutesI’m gonna take some sweet baby Ray’s putthem on the chicken breasts put them onthese onion ringsthen we’re gonna brush it on and we’regonna get it everywhere as usual we’realmost at a sweet baby Ray’s now it willsmoke because of the sweetness from thesweet booty ray so do expect that it’snot a lot of smoke just a little bit letme just get this out of here there we gobrush this barbecue sauce all aroundhere whoops oh jeez yeah we are almostout of sweet baby Ray’s here[Music]like I said you’re gonna get a littlebit of smoke from the sweet baby Ray’sbut it’s so worth it we’re gonna goahead and close the lid give this likeanother minute between one to twominutes to cook and then we’re gonnapull it out I am going to pull theseonion ringswell not onion rings I’m gonna pullthese bacon-wrapped onions just put themover here to cool off I find it easierto use a spatula you can use tongs butthen sometimes you ruin the ring andwe’re gonna give this another minute soit’s been about two minutes we’re gonnatake those chicken breasts right out andI am taking my brioche bun I’m gonna doit fun side down and give them like 30seconds 40 seconds however long orhowever they crispy and brown that youwant your bun it’s been about 30-40seconds take spatulas the bun will bewarm just gonna take it out and flip itoverjust like that so this dinner can bemade in less than 20 minutes well thechicken and stuff Cole so you’ll have tomake ahead of time now it’s time toconstruct the sandwich we’re gonna takethat chicken breast just gonna place itright on the bun look at that perfectsize for that guy no I think so next upyou’re gonna take some of that lovelycoleslaw that you made now you can putit on as little or as much as you wantor for that matter serve it on the sidebut the coleslaw with the barbecue withthe chicken spectacular we’re gonna takea big scoop of that coleslaw so I wantyou guys to see this month to do itleft-handedthere we go and you’re gonna take a nicescoop of that this is for other peopleplease put gloves on well it’s an optiondumped herethere we go keep a paper towel aboutclose by so you can wipe your hands nowyou can serve it just like this this isa great sandwich on its own and trust meyou’re gonna need a plate or you’regonna have to lean over to eat thissandwich but it’s really really good ohyou can take those lovely onions and putthose on top I’m gonna opt to serve mylittle onions on the side I just wantedto make some of those for a friend sowhat we’re gonna do I’m just going togive it a little top hat here and you’rejust going to put that little hat onthere and to hold this sandwich togetherI always use a bamboo skewer just so itholds together when I put it on theserving plate and hand it to a guesttaste test time yes we’re just using thecutting board let me give you a close-upof this guy yeah let’s try to eat thisI’m gonna get a plate because yeah okaythis looks good the chicken is moist Iwant you to see that but the chickenisn’t let me press down chicken is supermoist okay time for that moment of truthwhether or not this guy is gonna be agood sandwich once again just like Iknow I laugh just have like how you eatin New York Pizzayou got a fold you get a pick it up foldit you got a lean and then bite samething with this sandwichoh yeahthis is excellent yep you got the ohyeah now I’m getting a little bit ofspice from that rub fantastic I wouldmake these I don’t really want to sharewith everybody but I’m gonna have toknowexcellent sandwich yeah yeah we’re gonnabe making more these I have more chickenbreasts than the the fridge I’m gonnawhip off a few more spectacular and thenyou can only serve these on the sidedelicious these are if you liked thisvideo give it a thumbs up pleasesubscribe stay tuned for more ninjafoodie grill and ninja foodie recipes Iknow it kind of fell off the food andthen to foodie but these can be made ineither machine there’s a foodie you canput two breasts in there you can do itin either machine ok thank you so muchfor watching and stay tuned for morethis is freakin good yeahdelicious

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