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BBQ Chicken on Kamado Grill with Tuffy Stone Cool Smoke BBQ Rub

Today I’m making BBQ Chicken on the Gourmet Guru Kamado Grill and seasoning this chicken with Tuffy Stone BBQ Rub. That’s right, BBQ rub from Tuffy Smith the multi-award winning BBQ competitor. I’ll also make an Asian/Thai dippin’ sauce made with Kill sauce.

Gourmet Guru Grill provided courtesy of Gourmet Guru Grills. Any opinions expressed in the video are expressly my own.

Tuffy Stone Cool Smoke BBQ Rub
Tuffy Stone Cool Smoke BBQ Rub

Kill Sauce Thai Hot Sauce
Kill Sauce Thai Hot Sauce

Armadillo Pepper Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Jerky & Snack Store

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Video Transcription

hey today we’re gonna do a barbecuechicken what’s barbecue chicken meanwe’re gonna cook this thing up reel itup smoke it up whatever you want to callit on the grill and we’re gonna finishit off with a dipping sauce I hope youstay with me[Music]today I’m using sassafras wood okay puta couple of those guys in thererat them around just a little bit it’sgonna cook this at a higher temp I wantit to be indirect just like your oveneither okay let’s get the lead dad letit come up to temp we’re gonna keep thissimple today one chicken into seasonthis up Tuffy stone right cool smokedbarbecue rub number two you know whoTuffy is right the other thing we’regoing to use is some duck fat I’ve gotabout two tablespoons here I heat it inthe microwave for about eighteen secondsso we could get it liquefied now all I’mgonna do is oil this chicken up withthis duck fat right we’re using this asour binder now just so you know how Iprep this chicken all I did was takingher out of the fridge took some papertowels and dried it off and if you cansee that I probably only needed oneteaspoon tablespoon of this oil noworries okay now let me get her turnback over to our chicken get this gloveoff no glove now all we’re gonna do sousing this chicken up with that Tuffystone seasoningand I don’t know if you hope that comesout in a video it’s actually a kind of acoarse rub you know not not one of thosereal thin barbecue rubs this particularone’s got some Cayenne in it and I knowsome of you that watch my channel youdon’t like hot look this is not going tobe hot this is a very thick work bird wegot a little Cayenne don’t worry aboutit being too hot I’m going to get someof this goodness sprinkled all downinside here a little bit like so I’mjust gonna finish season turner up mygod we’re all seasoned up now I’m gonnado now is just tie up these legs andwings just makes it a little easier tohandle and look I don’t know some of youfolks you know how to trust thesechickens and all that goodness that’sgreat rightI just tie them up like so I’m not asfancy as you although I respect that youcan do it you know chicken all dressedup just going to take these shears cutoff the excess right now you can seethrough all that excitement I lost alittle seasoning just going to touch itback up and let it sit here until ourgrill comes up to temp we’ve got ourgrill up at 350 we’re gonna get ourchicken on here get the lid down and lether go you’ve been running about 50minutes all I’m gonna do right here youdon’t have to do thisjust gonna turn it about 45 she’s notdone real crow bit here and a bit whilethis chicken is finishing up we’re gonnamake a Asian aioli sauce so I got somemayonnaisesweet chili sauce oh yeah we got someteriyaki because I like teriyaki way waybetter in soy okay now you can stop thiswhole dipping sauce right here if youwant but what I’ve got here is killsauce tie this stuff is awesome it’s gota peanut flavor for those of you theydon’t like spicy pleasedon’t worry about this okay it is spicybut not when you mix it in with all thisother goodness as I have mentioned tosome of my most recent videos the hotsauce is today are first and foremostflavor and the end with a little heatokay so we got that all seasoned up I’mgonna put a little black pepper in thereyes siree and then what we’ve got hereis a little cilantro okay that’s what weneedhow much cilantro probably not even ateaspoon just chopped up look this isabout what you likelook look you see how it looks awesomethis is gonna be awesome it’s beingabout I don’t know hour and 40 minutes Idon’t know how well that seemed in thevideo I hope you can see it 162 you wantthis breast to come up to 165 so whatwe’re going to do is get it off let itcool down and give it a taste testwe got our chicken here it’s all roastedup let’s give it a try right I think wewere at an hour and 40 minutes I’m notexactly sure I don’t like time thingsit’s more important that you probe thischicken and the breasts for 165 that’swhat the most important thing is oh lookat that all right it’s good piece ofthis chicken breast out I know peopleare gonna look complain about oh you’renot sharp enough you’re rightI don’t sharpen my knives all the timelook at that dough can you see I can seethe moistness and I supposed to saymoist are you juiciness okay what I’mgonna do here is we’re gonna take a biteof this chicken before we do that saucewe made that right thereget some awesome chicken we’re therewithout sauce skins nice and donealright here’s what we’re gonna do nownow this sauce totally optional justtalk about this chicken wrap absolutelyincredible not too spicy a little bitsweetyou know everybody sees cayenne and theyworry it’s gonna be too hot when you’retalking about a big piece of chickenlike this little Cayenne on the outsideis not too hot at all hmm[Applause][Music][Applause]

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