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BBQ CHICKEN RECIPE! (Dont eat boring foods)

If you are struggling to stick to a diet, maybe its because you dont have enough variation! Heres a recipe to try. Enjoy!





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Video Transcription

what’s up so I’ve just done a groceryhaul at Aldi you guys want to go checkit out and link it somewhere here I’msure you will those of you who are newto the channel feel free to likesubscribe drop a comment and let me knowwhat you want to see in the future vlogsbut today we’re going to be cooking up astorm I’m going to be showing you what Icook for my meal prep right now I’mdoing kind of a lean bulk so you guyswant to learn about a couple of mealsyou can try in your own time for a leanBowl this is definitely a video for you[Music]right so today I’m going to teach youhow to prepare your chicken breasts in away that’s gonna make it not boring wellI might be boring if you do it for likesix months straight just like anythingyet but this is a little recipe that Ilike to use to try and make sure thatbody building in such a chore and youcan eat very healthy food in a reallytasty way so what I like to do before weget started I’ll show you some of theingredients I like to use a light amountof extra virgin olive oil we’re gonnaput all on the bowl in a second somegarlic salt so garlic paste we’ve gotOregon oh there we’ve got paprika orsmoked paprika and I’m more Scott pepperso if you can use some fresh ingredientslike if you have fresh avocado that’salways best you’ve got fresh garlicthat’s always best but if yourbodybuilding which I’m sure most of youguys are all you’re taking your diet alittle bit more seriously then it’s alittle bit easier to buy these thingsinvolved leave them in the cupboard andthen when you want to use them they’rejust ready to go so fresh is alwaysbetter if you don’t have it if you can’tafford it if you don’t have time for itthen just go with these options here Ilike to give my chicken a little bit ofa bit about so I’ll just go here it’sjust a little bit sloppy when you firstI got a packet sure a lot of you willagree rates it offand then always check get back in thisball and then actually we’ve got it allrinsed and clean ready to go I’mactually going to fill it chickenrelax I’m going to butterfly thechickens so the breasts as it is likethat is quite thick and when you go tocook that whether you use stove oven BBQor whatever it’s it’s not gonna cook allthe way through very quickly so beforeyou get started if you do want to removesome of the fat a lot of the chickenthese days the buyer won’t come with toomuch fat on it like this one’s gotbarely any at all just I need it herethere’s not really much going on therethough so I’m not gonna bother with thatbut what I will do is butterfly this soI’m going to take this bit off and thenwhat I’m going to do is cut this rightdown the middle and so the reason why Ido this is because when we’re cooking itit’s gonna cook more evenly all the waythrough see how it’s half the thicknessnow it’s perfect for cooking evenly allthe way throughout and you don’t have toworry about it being pink on the insideand being yucky or getting salmonella asmuch always a positive huh so fill itall these breast foot before we even getstarted with seasoning and things likethat Jesus some of these other bits havegot a little bit more fat on them so I’mjust going to cut them off there’susually a little straggler bit which youcan just use is like a tender I’m stillgoing to cook that and use it obviouslyless waste the better but things likethis like a bit of fat just get rid ofthat chop it offsee you later mate no need for you inthis bodybuilder dial just tosee y’all so just once again you guysdidn’t catch it the first time just putyour hand over it use a sharp knife andthen it upand then butterfly it all the way acrosslike that man when you open it up nicethickness all the way through nowonce you’ve filled it all your chickenyou can choose your size so if youwanted to cut that in half feel freejust cut it down the mill there and thenyou’ve got each breast into I’m gonnaleave like that just cuz it’s gonna beeasy to cook so don’t have to toss somany things so the four breasts fillersthat I’ve got here I’m gonna throw itstraight in here and also those littletenders that I created we’ve got four ofthose as well all inside now I’m gonnastart adding all this stuff in here soif you guys have followed me for a whileyou probably understand that I don’tweigh or measure everythingsomething’ll are important to be able totrack the progress to track your mealstrack your carbs your protein thingslike that makes it a lot easier ifyou’re working towards a goal for meonce you’ve been bodybuilding for awhileand dieting you know kind of the roughsizes portion sizes of things so youdon’t need to weigh as much or as oftenbecause it kind of just know if youdon’t know yet then I definitelyrecommend weighing everything but forthis ingredients like this which is aseasoning it’s not that necessary toweigh everything soI want to cover the whole top of itbecause then by the time you mix it allin there’s an even distribution of theingredients so that’s a good way to lookat it for this particular recipe whatI’m going to do is I’m going to coverthe whole top of the the chicken breastwith these ingredients and then when Imix it around it’s gonna be evenlycovered onto the garlic salts and we’veadded smoked paprika we’ve added ourpepper we’ve added Oregon Oleg’sand now we’re gonna do our garlic saltnow if you’re close to a competition orsomething then don’t be adding salt toyour chicken that’s just gonna be sillycuz you know hold on and then last seedefinitely not lately and it’s not evenlasting ain’t huh but some garlic pasteI love garlic so much now this is gonnabe non scientific as well but I lovegarlic so I’m gonna put a fair bit ofthat in there that was probably threetablespoons now you can put this onfirst it’s gonna make it stick or betterbut it doesn’t really matter if you weregoing to do this I’ll probably put thison first and mix it around just likethis because then all the ingredientsgonna stick to it what is yeah itdoesn’t matter but it’s all gonna be inthere eventually anyway so we’ve threetablespoons of this extra virgin oliveoil now once you’ve got it all in thepan or sorry all in the bowl you alreadyknow what to do you know mix it allaroundfull ASMR right now you like thatthat’s really gross but it’s gonna tastereally goodthat’s so is MRE is MRE oh I can’t thereI can’t bear to think what that’s gonnasound like on YouTube so once that’sdone it’ll look something like this evendistribution of all the ingredients allover the the chicken breast ready to goleave these for about 30 minutes if youhave time just to let it marinate if notthen just talking straight on thebarbecue or okay what we’re gonna dotoday is cook it on the barbecue outsideactually just bought a little barbecueyesterday so we’re gonna give that a gotoday we can actually shut the containersorry the barbecue so it’s gonna begetting grilled from the bottom and it’salso gonna have some heat within as wellso it’s gonna cook all the way throughto the middle and get it nice and crispyon the outside you can use heat it’slike a hot plate if you have electric orgas it doesn’t really mattergas is always better have it reallyhigher and then just make sure youlubricate the pan you know we’ve youdon’t really need to lubricate the pantoo much of its a nonstick nonstick panand on stick pair because it’s reallygood olive oil on it but if you reallywant to make sure if you don’t have anonstick pan then yeah lubricated withsome Pam spray or some coconut oil sprayor some extra virgin olive oil spray solike that but you can use either or youcan use the oven here as well so if youhave access to an oven you use that tooI’m sure that you don’t all havebarbecues which is sweet but uh becauseI got a barbecue yesterday I figuredI’ll barbecue this up to you guys so youcan see what it looks like I can tellyou what it tastes like and maybe youcan add this new chicken recipe to yourarsenal because I know exactly what it’slike to get the secret chicken it’shappened before my last competition Ijust hated the thought of itchicken like for one even one littlebite of chicken while just I have enoughso to have different recipes on how tocook it how to prepare it’s definitelyimportant to make sure you don’t getsick of itbecause obviously it’s best if we can asimilar foods repeatedly to make sure weachieve our goals makes a little biteasier to track but we don’t wanna getmore of them so to find different waysto cook them is very important to makesure that I get a signal all right let’sget the body started so we’ll come outheated up the Barbie I left it closedfor a couple of minutes so I give it alittle bit warm up but yeah like I saidbefore it’s going to lubricate anythingyou’re using with just like extra-virginolive oil or like Pam if you’re inAmerica whatever I’m going to do half ofthem on the grill and then I’m gonna dohalf them on the hot plate try thatcasual like when I was planning but[Music]there’s something super satisfying aboutthe sound of the student supersatisfyingonce again back to the is Tomaslittle bit of sizzle this guyamazingso they probably might take you longerzoo at all I say probably like sweetminutes on each side flip them over theyshould be slightly slightly pink don’twant me inside with some system thathave to be a lot of applause but ifyou’re gonna close the lid will you turnit down a little bit it’s just gonnapoop the out of it once you do thatyou leave it on high and they top it offI like that down a little bitnot these for about a minute and then togolooking pretty goodwhat do you reckon is that how you haveit I want you to comment below and letme know if that is how you have atalking bottom contrived your linesacross I guess it’s a bit of a largerquestion because you need to see whatit’s like on the inside I’m going to doitswitch the place this one the order ofthe back thereso obviously it harder in the back ofthe barbecuethe old switcheroo give it about aminute or two I want to make sure it’scool too like this nobody goes on tosell Manila bottle check now I saidbefore funds that I’m more concernedabout being so coy through the ones thatI put at the back so let’s have a lookat its thickest pot see on the insidethey’re all good comes all the waythrough it’s not paint what oh jeez finenow pick a spot on this onehooks all the way through so let’s getthem off the off dayso typically we’re going to have between250 300 grams of chicken per meal sothis and probably be about four plusmeals maybe four or fivewhat does it smell like smells real rudeso from start to finishI open that took like 15 minutes so ifyou’ve got your barbecue prepped or youroven preheated then you just startchopping up the chicken add all the beordered so it’ll be a condiments do itmarinate it if you want to leave it fora bit longer and the marinade then youcan that might just make the flavor alittle bit more intense but as it isright now is gonna be really tastyreally healthy there isn’t many otherstudents that are going to make thisunhealthy if you want to maybe not usethe salt if you’re worried about sodiumintake also if you can use freshingredients like fresh oregano freshgarlic anything like that then do thatbut if not and you want to have aneasier quicker more efficient optionthen just use the package stuff or thestuff in a bottle but 15 minutes reallytasty chicken really succulent and freshand it’s also nice and soft and juicy onthe insideso if you guys want to learn anotherrecipe I’ve got about two or three morebut I can’t show you if you want withthat tastes amazing and you can add thatto any other carbohydrate source likeyour rice sweet potato potato mashveggie vegetables anything you want ifyou guys want me to teach you anotherrecipe for chicken breast drop a commentbelow I want to know if you guys trythis one because this is probably one ofmy favorites so if you do need help tomyself as a personal online coach I amrunning a sale on a program right now50% off meal plans workout routineseverything you need to achieve your goalfeel free to hit me up or get me on mywebsite which is gonna be linked belowgood apart from that I hope you enjoythis recipe and stay subscribed staytuned for the next videos because we areputting out a lot of content this yearand we want you guys to be a part of itso I hope this helps and I’ll see youguys on the next block[Music]

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