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Chicken Thighs on the Cotton Gin Smoker

As the competition season approaches we wanted to practice a couple recipes. This first recipe is simple but takes some time and patience on the preparation side of the chicken. This chicken turned out great; we hope you enjoy the recipe!

• 3lbs of Chicken Thighs
• 1/4 Cup of your favorite BBQ Rub (We used Killer Hogs)
• 1 TBSP of Butter for each piece of chicken
• 2 Cups of BBQ Sauce

Our goal with this video was to achieve bite through skin. There are a number of ways to do this. Today we removed the skin from the thighs and scraped the fat off the underside of the skin. Using a sharp knife holding at an angle you want to slice the fat away from the skin in a scraping motion. When doing this you must be very careful to not put holes in the skin. This takes time but the results are amazing! We also squared up the chicken thighs to make sure they were uniform in appearance. Today we had our Cotton Gin Smoker set up for indirect smoking using Post Oak chunks at 275 degrees.
We cooked the thighs until they reached 185 degrees with our instant read thermometer. We pulled the chicken off and dipped them in our pre-heated sauce. We then placed them on a rack and put them back on the smoker until the sauce setup, about 10-15 minutes. Remove and let rest for 10 mins and enjoy!


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