BBQ Chicken Recipes

BBQ Chicken Tikka Recipe | BBQ Chicken Tikka Recipe | How to make BBQ Chicken Tikka at home

Hello everyone!

Im Shahana Dastagir. I’m a Pakistani housewife living in Jeddah KSA.
I make videos daily of my kitchen routine.

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BBQ chicken recipe
chicken tikka recipe
BBQ chiken tikka recipe
Chicken Tikka Recipe with Secret Spices
street food recipe


1 kg chiken
vinegar 1spoon
Salt 1 spoon
red Chilli 2 spoon
garm masala 1 spoon
danyia powder l spoon
zeera powder 1 spoon
home made masala 1 spoons
red colour 1/4 spoon
yogurt half cup
lemon 2
oil 3 spoon

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