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Cheap College Cooking – BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

In this video, I show you how to make BBQ chicken quesadillas. This is a quick and easy recipe that won’t cost you a lot of money. Most of these ingredients can be found in your universities food pantry or at your local food bank. Hope you enjoy!

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Video Transcription

how’s it going everyone today I’m gonnashow you how to make some barbecuedchicken quesadillas so our first step isto take some butter it’s a little bitand we’re gonna spread it on thebackside of the tortilla this is what’sgonna help get that crunchy layer on theoutside all right so now we’ve got ourbuttered tortilla go ahead and put itbutter side down in the pan just likethat okaynext step we’re gonna take some barbecuesauce doesn’t matter what type you usewhatever one’s your favorite okay openit up we’re gonna pour just a little bitthere we go just a little bit right inthe center of the tortilla as such nextstep we’re gonna take a spatula and justenough to spread the sauce around whatthis is gonna do I mean obviously it’sgonna you know provide flavor but maybemost importantly what it’s going to dois help hold the quesadilla together sonext we’re gonna take a small smallhandful of cheddar cheese shreddedcheddar cheese and we’re gonna spread itall over the barbecue sauce that is nowon our tortilla I like this okay so oncewe’ve done that I already went ahead andmix this together but this here is justa 12 ounce can of chicken I went aheadand chopped it up and mixed it with someof the barbecue sauce that we used so Ijust you know toss it together and thennext you’re gonna take it and put on onehalf of the case of thehere we go hey it should look just likethat where you have it only on one halfof your tortilla talk together so thenext step I like to add some bacon bitsbecause it makes everything betterhere we go just a little bit we go allright and finally your rump what youwant you’re gonna want to put a littlemore cheese because cheese is great sothis time you want to cover mostly thehalf with the chicken and the bacon thatyou already put so that way when youfold it over you see right here we havethis mountain of cheesy chicken bacongoodness now you’re gonna want to foldover the quesadilla now depending on howmuch stuffing you put in the case of youthat will tell you how difficult it isgonna be to fold this thing up so nextyou gonna wanna put it on the heat forabout up medium heat and I’d say aboutfive minutes on each side you want toflip it over five minutes again dunzo itso I went ahead and made some of thesealready they’re in the fridge let megrabhere we go take a look at the barbecuechicken quesadilla it’s not the fanciestI’ll give you that but I’ll be certainthat it’s delicious what makes this sucha great recipe for college students isyou know it’s really cheap the majorityof these items like the canned chickenthe cheddar cheese bacon bits these canall be found in your University’s foodpantry I know at LSU we have one on thefirst floor of the Student Union allthese other ingredients could be foundmaybe at your local food bank or forreally cheap at your local supermarketenjoy

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