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Chef Breeze’s XXTRA FLAMIN HOT CHEETO Chicken Wings using a Vortex Grill #Kingsford #XXtraFlaminHot

What’s up YouTube Fam,

Today we are treating ourselves to some XXtra Flamin Hot Cheetos Chicken Wings using a Vortex Grill.

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Here are the Step by Step instructions below:

Step One:
Put your chicken wings on a cooling rack in a single layer and pat them down with paper towels to remove moisture. Then set the cooling rack in your fridge for a few hours to continue to let the chicken skin dry.

Step Two:
When ready to grill, set your vortex in the bottom of your kettle and fill the vortex with charcoal. Place a couple pieces of fire starter cube in the vortex and light. Wait for charcoal to ash over, about 20 minutes, then close the lid.

Step Three:
Put your Cheetos in a food processor and blend until they’re fine dust and remove to a bowl.
Take your wings out of the fridge and spray a thin layer of duck fat on them, helps crisp the skin up while cooking, then sprinkle some salt free seasoning on both sides of the wings and toss them in your cheeto dust in the bowl until covered.

Step Four:
Place your seasoned wings around the vortex on your top grate and close the lid. Both bottom and top vents on your grill left open.

Step Five:
Grill your wings with the lid closed about 10-15 minutes then check the wings. Once the top of the wings get crisp, flip them over, and close the lid and let them go another 10-15 minutes and check them.

Step Six:
They should be done after 30-35 minutes, you want an internal temp of 165 for chicken. During the cooking process, turn your grill lid a quarter turn every 4 minutes to keep the cook even.

Step Seven:

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