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Chicken Wings – How to Make Amazing Smoked Chicken Wings

Don’t waste your life on sub par chicken wings. Let me teach you how I make award winning wings.

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Video Transcription

come on is Brodie on a lemon tapenadegod I hear pulling the strings for mewhat is up guys you might be askingyourself what am i doing holding thisbag of chicken wings that were clearlycome from the frozen section of thesupermarket well there’s no chickenwings because of you know 20 20 but Ifigured there’s a lot of you guys in thesame situation I am and all you can findthis this stuff here you can’t get thedelicious delicious full beautifulwonderful sexy almost okay I’m taking ittoo far but the chicken wings thatyou’re used to so we’re gonna find outwhat can we do to make these chickenwings awesome first off we’re gonna needto add moisture to these wings I’m gonnagrab a bottle any container will do andadd hot tap water to it now this processis gonna make better wings great butwe’re gonna push the limits of what’spossible by using these craptasticfrozen wings now I’m gonna use chickenprod from big pop of smokers if youdon’t have it chicken broth will do butnot quite as well now in all fairnessthe big pop of smokers and chicken brothI’ve had this back for a while so it’s alittle clumpy it’s not normally clumpybut the flavor is still there it’s stillgonna be deliciousthat’s why I put it in this bottle so Ican fill this lid on it and shake itcrap out of it[Music]now next grab your wings and hopefullyyou’ve been blessed with better qualitythan these Walmart castoffs now ifyou’re fortunate enough to have a meatyside put the meaty side up now youshouldn’t really need to trim theseunless you get this wacky weird hang offto hematoma looking piece then go aheadand trim it[Music]now once you get your chicken laid outyou’ll want to grab your injector and gostraight into the meaty section yourchicken load these wings up you can seethe meats well and you’ll be able tofeel it physically the key here is toknow when easily touch[Music]also what the hell is this how did thispass quality what happened the rest ofthe meat of the leg at this littlebastard throw it away alright guys thenext step is extremely important you’veprobably already made a big ass messeverywhere there’s probably chickenjuicethere’s probably injection there’sprobably all of that stuff everywhereright now so save yourself to salmonellamy friend and clean up after yourself nogo ahead and flip all your wings overand I’m going to tell you the secret tocrispy skin here hit it with oil I liketo use this butter flavor cooking spraybut any oil really will do next I’mgonna grab my steak and chicken rub andI’m gonna hit it with a sexy littlespattering and just a little dose alittle covering here okay so that jokeprobably isn’t that funny and I maybewent to the well with it too many timesalready but now I’m gonna go ahead andflip over my wings and I’m just going torepeat the same process[Music][Applause]and I skip the part where I rubbed itwith my barbecue rub but I did I wentahead and hit it with a little blessingit’s really gonna load that skin up witha lot of fantastic flavor and now thatwe’ve done our prep it’s the easy partsay your smoker to about 300 and dropthose wings on and after about two hoursyour internal temperature should be ahundred and sixty-five degrees and thisis what your wings should look like thequestion is was the process that we usefor championship wings good enough toturn these Walmart frozen bag wings intothe little masterpieces that we hopethey are here we are yes our finishedwings we seasoned them we injected themwe seasoned them we smoked them and nowwe’re gonna try one outmmm it’s great man a deep rich smokyflavor the seasonings phenomenal youguys you could make those wings in thebag at the store passable this recipealso applies to the bigger thickerbetter wings they’re just gonna bebetter the better quality chicken youhave the better the wing is gonna beI’ll see you guys next week and do a newrecipe I mean if you want to I’ll behere hopefully you will too[Music][Music]

8 Replies to “Chicken Wings – How to Make Amazing Smoked Chicken Wings

  1. Thanks everyone for checking out my latest recipe. Unfortunately I could only get crappy Walmart, frozen, bag wings, but we made that stuff work. Use this recipe on your good wings, and legit blow your friend’s minds. If you have any suggestions or things you’d like to see me cook, drop them in the comments!

  2. This is Sean from FB group. really nice intro. I really enjoyed it!! Keep up the hard work and push through !!

  3. For an oven bake would you recommend covering with or without foil? I’ve heard people swear by both methods but never really figured out which was best

  4. Those turned out looking great! I’m about to hop on I-35 now with 80,000 pounds of Walmart groceries.

  5. I really like the video! Injecting those frozen wings of shame is a great idea. I’ll have to try that when I do wings! I’ve got other videos showing how to do other meats if you want to check them out. Keep up the good work!

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