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Cinnamon BBQ chicken

Baked 2 boneless chicken breast earlier and baby let me tell you…

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Video Transcription

don’t we go cinnamon barbecue chickenlet me tell y’all I need to be a chefwhat have been good with a bit of apineapple to go on thereby having[Music]mm-hmm I’m just letting it cool down alittle bit I took – this is half of achicken breast I have two of them I putin the oven about a little about ourover an hour agotake your you know just some barbecuesauce Kraft I like the sweet and savorymyself then I added a little bit of myown seasonings which makes it perfectionsend them in a little bit of corner allI like corn oil some sad zone makes alittle Bowl separate then smothering iton this chicken that corn oil or the oilmixed with the juices that the chickenwill make will make it so tender you cutit with a damn spoon see that this is athick cast breast now this ain’t nothingto be joking around about bitch what yousay

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