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Continental Meal | Grilled Chicken | Mushroom Sauce | Mashed Potatoes | Sautéed Veggies

Continental Meal | Grilled Chicken | Mushroom Sauce | Mashed Potatoes | Sautéed Veggies
Continental food refers to dishes made & consumed in the European Countries. The key specialty of this food is the minimal usage of spices.
In this video, I have shown a very simple Continental Meal which includes -grilled chicken with mushroom sauce along with mashed potatoes & sautéed vegetables.
The mushroom sauce is very creamy & full of flavour with the herbs seasoning & the mashed potatoes are rich & creamy with a slight flavour of garlic & herbs.
This is a very good combination for any grilled meat .
Please give it a try & let me know your feedbacks.
Serves – 2
Grilled Chicken:
Chicken breasts 2
Crushed black pepper
Garlic powder / crushed garlic
Flour ( You can use cornstarch /cornflour for gluten free version )
Mix of dry herbs ( store bought )
Olive oil
Salt to taste
Mushroom sauce:
Mushrooms sliced 1.5 cups
Garlic powder/ Crushed garlic
Black pepper powder
Flour ( can use cornflour instead )
Fresh cream 1 cup ( can use milk instead )
Water 1 cup ( Preferred use – Vegetable stock or Chicken stock )
Grated Cheese ( optional )
Salt to taste
Mashed potatoes:
Potatoes boiled , peeled & mashed – 2 medium size
Black pepper powder
Crushed garlic / garlic powder
Fresh cream ( or full fat milk )
Salt to taste
Dry herbs a pinch ( optional )
Grated cheese (optional )
Sautéed vegetables:
Carrots 2
Green beans 10- 12 small
Black pepper powder
Grilling Chicken – I have used pan -grilling. Alternatively you can grill in the oven until the chicken is cooked well & slightly turned golden. Cooking time depends on the oven.

Mushroom sauce: I have used the same pan in which we have grilled the chicken so that the chicken flavour gets infused to the sauce. Also if you have chicken stock or vegetable stock please use it instead of the 1 cup of water. Fresh milk can be replaced by full fat milk as well.
Mashed Potatoes:
You can omit garlic if you do not want it. Also can replace fresh cream with milk.
Sautéed Vegetables:
You can use any type of vegetable that suits you. Broccoli, corn , asparagus are some other examples which you can use.

If you any other questions , please feel free to ask in the comments section.
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