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Cooking at Home: Grilling Chicken & Charring Broccoli | Create Hospitality

Create Hospitality shows you how to grill! We’ll show you how to make the perfect grilled chicken and charred broccoli, and top it with a delicious sauteed almond and lemon garlic vinaigrette. Join Create Hospitality Founder Lauren Koeppe in her Venice Beach home for Cooking at Home.

BBQ sauce
Red wine vinegar
Apple cider vinegar
Extra virgin olive oil
Slide almonds

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Video Transcription

hi everybody welcome to cooking at homewith great hospitality I’m Lauren andtoday we are outside and grilling I’m soexcited that it’s actually a beautifulday that we’re gonna try to grilloutside tonight I finally got thisamazing thing fired up and ready for theseason it’s springtime at summer it’s aperfect time to cook outside and startdoing it’s very easy proteins and greensand vegetables out here and I’ll bedoing a lot of episodes outside here onthe grill it’s my favorite way to cookso we’re today we’re going to be doing abarbecue chicken and we’re gonna bedoing a charred broccoli but you can usea different vegetable if you have thatat home but I’m gonna show you this verysimple dish what’s one of my favoritesso let’s get started so we’re gonnastart with the chicken because I’m gonnashow you a little bit about the marinadewe’re gonna do a little bit of a semihomemade recipe just to keep thingssimple but I have a boneless chickenthighs here that’s what I had found atthe market but you can use chickenbreast you can use the whole you knowlegs you can use anything you have athome basically I’m gonna start to marrythis chicken that normally I would putthis in the fridge for an hour afterthis so use your favorite barbecue sauceI usually like like a like a Carolinastyle barbecue sauce that has that moremustardy and tangy flavor to it so I’mgonna use a little bit of that to getthis started and then we’re gonna add tothis so a few tablespoons of that goright over the chicken okay and then toadd some color and dimension we’re gonnaadd a little bit of soy a little bit ofTang or add some red wine vinegarwe had a little bit of fresh garlictouch of honeyokayand a little bit of pepper and I’ll holdup on salt we saw because the soyalready has the salt so what I wouldnormally do is I promise of I think weall have gloves at home or you couldused to use tongs and I really want tomix this chicken all together with thismarinade really coating the whole thinggetting all those flavors together now Iwould make this cup I would cover thiswith with saran wrap and put it in thefridge for at least an hour before wegrill it so everything can get absorbedabsorbed into the chicken so I actuallyhave some chicken that I have here thatI did earlier that I already marinatedso I’m actually gonna I put it in aplastic bag to actually seal all thejuices together because I didn’t have atour room in my fridge to put a bowl inso this is another way to eat then youcan use it so I’m actually gonna startplacing the chicken right on to my grillskin side down and just looking for thatfor that sizzlealright I’m gonna do about six piecesfor nowrightthen I can plug awayokay so now we’re gonna get started withwith the broth because that’s gonna goon to the on to the grill next so we’regoing to we’re going to toss is rockinga little bit of olive oil salt salt andpepper very simply so broccoli is prettydense so make sure that you’re reallygetting the oil right into the littletops here I love these little half sheettrays are great for the grills you canseparate your ingredients so you canhave your broccoli you can have yourcorn let’s say your chicken they can allbe in separate areas alright so gettingthis nice and tossed upand then I’m actually gonna put this onthe hottest part of my grill so it getsa really nice char on itthis part of my girl is super hot isn’tshe a great place to put steaks but it’snice time to watch it and make sure thatit doesn’t it doesn’t go up in and smoketoo quickly moving this around so we’relooking for that dark color on thebroccoli and so we’ve got to keep an eyeon this to make sure that it doesn’t gettoo charred too fast so when you’regrilling you always want to keep youreye on things you know you’re thehottest part of your grill and whateverthat tends to be you want to keep youreye on that see this is already gettingcolor so I’m just gonna keep them notplaying with this of making sure thatit’s not getting too dark and make sureyou’re rotating it with the proteinsdon’t touch the protein you shouldreally leave the proteins alone becausewhat’s happening is the skin is gonnacaramelize on the bottom and it’s gonnaform a crust and then it’ll it should beable to slide off pretty easily itshouldn’t give you too much of a fightso I’m just gonna leave the chicken toif it has it has a really nice darkcolor on the bottom and that skin willact as a barrier to cook through theother side of the chickenso these federating that’s a nice coloron it so I’ll flip that guy over I’mmoving to a cooler part of the grill nowonce it has that really dark color on it[Music]okayI am using these are actually prettysmall tongs usually you see grill onesthat like this but I don’t feel likeyou’re very good good control over thatso I send in a quick movements withthese tongs and not fit with my hand outhere because it’s gonna get very hotvery quick so I’ll move I’ll movesomething over it a little more color soI’ve been heating up a cast iron skillethere on the side of course you probablyare gonna be having to do this insideafterwards but to save time we’ll do itall together at the same time[Music]you can certainly have some nice coloron it it’s not quite done[Music]right over in the tournament part downokay so in my skillet here I’m gonna getstarted with with the the finishingsauce for the broccoli so a little bitolive oil here in the pan and also alittle bit of vegan butter and we’regonna get going with about five or sixcloves of garlicfinally camp campfire cooking and then Iwant to get these almonds and red chiliflakes really nice and close it up so Iwould say half a cup of almondsnice and spicy red chili plate and thenwe get going with our lemon juicedon’t you honey alright now we’re gonnalet that all that come together for aminute here[Music]I’m pepper so I want us to reduce down alittle bit really nice and lemony guycan they smell the lemon I’m gonna turnthis down a little bit so does it getgoing too fast and let’s all come overand look at the chicken it’s not as hotit’s not hot in this part of the grillso this is cooking much faster up hereso it gave me a touch of struggle but itwasn’t too bad that’s how I know that itwas pretty much ready to gogoodnight footso this is skin right here on theoutside so if you don’t want to eat thatyou can always take it off I think it’sso delicious so I’m gonna leave mine onand then we’re going to garnish it witha little bit of cilantro and green onionherethese are cooking a little bit slowerand I see gonna turn this a little bitway try to move this up a little bitmoreevery girl’s gonna have hot spots so youreally want to pay attention to wherethose are and I’m gonna come back to mybra just just cooking on this like Ithink we’ve got that nice charred colorthat I’m looking for and now they’rejust gonna keep just gonna hang outsauce is looking pretty goodall right now I’m just going to cut thebroccoli a little bit smaller the reasonI didn’t cut it a little bit smallerbefore is because I didn’t want to fallinto the grill so I’m just gonna givethese a little slice down the middle andthey’re perfectly cooked on the insideit’s charred on the outside and thensteamed through in the middle and addthat to my panso I set up a cutting board here on theside of the Grove the grill so you havea working surface it’s always a good wayto do it if you have the room otherwisethat the metal really doesn’t doanything for you so now we’re gonna addthis broccoli right to the pan of thealmonds and the lemon and right at theend here I’m going to add a touch of redwine vinegaryou really smell the chili flakes thelemon the red wine vinegar all cometogether and that’s pretty much done sonow we’re just gonna plate this if I canturn this down just let it rest untilthe chicken is readyso these guys are looking pretty cook uphere so what you can always do is bringit up to rest so if you have some that’sdone quicker than others like a sizegonna cook written much more quicklythan a breast so wait when your twinyour chicken thighs are starting to getjuicy and release a little bit of thatwater that’s inside of them bring themup here I like that she’s got them closeto each other they keep the heattogether[Music]I’ll save the end for our our littleplants that we’re making at home rightnow my magic aliensand I’m gonna leave the cilantro hole soI’ll pick that offall right[Music]so I’m just gonna plate my chicken herefamily-style[Music]a little bit of green onions and somecilantroyou could use parsley you can usewhatever herbs you like I just happen tolike cilantro because because we put alittle bit of soy in this it’s gonnahave a little bit of that that Asianessence to it that you put for thesaltiness all right and now let’s platethis broccolialright now we want to get all that thatgood good on top[Music]all the almonds and chili flakes andgarlic[Music]all right you guys so I don’t know howmuch time has it been all rightwell I think it’s been pretty quick sohere we have barbecue chicken and wehave charred broccoli I hope you guysenjoyed this edition of grilling outsidewith us and we’ll see you soon Thanks

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