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Crazy Cajun BBQ Chicken Strips | Simple BBQ Chicken Recipe

This chicken recipe is topped with Crazy Cajun seasoning and served with a special BBQ or Bar-B-Que sauce. I pre-sliced three chicken breasts into strips, added the Crazy Cajun seasoning along with other ingredients, pan-fried the chicken, and stirred in the bbq sauce. This recipe can be made for anyone in a hurry. It can be served with a salad, side dish, fries, or bbq tacos. Either way, you’ll enjoy the recipe and the sauce.

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Chicken Recipe:
Heinz Kansas City Sweet & Smoky BBQ Sauce
Open Pit Honey
Hot sauce
Olive oil
Blackstone Crazy Cajun Seasoning
Brown sugar
Onion powder
Garlic powder
Black pepper

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Video Transcription

well hello everyone welcome back toConnie’s Cooking Channel I hope everyoneis having a great day we are going tomake some crazy cajun chicken stripstonight I’m gonna top it off with somespecial barbecue sauceso without further ado let’s get thisparty started so what we want to dofirst is coat our chicken with someolive oil that’s such crazy Cajunseasoning some garlic pepper and onionpepper and pepperjust like that all I’m pan with someolive oil and then we’re going to turnour fire on medium heat to let it warmokay so our frying pan is warm enoughfor our chicken so we’re just going toplace right in there okay while thechicken is coming to an end we’re gonnamake some nice barbecue sauce over herewe have a little bit of Kansas Citysweet and smoky barbecue sauce a littlemy open pit this is why I like been inthe kitchen I can’t just make up stuffyep a little bit of red-hot force I’mgoing to use some onion powder andgarlic powder I’m gonna use about atablespoon of brown sugar I’m just gonnagive this a start I’m going to add justa little bit more of this Kansas Citysweet and smokyand it’s a bit more the open-pit thenwe’re gonna simply see if you have theright taste so let’s try it I can tastea little bit of the hot sauce or brownsugar in there just for the safe sideyeah that’s about tablespoon and a halfwe use going togethernow we’re gonna be sniffing Keita so Ijust want to take the time now to showyou exactly what ingredients we haveused thus far in the video we’ve usedolive oil onion powder black pepperFrank’s hot sauce this crazy occasionseasoning some brown sugar we use garlicpowder some open-pit that actually hassome honey flavor in it and then ourKansas City sweet and smoky barbecuesauce as well so the sauce it’s nice andwarm perfect taste now this is ourchicken that we fried up earlier I’mgoing to use the same frying pan andplace the chicken back in the frying panas such we’re going to pour our saucedirectly on top of their chickenand then we’re gonna put this right backon the stove just enough time to heatthe chicken with the sauce so I’m gonnago ahead and put this on the stove likea low to medium heat and then we’ll comeback you definitely want to keep youreye on this I actually have it on numbertwo on my stove I’m tied down to lowcontinue slowyour sauce smells so good what a pieceof itgood taste mmm this is good I like thissoft I can’t wait to play to that withthe beans and rice

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