BBQ Chicken Recipes


How to Cook Easy Chicken BBQ


1kilo Chicken leg quarter
240ml Pineapple juice
325g of Mang Tomas sauce
1/2cup of Soy sauce
2tablespoon of Knorr Liquid seasoning
1tablespoon of pepper
4tablespoon of sugar
1bulb of Garlic


-Make the marinade by combining the soy sauce,pineapple juice,sugar,pepper and liquid seasoning.In a container/bowl. Stir and mix.

– Put the chicken leg quarter into the container/bowl.Cover and refrigerate overnight.

-Boil the chicken leg quarter with the marinated sauce in 45mins.

-Drain and set aside the marinated sauce.

-Grill the chicken in 2 minutes to each sides.

-To make the sauce add Mang Tomas sauce in the marinated sauce.

-Transfer to a serving plate.

-Share and Enjoy!.

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