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Video Transcription

more fire[Music][Music]hey guys my name is penny I’m a pastrychef and I’m married to Eli who you seeon this videohe’s a savory chef and we spent thesummer this past year in LA cooking fora family as their private chefs forabout three or four months and so we gotto really know that area and you knowfound out that their love of kale wasreal and this dish is kind of an homageto them so I hope you enjoy it and it’shealthy happy and very California thefirst thing we’re gonna do is head toWhole Foods to get our dinosaur kale andthe reason just because it gives sauceand marinate on brighter colors thefirst thing that we’re gonna do to makeour sauce the marinade is need to blanchthe green which helps preserve the colorso put two handfuls of chopped kale inboiling water for about 30 seconds thepower greens for 15 seconds in the waterand then lift them out and they can godirectly into your blender this is aVitamix but you can use any brand animmersion blender or food processor sothe blender also add a couple consist ofHimalayan salt and a couple pinches ofblack pepper some fresh chopped garlicand 1/4 cup of olive oil and some freshgrated Parmesan cheese about a penciland now we’re gonna blend that so it’ssmooth now we’re gonna be saving most ofthis for later as a sauce but I’m gonnaadd a few tablespoons see the chickenand put it in a ziploc bag overnight andlet that marinate once that’s finishedmarinating or sheet a grill up tomedium-high braided grill with the panspray or brush it with oil I put ourchicken right on when you see a whitegoing halfway up the side flip it overto tell when the chicken is done youtake temperature of the biggest pot andit should be at least 165 degreesCelsius or if you don’t have athermometerlook closely at the juices when youpress down those should be white notclear and the inside of the chickenshould feel firm through to the outsidebut there’s no shame in cutting throughit to check I do it all the timeand it’s better to cut it than have itbe ball in the middle so I always checkonce the chicken is cooked so we’ll setit aside to rest this can allow thejuices to settle back inside before wecut it now while that’s resting we’regonna put some olive oil salt pepper andfresh chopped garlic on some asparagusand carrots that we’ve kind of cut sothat they have a flat edge here he’llthen cut them and we’re gonna grillthese as well they’re ready to flip whenyou see a really nice black grate on thebottom side and you can eat vegetablesof raw or as cooked as you want once ourveggies are finished grilling we’regonna set those aside as well and headit over to our cutting board we’re gonnacut the carrots and asparagus intobite-size witches and also cut someblack olives we just cut the pits outand add it to a cast-iron skillet with atablespoon of olive oil so we’re gonnaadd all our veggies in there with thoseand a pinch of sea salt black pepper anda little bit of powdered garlic and thenwe’ll add our three coats elbow pastajust let that heat together and nowwe’re ready for some sauce now we’reready to go ahead and cut our chickenand plate our dish[Music]the fighting excited amazing the greenpescothis is a great way to sneak thanks guysfor watching please like and subscribeand if you won’t be wanting it in youthe recipes for the sauce stands overthis dish then it’ll be in the linkbelowcome back every Monday for a new videoif you guys want to see us make anythingor you have any questions leave it inthe comments or send us a deal[Music]you

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