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Easy Grilled Chicken Recipe (With Papaya Sauce)!

Get your Oaxacan Grill on with this easy grilled chicken recipe.

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Video Transcription

hi everybody I’m Susanna trilling fromseasons of my heart cooking school inOaxaca Mexico today we’re gonna do agreat summertime dish well everybody’shanging out at the barbecue we’re gonnahave grilled chicken with a salsa papayaChipotle enmet let’s get started to makethe marinade we’re gonna combine whiteonion chopped tomato lime juice chipotlegarlic and a little bit of mint from thegarden this is spearmint but you can usepeppermint as well and then we’re gonnaadd a little bit of red wine vinegarolive oil to coat it salt and peppermaking the marinade is really easy youjust mix everything together and you’regood to go[Music]so now that I’ve let it sit for a minuteor two I’m gonna taste it and if you canneed some more salt and a little bit oflime we use this great sea salt that weclean and packaged up seizes on my heartfrom the Isthmus of Tehuantepec todaywe’re gonna use boneless skin kickinbreast and actually you could use anycut of the chicken that you’d like we’regoing to leave it for at least half anhour in the marinade or you if youwanted to you could do it overnightwhile the chickens marinating we’regonna make the salsa and this is supereasy we’re gonna take chip pull a papayaa Dijon mustard fruit vinegar and I’musing apple cider garlic honey saltpepper and a little more spearmint fromthe garden we’re just gonna mixeverything together I’ve choppedeverything fine because I like thefreshness of it all but if you want youcan just throw it on the blender andblend it to a puree[Music]I’ve had the chicken marinating forabout half an hour and now I’m gonnagrill it on the barbecue the coals arenice and hot[Music]I hope you enjoy your barbecue waitingfor pet shop

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