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Grill Chicken | Tandoori Chicken | Chicken Grilled | Murg Tandoori | Chicken Tandoori | Quick | Easy

Grill / Tandoori Chicken is a Indian Dish cooked in two different ways but with same ingredients which gives out a same flavourful result. It’s a dish that can be served as a starter or a meal with veggies on the side.

1KG skinless Chicken (thigh portion)
2 tablespoon Ginger garlic paste
2 scoops of yogurt
Half tablespoon turmeric
1.5 tablespoon red chilli powder
Half tablespoon cumin powder
Half tablespoon black pepper powder
Half tablespoon aamchur
Half tablespoon Garam Masala Powder
1 whole Lime Juice
2 tablespoon oil

Oven Grill : first 20 min cook on high heat and keep checking, try to turn the chicken upside down and continue cooking on medium heat for another 20-25 minutes.

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Video Transcription

hello friends welcome back to feastdiffusion so today we’re gonna covergrilled chicken also called a stand or achicken so this is a very quick and easymethod that I’m gonna take you throughthundery chicken is an Indian dish whichis cooked on charcoal fire on a clay potoven so that’s called Tyndall right herewe’re gonna cook the same dish on ovengrill so it’s it’s going to be the sameingredients and same flavor but on adifferent cooking method so to startwith the process there are two stepsthat we are going to follow one is themarination and second is to grill thechicken for marination I have taken onekilo of chicken let’s tie portionskinless I’m going to add someginger-garlic paste to it[Music]some yogurt turmeric red chilli powder[Music]cumin powder black pepper powder garammasala powder salt arm – or you call itdried mango powder I’m going to squeezeone whole line now mix all togetherand add a very little of some fluorideas you notice we have used very littleoil and also there is no extra fat likeskin on the chicken so you can call it ahealthy dish as well let’s mix it alltogether well and set it aside for onehour so that will allow all the amazingflavors to get into the meat just pastone hour now it’s time to grill thechicken so let’s place all the marinatedchicken onto a tray and ensure this goesinto the grill section of the oven onceyou place the tray set the grill tomedium height and then check the meatafter 20 minutes try to turn upside downand then cook it another 20 minutes soyour grilled chicken should be ready inabout 40 to 45 minutes I’m ready with mywedges for the grilled chicken to beserved I’ve taken off the tray from thegirl and I can really sense the spicyflavorful aroma coming off the chickenit’s amazing you definitely got to trythis oneplease do try and let me know if youlike it and please do share it with yourfriends see you all in the next videosoon bye nowtake careyou

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