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Grilled turmeric chicken wing

Grilled turmeric chicken wing.

1.15 pieces chicken middle wing / drumette
2.2 lemongrass stalks, pale part only finely chopped
3.half red chili, thinly sliced (optional)
4.6 garlic cloves, roughly chopped
5.1 tsp ground white peppercorns
6.1 tsp turmeric powder
7.1 ½ tsp salt
8.2 kafir lime leaves, thinly sliced

Use a mortar and pestle to pound the lemongrass, red chili, garlic, turmeric and salt to a rough paste. Add the pepper and kaffir lime leaves, mix well
In a large bowl, combine the chicken wing and paste mixture.
Put a grilling pan on medium-low heat. Spread chicken out onto a pan cover with a lid cooking for 20 minutes, turning half way or until it is fully cooked.
Put grilled chicken on a serving plate

Noted : Another cooking method
Grilling in a oven grill at medium-high heat and cook for 25 minutes, turning half way, or until cooked through. If chicken starts to char or brown too quickly, turn oven grill down.
Baking in oven at 170°C/340°F and cook for 25 minutes, turning half way, or until cooked through.

The nutritional value that you will get from this dish.

• Chicken contains protein and minerals that are necessary for the body.
• Turmeric is an antioxidant, build immune system and reduce cholesterol.
• Lemongrass helps appetite and prevents colon cancer.
• Red chili reduces blood sugar, prevents anemia, reduces the risk of heart disease.
• Kaffir lime leaf enhances immunity, reduce blood pressure, expectorant and anti-cancer.
• Ground white pepper prevents cancer, stimulate digestive system and helps weight loss.
• Garlic helps to balance body system, nourish the skin, strengthen immune system, reduce cholesterol and blood sugar level.

Let foof be the medicine , let medicine be the food.
Thank you.


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Video Transcription

grilled turmeric chicken wingingredients 15 pieces chicken middlewing drum it – lemongrass stalks palepart only finely chopped half red chillithinly sliced optional 6 garlic clovesroughly chopped 1 teaspoon ground whitepepper corns 1 TSP turmeric powder 1 and1/2 tsp salt 2 kaffir lime leaves thinlysliced instructions step 1 use a mortarand pestle to pound the lemongrass redchilli garlic turmeric and salt to arough paste add the pepper and kaffirlime leaves mix well step 2 in a largebowl combine the chicken wing and pastemixture step 3 put a grilling pan onmedium low heat spread chicken out ontoa pan cover with a lid cooking for 20minutes turning halfway or until it isfully cooked step 4 put grilled chickenon a serving plate the nutritional valuethat you will get from this dish chickencontains protein and minerals that arenecessary for the body turmeric is anantioxidant build immune system andreduce cholesterol lemongrass helpsappetite and prevents colon cancer redchili reduces blood sugar preventsanemia reduces the risk of heart diseasekaffir lime leaf enhances immunityreduce blood pressure expectorant andanti-cancer ground white pepper preventscancer stimulate digestive system andhelps weight loss garlic helps tobalance body system nourish the skinstrengthen immune system reducecholesterol and blood sugar level letfood be the medicine and let medicine befood thank you

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