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Honey Glazed Bbq Chicken Wings

Chef WholeThang Presents Honey Glazed Wings!
I cooked about 30 whole wings . I pre seasoned them with a variety of seasoning but mainly pure honey for the sauce. I show you how to prep your grill to get ready for the show down lol. Grilled wings smoked wings HONEY GLAZED WINGS. LIKE , COMMENT,AND SUBSCRIBE

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Chef WholeThang!

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Video Transcription

hey guys this yup whole Bank preppingthis grill up puts on honey glazed wingswho you prepping the grill for thesewings my cold in that got my wood chipsand onions so I just got the grill prep[Music]so these are my honey glazed chickenwings got them prep real good gonna slamon that grill who you chef whole thinglook at that sauce alright so once youhave your coals place lit up wait alittle bit to the temperature get theleast amount 275 and you can startreelingyeah yeah uh niggling look at these wegive thisa smokeoh honey blameyou gonna need more than two at easewho gotta have moved into glazed beanshoney-glazed collie who you chef ohthanks Erniethank you like comment and subscribe

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