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How I make Chicken Wings (3 Ways!)

Hey ladies & gents! Another cooking video for you guys! I’ll be showing you how to make breaded buffalo wings, breaded garlic Parmesan wings, and grilled honey sesame wings!

To make the honey sesame wings sauce you’ll need:
Half Cup Honey (used as base)
3 tbsp Soy sauce
3 tbsp White Vinegar
2 tbsp Brown sugar
1 tsp sesame seed oil

Not shown in this video for best results you want to marinate your wings in this mixture the night before or two hours before grilling them and garnish with sesame seeds

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

I’m gonna make some chicken wings threedifferent ways we’re going to have mildhot wings we’re gonna have sesang thesewings and we’re also going to havegarlic parmesan so what we’re gonna dois the hot wings and the garlic parmesanwings they are going to be breaded thesesame Wings they’re not gonna bebreaded we’re gonna do those stovetopand I will show you how to do that so tostart off with all you’re gonna need issome garlic salt and some black pepper agenerous amount you want to put all overyour chicken wings like so and make sureyou rub it in really good it should pullboth sides of your wing all over thewings give them a nice seasoning bathyou will there’s a lot of wings in thispack I have like a family parent fromWalmart I wish there was some littledrumette in the family pack buteverything is just me we just have towork thatyou just want to distribute it evenlyall over both sides so I’ll show youguys what what it looks like for me hereI’m gonna go in probably gonna go inwith a little bit more black pepperall right so like I said the sesamesticky Stephanie honey wings those aregoing to be stovetop and they’re notgonna be brightened so I’m just gonna goahead and coat the rest of these wingsin some all-purpose flour and then Ialready have my fryer on the I it’s onabout seven put some Reese on there putyour grease in there and you just wantto do with you know you have to do athick layer just a white layer of flour[Music]and do the other leg[Music]you can use plastic bags to shake up whyno my mom growing up she sees like aWalmart bag and shake up the flower inthere but I guess there will be no germsonce you cry and cook your food in thehigh heat but as for me I usually justtake a big plate and I put my flour onthe plate and just kind of play aroundwith it like so but you do whatever youwant to do do however so here I have myfrying pot I mean you can use but justto kind of get it that deep fryingsituation I’m using a pot here you justwant to drop these bad boys right intothe greasemeanwhile I’m gonna just put these onthe stovetop and grill them on thestovetop[Music]okay and let my pops get a little bithot and then I will show you guys how togrill via tiny Sesame[Music][Music][Music]Oh[Music][Music]crybabies are doingI wish you guys could smell that[Music][Music][Music]honey sesame seed oil white vinegar andbrown sugar most of this mr. honey’swant this petite food and great Tiffanyspeedy oil pretty maybe two tablespoonsof your vinegar[Music][Music][Music]I’m gonna go ahead and put them in theoven so I’m just gonna take my honeysesame mixture and I’m gonna drench itall over I’m sorry yes baby raisedbuffalo wing sauce and what I like to domy little trick is I’m gonna put alittle bit of butter into this bowl andwarm it up in the microwaveso just to be on the healthier and safeside this is plant butter but itactually tastes pretty good that I’musing is pretty much olive oil base soI’m fat melting and then all you do isput your buffalo wing sauce of choice inthere with that butter and then we’regonna add just a little bit of honeystir everything togetherand when those fried chicken wings aredone hunting we are going to just rinsethem flat let it wings into thisbeautiful buffalo wingswalk baby oh yeah I will come back whenthose wings shake it uphope she can leave now we’re gonna getstarted on the I’ll come back when I’mready to get started on those parmesanand I went and that’s some garlicparmesan sauce the Buffalo Wild Wingsbrand and all I did is once again warmup some butter and then mix it with thisparmesan garlic sauce mix it togetherstretch our sauce all over our like Idon’t have to mix more and for yourhoney sesame leaves you’re s’posed Ididn’t tell you guys correctly but wellhe were grilling these wings on thestovetop you’re supposed to go ahead andadd your honey sesame mixture over topof the wings while you’re grilling themon a stove top this is what’s givingthem they got everywhere and I threwthat package away so this time and yeahI hope you guys like this videodefinitely comment if you like thisvideo and subscribe so you can benotified the next time I make a video soyeah like I said this channel I’m gonnabe cooking on here I’m gonna be talkingtalking about why I’m here and my lifeexperiences I am a Christian I am awoman of faith so I will be sharingwhatever is on my heart you know and Ido like to work out so um I have gottenreally good feed that’s about that nowdefinitely appreciate it so yes I willdefinitely be doing more workout videosas well so subscribe does um I lovedoing this and I hope you guys likewatching this and I look forward toseeing you on the next one have ablessed day

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