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Today I am showing you how to make a delicious and juicy chicken breast, using the Cast Iron Pan. It’s really simple and totally worth making without much ingredients. If you have a Cast Iron Skillet. Give it a try!
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2 Chicken Breast (any size)
Use (your choice) of seasonings to taste
2 Tbsp Vegetable Oil
l Tbsp Butter
Carrots ( optional)
Serve with any sides of your choice

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Video Transcription

hi guys today I’m bringing anotherrecipe to you using my cast-iron skilletand I am going to be doing somebutterfly chicken breasts and thisrecipes easy yet delicious juicy andguys it’s heavenlyalright so I have a chicken breastactually I have two pieces but I’m gonnashow you just one for now I did wash andclean this chicken breast and Pat it dryand I’m gonna cut this chicken breastright down the middle do not do what I’mdoing guys I’m only doing it like thisbecause of the way my camera has beenangled place it onto the board and justgot it right down like this once I dothis it’s time to marinate the chickenand here I used my very own homemadegreen seasonings set it aside for 20minutes so over very high heat I placedthe skillet and now I’m pouring a littlebit of oil and you want a skillet to beextremely hard so while the skillet isbeing left there to heat up I did mixsome seasons together like paprikacomplete seasonings I also have someblack pepper parsley flakes and once Icombined them well I’m going to rub themall over the chicken voice so now thatthey well seasoned and looking all niceI’m going to place them over in the hotskillet guys you can see the smoke hereso what I’m gonna do when you place thechicken here now you do not need toremove the chicken do not turn itbecause you know chicken breasts do nottake long to go and because I butterflythem it would cook a faster time thanwhen you put the whole press into theskillet so I’ll let them cook for oneand a halfminutes and each side and after one anda half minute I’m going to just flipthem over just like so look at howbeautiful this chicken breast is greatso what I’m gonna do now is add a littlebit of butter and this is just for extraflavor and give that chicken breast thatjuiciness you know so you want to add atleast one tablespoon of butter into thispan over this chicken I’m gonna rub itall over just like so now that I’m doneI’m going to flip the chicken againright over all in the same time of threeminutes cooking guysso I’ll flip them again and just removethem once I do it like this and placethem into a dish so I’ll just set usaside and into the same pan with thebutter I’m going to add some slices ofcarrots and this will just take about aminute and a half two minutes just placethem in here so that they can cook flipthem over and this is what the carrotslook like so here I have my chickenbreasts all juicy tender and nice andI’m just going to cut them and let yousee what it looks like so here you haveit guys my juicy tender easy and yetdelicious chicken breast cooked in acast-iron skillet and served with somepasta along with my carrots I did slicea few pieces of tomatoes and some redonions and here you have a very simpleand easy dish so guys what are youwaiting for if you haven’t subscribedkindly please do so and don’t you forgetto thumbs up and press that notificationbell and if you like this video leave mea comment and give it a try thank youfor coming in the kitchen with Lynn andI will see you in my next video bye fornowyouyou


  1. Wow…never tried this method before…I usually use and oven or air fryer…love how the chicken turned out though. Love the char and skillet lines on the chicken – pro touch!

  2. Hello again Lynn! Thank you for sharing this recipe!! I am going to try this! I hope mine turn out good like yours🥰

  3. Looks nice and the grill lines are always nice to see for me – when I do mine i always poke it with a toothpick while its frying just to be sure that it cooks all the way through. Love your choice of spices and the combo with pasta – final presentation is nice!

  4. Greetings Lynn, this chicken will compliment my salad! I like that you well seasoned it. Thank you for sharing how to butterfly it because some of the chicken breast are too thick! The carrots look good also. Blessed wishes to you and your family 🙏🏾😇

  5. Greetings, +1 red button pushed ❤️, and +1 Like, hope you can return the favor, mmh those chicken breasts looks amazing, they are healthy too, can’t wait to see wha5 you I’ll cook next time

  6. I love this auntie Lynn , although I don’t like this part of the chicken , the color is beautiful, the hold dish look delicious 👍

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